Positive Affirmations: The Definitive Guide to Affirmations 2021

Last updated on April 27th, 2021

This is the ultimate guide to positive affirmations. You’re also going to learn how you can change your life in less than 30 days! So if you’re looking to become a better version of yourself, you’ll love this new guide.

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CHAPTER 1: What Are Positive Affirmations

Our minds are like a battlefield where our negative and positive thoughts enter into a duel. The thought pattern you empower wins the battle and determines the turn your life takes. We’ve created this ultimate guide to help you win the battle over negative thoughts. The only way to do that is by reprogramming your mind. Now, you may ask, “How do I go about reprogramming my mind”? The answer is: Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations are encouraging words or statements repeated by a person to help him believe in the potential manifesting his or her desires.

what are positive affirmations

They are pragmatic words individuals use to replace their negative and depressing thoughts. Affirmations are scientifically proven methods of self-improvement that have the power to rewire the brain and change your life for good. By speaking the good things you want to see in your life, your entire psychology starts adjusting to make it happen. Positive affirmations raise your feel-good hormone levels (such as dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin) and decrease the stress hormone (cortisol).

effect of positive affirmations on hormone levels


When this happens, your brain develops clusters of positive thinking, which in turn leads to positive actions.

How positive affirmations work?

It’s about the thought-speech-action sequence, (how our thoughts develop into actions) and why positive affirmations play an integral role in it.

how positive affirmations work

When you speak positive words, they help break patterns of negative thoughts and creates new beliefs. When this happens, your beliefs will determine your feelings when encountering certain situations, ultimately translating into positive actions. By the end of the cycle, actions and behavior reinforce thoughts. Do you see how this is all connected? Let’s take a look at an example:

Example of limiting beliefs


Now let’s say the exact situation is happening to a girl with positive thoughts and healthy beliefs.

Example of positive affirmation

Do you see the connection between thoughts and actions? It doesn’t matter if you want to be confident, successful, loving, or more romantic, positive affirmations are the way to go. I know. Affirmations may seem weird at first, like vain babbling (foolish or meaningless talk). But they’re actually backed by neural science. In a study published in the journal of Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience:

Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience:

We’ll look at the science behind positive affirmation in detail later. Like it or not, every word you say is a reflection of your inner truth or desire. If you say you’re a mess, then that’s what you think you are at that moment. Worse yet, that belief will ensure that everything you do turns out a mess.

how affirmations work

On the contrary, when you affirm that you’re a success, your psyche aligns with that inner truth or desire. And the results can be positively life-changing!

Crushing life’s challenges with positive affirmations

Are you trying to do something meaningful, but life gets in the way? Respond with positive affirmations.

use affirmations to beat life challenges

If there’s something you don’t want in your life, why focus on it? Replace those negative thoughts with positive ones by speaking self-nurturing words to yourself. The biggest barrier between you and your success is a negative mindset. Positive affirmations will bring that wall crashing down.

Breaking the resistance of negative thinking

We’re going to be honest with you: Letting go of your old beliefs can be difficult, even more so if you’ve spent your entire life bashing yourself.

negative affirmations

Your subconscious has most likely adapted to the negative thought pattern you’ve built over the years. I’ve heard many people complain of being rebuffed by an inner voice when they try positive affirmations. Something like “Give it up, saying you’re great doesn’t really make you great.” This resistance comes as an overwhelmingly negative feeling that we’ve become used to. Thankfully, difficult doesn’t mean impossible. You can still break through that barrier and build the happy life you want to live.

How can you break through this resistance?

It’s very simple: By constantly repeating affirmations with much conviction and passion.

affirmations can boost your self-confidence

Don’t stop affirming. Don’t stop speaking positive words. You don’t have to feel good immediately upon speaking positive words to yourself. It’s a process, so give it time. Soon enough, your subconscious will recognize this new set of beliefs. Do you know what happens next?

negative limiting beliefs

The old dysfunctional beliefs get thrown out the door. So what’s the magic behind positive affirmations?

How positive affirmations work

Of course, positive affirmations are not magic. You still have to put in the work. It works by reprogramming your thought patterns.

thought patterns

They will change how you feel about certain things and situations. Also, positive affirmations replace those long-standing negative beliefs in your mind with wholesome inner truths. When you put these effects together, you will notice positive changes in your life.

positive changes in your life

And you know what’s the best thing? You can change any aspect of your life! The interesting thing is that these changes will come so easily and naturally; you’ll need no extra effort. As you continue the practice of positive affirmations, you will begin to experience monumental changes in different aspects of your life. Always remember that affirmations are more than just statements. They have the power to improve your life drastically.

