7 Steps to Make Affirmations Work Faster

Now you know how you can use your own affirmations to bring positive change into your life. But what do you do when the desired results are taking forever? We’re going to show why affirmations might not seem to be working for you and how you can make them work faster. Let’s dive right into it!

Why affirmations don’t work fast for you

You’ve done all that’s needed to create positive affirmations, and your affirmations relate to you personally. Yet, you still feel the negativity around, and the happiness and prosperity you seek remain oblivious. It isn’t easy to pinpoint a particular reason you do not see any transformation, so we’re going to look at possible causes.

Reason 1: You’re not committed to your schedule

Earlier, we talked about setting a particular time every day for your affirmations. Affirmation is a practice that requires consistency – you can’t do it a few times and expect it to work. Repeating positive statements to yourself every day shows how committed you are to achieving your desires and goals. So if the affirmation isn’t a core part of your daily routine, there’s going to be a problem. An easy way to overcome it is to attach affirmation to another daily activity you really can’t do without. Reciting your affirmations while taking a shower is a great way to ensure that you don’t skip the practice. From brain plasticity, we learn that the regular practice of affirmations helps stamp the truth into your subconscious.

Reason 2: You don’t believe in the power of affirmations

Maybe you’re trying it out because a friend asked you to, or you read about it in a book and decided to give it a try. Practicing affirmations without believing in their power is just like trying to drive a car without an engine. If there’s no underlying belief, affirmations will be nothing but mere recitals. So you have to get rid of every form of doubt that recycles negative energy in your mind.

Reason 3: You’re focusing too much on the negative things

Your body is going to move to where your eyes have set. This means you’ll keep getting negative feelings if you focus on the negative things around you. negativity However, the exact opposite happens when you begin to focus more on the goals you want to achieve. If, for example, you want to attract more love into your relationship, you don’t want to start looking at the bad energy. Instead, you want to focus on the happiness you want to create with your partner.

Reason 4: Your affirmations are void of emotions

Affirmation is about convincing your mind to really see yourself. That conviction is only going to be possible when there’s feeling behind your words. If you repeat positive statements without real emotion, they’ll mean absolutely nothing. If you want your affirmations to manifest, you have to give them power by voicing them with real emotion.

7 Steps to make affirmations work faster

We can’t tell how long it will take for your affirmations to work. What we can do, however, is offer definite steps you can take to get results faster.

Step 1: Create specific affirmations

Yes, for your affirmations to work faster, they have to very specific. You know precisely what you want, and you have to create affirmations that reflect it. If you are trying to climb the ladder in your career, where exactly do you want to go? It’s not enough to say that you want to be more successful in your career, but affirming the position you want to attain is a great way to make your goal actualize much faster. there’s also a huge difference between saying “I am capable” and “I am capable of making a million dollars.” The specificity and attention to detail mean a lot. Don’t ignore this.

Step 2: Be consistent

If inconsistency slows things down, it’s no surprise that consistency can speed things up. Before you even get started with affirmations, ask yourself, “Am I ready to be fully committed?” If your answer is negative, it’s better not to begin because results may never come. However, a “yes” to that question means you’ll have to show up daily for your affirmations. Regardless of how busy your schedule is, the practice has to find a place in it. Convince your mind about happiness, success, new habits, love, and any other positive changes you want to attract.

Step 3: Go one step at a time.

Getting started with affirmations can be thrilling, but many people fall into the trap of wanting to change everything on the go. No, that’s not the best way to go about it. When you put your mind to accomplishing one task, directing all your energy towards it will help you achieve faster results. Of course, there is a lot of negativity you want to throw out the door, but affirmations will work better when you take the practice one step at a time.

Step 4: Keep the affirmations memorable

Imagine being able to recite your affirmations straight from your heart. With short and simple affirmations, your life-transforming statements will be easily remembered. While long-sentence affirmations might look powerful, they become useless if you can’t remember them. So stick with sentences you can recite without stress. That way, they take root in your mind quickly, creating the positive thought pattern you desire.

Step 5: Use the “I Am” Statements

Affirmations are positive statements that reflect what you want to see or the person you want to become. But they are more powerful when you see yourself already in that reality. To this effect, consider using affirmations in the present tense rather than the future tense. For example, “I am a successful person” is a more effective affirmation than “I will be a successful person.” While the “I will” statement looks like you are committing to achieve a goal, it does little to get you started on it. The reason is simple. “I will” refers to the future and reflects what you intend to accomplish in the future. On the flip side, the “I am” statement puts your goal in the present tense, firing you up to actually get it done.

Step 6: Affirm out loud.

Voicing your affirmations out loud can make them work faster because of the energy that comes with doing so. You can choose to repeat affirmations in your mind, but saying them aloud to yourself make them more real. It increases your confidence that the stuff is going to happen.

Step 7: Visualize the affirmations

Your mind is a creative space that is capable of anything. Visualizing your desired outcomes while repeating your affirmations is like adding fuel to the fire – it burns faster. When saying your mantras, create a mental scenario of your goal accomplished. If your affirmation is “I have a happy relationship,” picture yourself having a romantic moment with your partner. When the affirmation is harnessed correctly, it creates a ripple effect in the brain to help manifest the kind of life you want.



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