Spiritual Meaning Of flies and Symbolize In The Bible

The fly is a very unique creature. They are often considered pests because they are often found in places where people gather, such as homes or restaurants.

Fly symbolism is often associated with death or decay because of the decomposition process during which flies play an important role by eating carrion (an animal’s dead body). Because death is not always seen as something negative, depending on your religious beliefs, the fly can be a symbol of resurrection and eternal life.

These two symbols could share overlap in meaning since they both involve transformation from one state to another. Since flies often feast on feces or garbage, they have been thought that they bring these items where they live. This association between flies and filth or dirt could also contribute to their symbolism as creatures that bring about death or destruction.

The Spiritual Meaning Of flies In a Dream

Some people claim that a fly appearing in a dream means the death of a person known to the dreamer. However, since flies don’t actually eat dead flesh but instead feed on filth and garbage, it’s unlikely they represent death or dying.

Dreaming flies mean diseases.

They proceed from rot, and offensive matter can represent a disease specifically of an infectious nature. Flies in dreams might also symbolize uncleanness, dirtiness, or general disorder. Their spiritual meaning can also depend on what type of fly appears in your dream. For example, if you dream about houseflies swarming around food, it could mean that the dreamer needs to put more effort into cleaning up their diet and nourishing their body with healthy foods instead of junk food.

If flies appear before people who are sick or dying, this could signify that death will occur soon. An exception to this possible interpretation would be if the other person is battling an illness that doesn’t seem life-threatening, such as arthritis or angina – in this case, the dream would likely not indicate a death.

Dreaming flies mean gossiping.


Seeing flies in a dream could mean that someone close to the dreamer is likely gossiping about them behind their back, spreading false rumors, or telling lies.

Dreaming flies represent gossipers and liars. Thus, seeing them fly in your dream means that you will soon come face to face with people telling lies about you or someone close to you.

Additionally, it could also mean that you have currently involved in some dishonesty yourself. Such dishonest activities include gambling debts, illegal business practices, affairs, etc. On another note, if the fly was sitting on something nice, it suggests that what’s happening isn’t all bad since there are still good things in your life.

Dreaming flies mean punishment for your wrongdoing.

Suppose dreaming of flies makes you feel unsettled. In that case, this suggests that you are currently not being honest with yourself about how your mischievous behavior is negatively affecting others.

Another interpretation of fly symbolism in dreams could point to grievance or disturbance associated with the dreamer’s profession or career path – maybe they have been passed up for promotion or haven’t received proper recognition for their efforts.

Dreaming flies mean that something will soon come back to haunt you. If the fly was sitting on someone you had wronged, then that person is planning to retaliate against your actions and get their revenge somehow.

Dreaming of dirty, diseased-looking flies can reflect feelings of guilt and anxieties over mistakes you’ve made in the past. It could also mean you are not accepting responsibility for your actions, which has caused stress within yourself or strained many of your friendships.

Dreaming flies mean filthiness.

Their presence symbolizes filthiness. Since they eat feces and garbage, it would be helpful for an individual to use this symbolism as a wake-up call to clean his/her surroundings more often if he/she wants to live a healthier life. No one likes dirt or trash lying around, which is why seeing this fly could remind you to keep your surroundings as clean as possible.

If the person taking the dream is dirty, this could mean that he/she needs to work on being more tidy or organized. For example, if you saw a fly in your dream and it was touching you, this would indicate that something disgusting is projecting an image of yourself upon you.

Dreaming flies mean neglect of something or someone important.

If you dreamed about a fly hovering around something important to you, such as your homework, this could mean that the task is not receiving enough attention or thought. As a result, you may not be giving it your all.

On the other hand, if many flies were surrounding an object, you need to reevaluate how important that thing is in your life.

Dreaming dead flies

Dreaming dead flies is a positive omen.

Dead flies in your dream can mean that your abundance of positive energy and strong thoughts will help you overcome anything in life. It’s also symbolic of never giving up on yourself or your dreams, no matter how difficult things may become during the journey.

If someone close to the dreamer died, dead flies might represent their spirit living on through those they care about most. Dead flies can be seen as a new beginning and a second chance at life without losing sight of who we are and what we hope to achieve.

Another interpretation would be that seeing them symbolizes regret; we may feel like we let some things slip through our fingers that we could have done differently. Seeing dead flies might mean that it’s not too late for us to make some changes, but first, we should evaluate where our life is heading.

Dreaming catching flies

Catching a fly in your dream means that you will successfully deal with any difficulties you are currently facing. For example, if there is a fly buzzing around and then you catch it, this would suggest that the problem causing the anxiety or stress has been taken care of, and all is well once more.

If you were unable to catch the fly, it suggests that either the issue remains unresolved; we may not be able to completely rid ourselves of problems even if we do gain clarity on them. It’s also possible that denying current issues will only make matters worse down the line; problems need to be addressed before they can go away.

Dreaming eating flies.