Changing your life with positive affirmations

If you’re reading this, It’s more than sure that you want to make changes in your life. (Thumbs up for that! You’ve already proved that you have the courage!) And affirmations can help you do that. With positive affirmations, you can literally change every area of your life. You can use them to change something as simple as self-esteem to something as complicated as the relationship with your partner.

affirmations can help you to improve relationship

While negative affirmations leave you crippled and trapped, positive affirmations help you build a stable and fulfilling life. In this comprehensive guide, we’ve put together a list of positive affirmations you can use to transform your life.

the list of affirmations

In addition, you’ll also learn how to make your own affirmations and change your life forever. But first, let’s see the science behind affirmations. We’re optimistic that’ll convince you of their potency.

CHAPTER 2: The Science Behind Positive Affirmations

The idea behind positive affirmations is that you can develop strong and pragmatic beliefs by reciting specific words over and over again. If you say something enough times to yourself, you’ll start believing it. But does science support these claims? In this chapter, we’re going to show you the scientific evidence behind affirmations.  

Scientific investigations of positive affirmations

To investigate the several testimonies on positive affirmations, researchers set out to test their effects on the brain.

the science investigation of positive affirmations on the brain

Interesting stuff, right? In a study published in the journal of Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, researchers Christopher Cascio and Emily Falk made an intriguing discovery. This is what they found:

affirmations stimulate reward system

Positive affirmations stimulate key reward centers in the brain. These areas, particularly the ventral striatum and ventromedial prefrontal cortex, are the same centers activated by pleasure and satisfaction. Positive affirmation works on our brains’ reward circuits to control how we respond to situations and experiences. That way, we can respond better to defeatist or threatening information that comes our way. With time, we build a thought pattern of positivity that eventually influences our behavior and life in general.

Affirmations affect our behavior

Now, let’s take a look at the psychological theory behind positive affirmations.

The psychological theory behind positive affirmations: self-affirmation theory

Claude Steele developed the self- affirmation theory in 1988. It’s the result of evidence-based studies that affirm that we can maintain our self-integrity by continually telling ourselves positive things. This theory posits that our sense of self-integrity helps us protect ourselves from threatening situations. And this self-integrity or self-identity we so naturally want to preserve allows us to adapt to unforeseen circumstances.


In fact, we can adopt a variety of identities and roles, meaning we can define success in many ways. According to a study by Elliot Aronson, self-identity allows you to see every aspect of your person positively. This way, you can adapt better to a variety of situations. The theory also states that maintaining self-identity doesn’t mean you have to see yourself as perfect. No, it means that you value yourself as competent in different ways. Positive affirmations help us maintain our crucial self-identity by helping us act in ways that deserve the words we say to ourselves.

Other scientific studies on affirmations

So far, we’ve seen scientific investigations of the effects of positive affirmations on different areas of the brain. We’ve also seen the psychological theory behind this life-transforming practice. If there’s any doubt left in your mind about how scientific positive affirmations are, take a look at studies that have investigated the effects of positive statements on different behavioral patterns:

1. Positive affirmation and self-control/willpower

Do you desire to improve your willpower? Do you desire to exercise more self-control? If yes, then positive affirmation is your go-to option. Researchers have found that positive affirmations have a direct effect on our self-control and willpower. In a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, researchers found beneficial effects of affirmations on low self-control. The research suggests that affirmations improve self-control by promoting higher levels of mental self-construal (self-definition).


Construals are the ways we perceive and interpret ourselves and the world around us. With a high-level construal, you develop greater physical endurance and a stronger intention to show self-control. You also get to evaluate objectively negative temptations that undermine self-control. Therefore, we can conclude that positive affirmations are an effective mental strategy for strengthening self-control and willpower.

2. Positive affirmations and problem-solving skills

In another study published in PLOS ONE, researchers discovered that positive affirmations can be used to improve creativity and problem-solving skills. Here’s what they found: We all know that stress leads to poor concentration and cognitive and problem-solving disabilities. You know how you get nothing done when you’re tired and stressed out, yes?


So the researchers wanted to know whether affirmations could reduce stress levels and improve problem-solving skills. They selected individuals with chronic stress for their study, and some were given self-affirmation exercises. Then, the participants carried out difficult problem-solving tasks for short durations. In the end, those who did the affirmations exercise performed better than those who didn’t. The result of the study therefore shows that affirmations can control our stress levels and improve cognition. So next time when you’re tired and can’t find your way around a task, don’t give in. Instead, affirm your ability and skills. Say to yourself: “These obstacles are only a stepping stone to my success.” Now let’s see the third study.

3. Positive affirmations and confidence

Research has also linked positive affirmations to self-confidence. In a study published in Psychological Science, researchers established that the use of affirmations can improve confidence. They found out that positive self-talks help individuals get better at social interactions.

confidence and affirmations

They selected insecure individuals who had a chronic fear of social rejection. The participants made positive affirmations for fifteen minutes, and the result was shocking. There was a significant improvement in their self-confidence level. Not only that, but the effects also lasted up to 8 weeks after the study. Isn’t that incredible? Positive affirmations put us in control of the script in our heads, helping us rewrite it to approach our daily relationships more positively. Instead of feeling that you’re not likable, for instance, you start seeing yourself as one amazingly and attractive person. This thought pattern will change your life forever.

Rewire your brain

Another interesting scientific evidence for positive affirmation is brain plasticity. Neuroplasticity – or brain plasticity – is the ability of the brain to change throughout an individual’s life, and learning can trigger these changes. In the next chapter, we’ll take a cursory look at how positive affirmations can reprogram the brain.

CHAPTER 3: Brain Plasticity

Brain plasticity, or neuroplasticity, is the ability of the brain to change its neural connections. Regardless of age, our brains can always learn something new and develop new habits. How does this relate to positive affirmations? Words, thoughts, and feelings repeated over time can cause the brain to develop new connections. So, the more you say a particular thing to yourself, the more likely you are to form a habit of it.  

The secret to positive living

Neuroplasticity plays a vital role in the learning process and has a direct impact on how we behave. Everything we think, say, or do lies in a vast network of brain connections that strengthen as we repeat your thoughts, words, and actions.

secret to positive thinking

You can take advantage of your brain’s plasticity to develop new habits, attitudes, and even personality traits. All you have to do is deliberately feed your brain with new information and rewire it as it grows. How do you do that? With positive affirmations.

How brain plasticity works

Have you heard the phrase, “neurons that wire together fire together?” Let us tell you more about it. When one neuron in the brain wants to communicate with another neuron, it does so via electrochemical signals.

electrochemical signals

An electrical (nerve) signal is released from the cell body of the neuron and travels the length of the axon until it gets to the cleft of the synapse – the junction where the two neurons meet. To cross the junction, the nerve signal gets converted to a neurotransmitter (a chemical) and enters the receptor cell of the other neuron. The neurotransmitter is then converted back to an electrical signal, completing the cycle called the electrochemical pathway.

Significance of neurotransmitters

These chemicals (neurotransmitters) possess the unique emotional features felt by an individual when the substances are released. For example, when oxytocin is stimulated, you experience feelings of trust and attachment. When cortisol is released, there’s a feeling of arousal, while the release of serotonin makes you happy. In essence, these neurotransmitters affect how we feel because they interact with those parts of the brain responsible for emotions, as well as the immune, digestive, respiratory, and autonomic nervous systems.

Significance of neurotransmitters

In simpler terms, when you repeat a particular thought or say something several times, you set in motion a neurochemical pathway. For example, when you think about a particular challenge at the office, cortisol is released, which leads to arousal and ultimately feelings of stress. Researchers have reported that negative thoughts can reduce immunity and increase white T-cell count. Interestingly, a rise in the body’s white T-cell count indicates inflammation, an indication that the body thinks there’s an infection. That’s why it’s important to think positive thoughts. Specific thoughts bring about related feelings, which then impact your natural disposition to certain behaviors.

affirmations determine your emotions

Therefore, the more you think positive thoughts, the more positive feelings you experience, and your brain builds a natural pattern based on that. Ultimately, you develop a more automatic propensity towards the resulting positive behaviors.

Your brain cells have ears

Believe it or not, your brain cells listen to everything you think, say, and do – every minute of the day. If you continuously repeat negative words or act panicky in every situation, your brain is going to listen and develop bad neural connections.