Eating a dead fly in your dream implies taking advantage of an opportunity that is presented to you. You might find yourself with a great chance of success, but only if you keep the ball rolling.

Alternatively, dreaming of eating a fly means your life is in disarray, and this situation has been left unresolved for too long. If you have been avoiding a problem or a matter that could be resolved quickly then perhaps it’s time to finally come clean and take control over your situation before it gets completely out of hand.

Eating live flies implies an inflated ego; we may feel as though we are better than everyone else around us and our arrogance will cost us dearly down the line. This dream also can represent feelings of guilt as others may see us as nothing more than pretentious snobs after this experience.

Dreaming flies in food or drink

To dream that you see a fly or flies in your food signifies that you need to be more cautious about where you place your trust and who you choose as friends because they will play a larger role than usual with regard to whether or not relationships succeed with those around you.

If the food is contaminated by the flies then there is a strong likelihood that something happening presently is going to have a negative effect on your life later down the road.

If you were to eat the fly, this could have a negative effect on your health and more specifically your immune system. Perhaps you are being too impulsive or sloppy with how you go about things. You may be taking on too much and spreading yourself a little bit too thin which will lead to an inevitable breakdown if not put under control immediately.

Dreaming flies in or around your mouth

Dreaming flies in or around your mouth can symbolize lies or deceitful language and actions towards others. As such, if you dreamed of eating a fly, in particular, this could suggest that your words and/or actions may have somehow hurt someone very close to you who loves and cares for you deeply; they may be silently brooding over what was said or done.

Likewise, seeing flies in someone else’s dream can indicate lies told by this person which has caused conflict between the two of you. There is even more significance when we see flies around the mouth of a person who is speaking. This would suggest that what was said is not necessarily untrue but there are perhaps additional details being brushed over which makes the truth less pure than it should be.

Flies Meaning in the Bible

In the bible, flies often symbolize uncleanness or impurity.

Flies as the symbol of death and destruction

Psalm 105:31

He spoke, and there came swarms of flies, and gnats throughout their country.


Psalm 78:45, NKJV

He sent swarms of flies among them, which devoured them, And frogs, which destroyed them.


Exodus 8:24, NIV

And the LORD did this. Dense swarms of flies poured into Pharaoh’s palace and into the houses of his officials; throughout Egypt the land was ruined by the flies.

This passage shows how God destroyed the Egyptians by making them suffer through swarms of flies and the plague of frogs. Much like how sheepfolds are tranquil, everyone knows what it feels like to be invaded by bugs, especially when you’re trying to relax or sleep.

If this was all that happened then maybe people could feel bad for the Egyptians, but God wasn’t finished yet. He still had more plagues coming their way until they let His people go free. This passage is telling us that killing off a population slowly with unpleasant things seems harsher than just taking them out all at once.

This shows that flies symbolize death and destruction, which was how God killed off the Egyptians. This act was important to their escape so no one could try and stop them. Since the Egyptians were trying to kill the Hebrews, this is like how they wanted something bad to happen to their pursuers before they left.

Flies as the symbol of Foolishness

Ecclesiastes 10:1, NIV

As dead flies give perfume a bad smell, so a little folly outweighs wisdom and honor.

This passage is implying that a little bit of foolishness can be more destructive than wisdom and honor. When we think of flies, we think of something small and unimportant but as this passage tells us, even the smallest things (like dead flies) can make a big difference if they’re put in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This shows that flies symbolize foolishness which is what the author of Ecclesiastes verse was trying to get across. The point of this verse is to show how a little bit of foolishness can have a big impact so it’s important not to be careless with what we do.

Flies as the symbol of Punishment

Isaiah 7:18

In that day the LORD will whistle for the fly that is in the remotest part of the rivers of Egypt and for the bee that is in the land of Assyria. They will all come and settle on the steep ravines, on the ledges of the cliffs, on all the thorn bushes and on all the watering places.

Here in this passage, God is comparing flies with bees in how they will both be everywhere when He calls for them. This implies that the flies symbolize something bigger than just insects living in filth.

Isaiah 7:18 is saying that wherever there are steep ravines, ledges of the cliff’s or thorn bushes then there are going to fly also. It doesn’t matter where we go; we will find ourselves among all types of creatures because that is what God has planned for us.

This could mean that we should watch out and not do anything wrong if we don’t want to get stung because life isn’t always fun and games, sometimes it’s hard work and effort like putting up with annoying bugs.

If we do something wrong and cause pain to others, God will see and make sure we feel bad about what we’ve done. We can’t always get away with doing things because someone out there knows what we’ve done and they will tell on us and let us know that it’s not okay to hurt people like that no matter who they are.

This shows how flies symbolize punishment from God. This happened to the Egyptians because they wanted to kill off the Hebrews but instead, they got punished by God for what they did which was a horrible thing to do.

Although this passage is talking about punishing people, it can also mean that there are punishments in store for us if we don’t try and be better than we currently are.

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