Brain and affirmations

The result of such connections is a life replete with defeating attitudes and negativity. I’m sure that’s not the life you want, so you’ve got to do things differently. If you desire to lead a positive life, you’ll want to do everything possible to deal with negative thoughts and take absolute control of your actions. Groom positive thinking every minute of every day; sow seeds of positivity and watch your life take a new direction. Practice telling yourself who you want to become and your brain will form neural pathways in that regard. It’s just a matter of time before you start to experience a dramatic wave of positivity and ultimately success in your life.

You are what you think

Your mind is so powerful that your thoughts and words can directly impact the cells in your body. That means what you think and say about yourself will determine whether you’re moving away from pills or taking up residence in a hospital. Knowing your brain changes in response to your words means you have to be mindful of the things you say and make it a habit to confess positively.

Harnessing the brain’s plasticity

You can utilize the brain’s plasticity by training your mind to make positive patterns become more spontaneous – or natural. When you are more conscious and appreciative of the positive aspects of life, you defeat the brain’s tendency to dwell on negativity. With patterns of positivity dominant in your mind, you’re able to react better to situations and tackle life’s challenges, instead of giving in to them. Many successful people set their minds on the good things in their lives, and you should do the same. It doesn’t mean you have to be an unrealistic optimist who only sees the world through rose-colored glasses. You are entirely aware of the challenges in front of you, but you choose to remain positive and confident about the future. What use is it to be overwhelmed with negativity, doubt, and fear? That way you never get to move a step in the right direction. There’s enough scientific evidence to back the practice and effects of positive affirmations. The next question is: Are you ready to change your life?

CHAPTER 4: How Affirmations Can Help You

Affirmations are effective because they are the language of the brain. Your subconscious mind has no option but to fall in line once you’ve convinced your conscious mind to accept certain beliefs and inner truths. Affirmations can invade your subconscious mind and lead you to things you never thought were possible. Your path will take an entirely new direction, and you will begin to accomplish more in your life and relationships. Here’s how affirmations can help you change the way you think about happiness, relationship, self-confidence, success, health, motivation, and other areas of your life.

Positive affirmations and happiness

Do you want to live a life full of bliss and happiness? By now, you must realize that happiness comes from the mind and not the things we possess. It stems from within, even when everything around seems to be a mess. With positive affirmations, you can attain happiness by fixing your mind on positivity.

affirmations and happiness

Whenever you’re feeling down, say some positive affirmations to yourself over and over again. Continue until you’re immersed in feelings of happiness. You can live every day completely satisfied with your life and content with the things that you have.

Become more confident with positive affirmations

The chance of succeeding in life without a good dose of self-confidence is very slim; this underscores the importance of building one. Self-confidence makes you feel good about yourself and helps you accept who you are. It also helps you to stand out for yourself in critical situations for example like in the job.


Most of the most successful people you know are likely to be the most confident. While we all had some self-esteem as children, the negativity we faced as we grew up erodes it. If past events in your life have depleted your self-confidence, positive affirmations can be of great help. With affirmations, you grow the mental and emotional capacity to love and accept yourself – just the way you are. Affirmations like, “I believe in myself and my ability to excel in everything I do” will position your mind for success and self-respect.

Positive affirmations for better health

It is possible to make yourself sick by dwelling on negative thoughts. Negative emotions can drain your psyche, which can weaken your physical well-being.

improve health with affirmations

Health experts hold that negative emotions can lead to physical illness, categorized as psychosomatic illnesses. Conditions like stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, eczema, and heart disease can be exacerbated by negative thinking. While negative thoughts can cause disease, positive affirmations put you at ease in any of the following three ways:

  1. They improve the health of your mindset and attitude, leading to a stronger immune system.
  2. They help your body deal with symptoms – whether you’re down with a minor illness or a more complicated health condition.
  3. You can phrase affirmations to keep diseases from showing up.

Positive affirmations for success

Success, they say, is a thing of the mind. If you can conquer thoughts of negativity and failure, you’re more likely to become a successful person. Positive affirmations can help get rid of self-defeating and crippling pessimistic thoughts.

affirmations for success

They inspire and energize you for that particular success you want to accomplish. Affirmations help you move from “I can’t do this” to “I can do this.”

Positive affirmations for love and long-lasting relationships

One of the most important aspects of life is our relationships with other people – partners, friends, family, and colleagues. You can use positive affirmations to shape the future of your relationships and strengthen their very foundation.

love and relationships can be improved with affirmations

What outcomes do you desire in your romantic relationship? What are the changes you want to see in the relationship with your partner? Constantly repeating affirming positive statements will allow you to have a perfect picture of your relationship goals. No matter how terrible your relationships have been, dwelling on the wounds can never bring healing. Positive affirmations help you heal the wounds by erasing the associated negative feelings and replacing them with a new thought pattern of love and positivity. Also, healthy romantic relationships hinge on the positive energy between both partners. You can affirm the energy or romance that is based on undeserving love and genuine compassion.

Affirmations as a motivation booster?

Do you know what gets you out of bed every morning to pursue your dreams? Motivation. The exact opposite happens when you are feeling unmotivated, which is antithetical to the pursuit of success. Motivation fires you up to accomplish a particular feat, even face intimidating challenges, but you might scurry off without enough of it.

motivation boost

Affirmations will provide you with the inspiration and energy to reach your goals, fueling you every step of the way. When you continually repeat these motivational affirmations, you will always have a compelling desire to do what you must. When facing storms in the middle of a project, you can say to yourself, “I enjoy huge challenges, and I surmount them by taking them head-on.“ Look at the goal or task, and replace every negative thought you’ve got about it with positive ones. Positive affirmations on motivation will keep you ignited as you walk down the path to a fulfilling life.

Overcome bad habits with simple affirmations

Negative affirmations can create bad habits, and positive affirmations can replace them with good ones. While you apply affirmations in other areas of your life, don’t forget that you can use them to create good habits. Do you want to quit smoking? Or cut back on drinking?

how to overcome bad habits with affirmations

Whatever habit you want to deal with, or curate, positive affirmations can help.

Positive affirmations for attracting wealth

In today’s world, a lack of money is the greatest evil for most. We need money for food, shelter, education, and basically everything else. The satisfaction that comes with being able to provide for your family and loved ones is immeasurable. While money cannot guarantee happiness, it allows us to live a comfortable, secure, and healthy life.

Wealth and abundance

You can use the power of positive money affirmations to attract wealth and enjoy a life of financial freedom. What do affirmations have to do with getting rich? Self-talk triggers a hormonal reaction that pushes us to stay committed to a goal until we accomplish it. When you repeat money affirmations or mantras, you trigger a reaction that forms a behavioral pattern leading to financial success.

Positive affirmations for spirituality

For many of us, our spirituality plays an essential role in our lives – whether we belong to a religious group or not. Affirmations of faith can deepen our relationship with God, just like prayers do.

faith and spirituality

They help us connect with our spirituality in a way that benefits and empowers us to overcome challenges. Are you constantly feeling anxious or scared? Faith affirmations can calm the raging voices inside and give you all the courage you need. Positive Affirmations can change every area of your life. So, how do you use positive affirmations to bring about the changes you want to see? That’s exactly what we will see next.

CHAPTER 5: How to Use Positive Affirmations

You’ve decided to get rid of that load of negativity in your life and you’ve chosen to use positive affirmations. Before starting, you need adequate guidance to enjoy the full benefits they bring. Affirmations are easy to create, but you have to use them correctly to make them work. Here are some tips to help you get the best out of positive affirmations:

Make a list of your positive attributes

The very first step is to take stock of your positive attributes and the good things in your life. You can do this by making a list of your abilities, qualities, accomplishments, and the wonderful people in your life. Are you good at public speaking? Are you a boss at planning events? Write down in the present tense whatever you are good at. You can write, “I am good at public speaking,” for example, or “I am great at planning events.” These statements are actual affirmations of who you are and an acknowledgment of your positive side. More often than not, we dwell on the negativity around us such that we forget who we really are. Making a list will help you appreciate your true person and give you the courage to use positive affirmations.

Consider the negative beliefs you’d like to change

Positive affirmations are great at replacing a negative mindset and thought patterns and with positive ones. They exert a strong counteracting effect on the negative scripts you’ve accepted about yourself. So what are those negative perceptions you hold about your abilities and future? Make a list of them.

negative beliefs

The list will help you arrive at an overview of the particular negativity you want to replace with positivity. Also, consider making a list of the positive attitudes you want to develop or the goals you want to achieve.

Create affirmations that suit your needs

You know the things you want to change: you know the positive goal you want to achieve. So go ahead and create or select affirmations that reflect these goals. Affirmations work best when the statements hold some level of personal significance. In other words, for affirmations to be effective, they must be about something that relates to you personally. For example, there’s no point in affirming, “I am effective at imparting knowledge to others,” when teaching is not even on your to-do list. When you make affirmations that affect you in a personal way, you stimulate the reward center in your brain. As a result, your brain develops a behavioral pattern that lets you attain that particular goal or vision. So ensure that your list of affirmations holds a personal meaning for you.

Create a schedule and follow it religiously

Do you know how a specific time in the morning for workouts helps you stick with the practice? Similarly, having a specific time of the day set out for affirmations will prepare you mentally and turn the practice into a habit. The time you choose will depend on what’s best for you but it does not necessarily affect the effectiveness of the self-talk. What’s important is sticking to the plan and cutting out every form of distraction.

follow a schedule

You can choose the early morning, right before going to bed, or some free time in the afternoon. With affirmations integrated into your daily schedule, it’ll become easier not to miss them. Remember that the time doesn’t really matter; it’s the consistency you put into it that makes the difference.

Use affirmations with other healthy practices alongside

When the mind and body are in sync, the results are unimaginable. While you use affirmations to build your mind, you can complement it with any activity that benefits the body. Consider deep breathing or physical exercises like walking and stretching. You can also incorporate meditation, regular sleep, and a healthy diet. Complete well-being comes from excellent mental and physical health. You get a double dose of positivity because good emotional feelings translate into good physical health.

Creating new affirmations is fun!

Making affirmations shouldn’t be a stressful activity. What’s important is finding a quiet place and a convenient time to repeat the statements to yourself. While there’s nothing wrong with doing everything to make positive affirmations work, don’t fall into the trap on focusing on everything else, save the act itself.

CHAPTER 6: Make Affirmations Work Faster

Now you know how you can use your own affirmations to bring positive change into your life. But what do you do when the desired results are taking forever? We’re going to show why affirmations might not seem to be working for you and how you can make them work faster. Let’s dive right into it!  

Why affirmations don’t work fast for you

You’ve done all that’s needed to create positive affirmations and your affirmations relate to you personally. Yet, you still feel the negativity around and the happiness and prosperity you seek remain oblivious. It’s difficult to pinpoint a particular reason why you are not seeing any transformation, so we’re going to look at possible causes.

Reason 1: You’re not committed to your schedule

Earlier, we talked about setting a particular time every day for your affirmations. Affirmation is a practice that requires consistency – you can’t do it a few times and expect it to work. Repeating positive statements to yourself every day shows how committed you are to achieving your desires and goals. So if the affirmation isn’t a core part of your daily routine, there’s going to be a problem. An easy way to overcome it is to attach affirmation to another daily activity you really can’t do without. Reciting your affirmations while taking a shower is a great way to ensure that you don’t skip the practice. From brain plasticity, we learn that the regular practice of affirmations helps stamp the truth into your subconscious.

Reason 2: You don’t believe in the power of affirmations

Maybe you’re trying it out because a friend asked you to or you read about it in a book and decided to give it a try. Practicing affirmations without believing in their power is just like trying to drive a car without an engine. If there’s no underlying belief, affirmations will be nothing but mere recitals. So you have to get rid of every form of doubt that recycles negative energy in your mind.

Reason 3: You’re focusing too much on the negative things

Your body is going to move to where your eyes have set. This means you’ll keep getting negative feelings if you focus on the negative things around you.


However, the exact opposite happens when you begin to focus more on the goals you want to achieve. If, for example, you want to attract more love into your relationship, you don’t want to start looking at the bad energy. Instead, you want to focus on the happiness you want to create with your partner.

Reason 4: Your affirmations are void of emotions

Affirmation is about convincing your mind to really see yourself. That conviction is only going to be possible when there’s feeling behind your words. If you repeat positive statements without real emotion, they’ll mean absolutely nothing. If you want your affirmations to manifest, you have to give them power by voicing them with real emotion.

7 Steps to make affirmations work faster

We can’t tell how long it will take for your affirmations to work. What we can do, however, is offer definite steps you can take to get results faster.

Step 1: Create specific affirmations

Yes, for your affirmations to work faster, they have to very specific. You know precisely what you want and you have to create affirmations that reflect it. If you are trying to climb the ladder in your career, where exactly do you want to go? It’s not enough to say that you want to be more successful in your career, but affirming the position you want to attain is a great way to make your goal actualize much faster. there’s also a huge difference between saying “I am capable” and “I am capable of making a million dollars.” The specificity and attention to detail mean a lot. Don’t ignore this.

Step 2: Be consistent

If inconsistency slows things down, it’s no surprise that consistency can speed things up. Before you even get started with affirmations, ask yourself, “Am I ready to be fully committed?” If your answer is in the negative, it’s better not to begin because results may never come. However, a “yes” to that question means you’ll have to show up daily for your affirmations. Regardless of how busy your schedule is, the practice has to find a place in it. Convince your mind about happiness, success, new habits, love, and any other positive changes you want to attract.

Step 3: Go one step at a time

Getting started with affirmations can be thrilling, but many people fall into the trap of wanting to change everything on the go. No, that’s not the best way to go about it. When you put your mind to accomplishing one task, directing all your energy towards it will help you achieve faster results. Of course, there is a lot of negativity you want to throw out the door, but affirmations will work better when you take the practice one step at a time.

Step 4: Keep the affirmations memorable

Imagine being able to recite your affirmations straight from your heart. With short and simple affirmations, your life-transforming statements will be easily remembered. While long-sentence affirmations might look powerful, they become useless if you can’t remember them. So stick with sentences you can recite without stress. That way, they take root in your mind quickly, creating the positive thought pattern you desire.

Step 5: Use the “I Am” Statements

Affirmations are positive statements that reflect what you want to see or the person you want to become. But they are more powerful when you see yourself already in that reality. To this effect, consider using affirmations in the present tense rather than the future tense. For example, “I am a successful person” is a more effective affirmation than “I will be a successful person.” While the “I will” statement looks like you are making a commitment to achieve a goal, it does little to get you started on it. The reason is simple. “I will” refers to the future and reflects what you intend to accomplish in the future. On the flip side, the “I am” statement puts your goal in the present tense, firing you up to actually get it done.

Step 6: Affirm out loud

Voicing your affirmations out loud can make them work faster because of the energy that comes with doing so. You can choose to repeat affirmations in your mind, but saying them aloud to yourself make them more real. It increases your confidence that the stuff is going to happen.

Step 7: Visualize the affirmations

Your mind is a creative space that is capable of anything. Visualizing your desired outcomes while repeating your affirmations is like adding fuel to fire – it burns faster. When saying your mantras, create a mental scenario of your goal accomplished. If your affirmation is “I have a happy relationship,” picture yourself having a romantic moment with your partner. When the affirmation is harnessed correctly, it creates a ripple effect in the brain to help manifest the kind of life you want.

CHAPTER 7: List of 2815 Positive Affirmations

Are you ready to change your life? Start by using our lists of affirmations to create positive thought patterns that will eventually lead to the transformation you want. You’ll find over 2815 positive affirmations here. Exciting right? This is the only list of positive affirmations you’ll ever need!

Positive Affirmations for Women

List icon 1Click here to see list of 201 affirmations for women.

This list contains positive statements that can help you rise above the daily challenges of life. The affirmations will navigate you through the journey of motherhood and help balance your time. So, if you’re a woman, go ahead and use these mantras.

Positive Affirmations for Men

Positive Affirmations for MenClick here to see a list of 201 affirmations for men.

If you are a guy, you know how important confidence and self-esteem are. You also want to be able to provide for your family, climb the success ladder in your career, or run a successful business. To achieve these goals, you need enough positivity in your life. That’s why we created a list of positive affirmations to help you to create the life you desire.

Positive Affirmations for Happiness

Positive Affirmations for HappinessClick here to see list of 201 affirmations for happiness.

You deserve to be happy, regardless of your present circumstances. Affirmations can help create positive emotions inside and keep you smiling all day. Don’t you wish that all your problems will disappear once and for all? Positive happiness affirmations can change your outlook on life and gift you with bouts of infectious optimism.

Positive Affirmations for Depression and Anxiety

Positive Affirmations for Depression and AnxietyClick here to see a list of 101 affirmations for depression and anxiety.

Getting anxious over things that happen around us is pretty normal. It’s seen in the natural flight or fight response at work. However, worrying over things we can’t change can launch us into depression. Saying your daily affirmations can help reduce anxiety and lift the spirit. Repeat the affirmations in the list with a combination of other anxiety-reducing activities such as controlled breathing, exercise, and meditation.

Positive Affirmations for Confidence

Positive Affirmations for ConfidenceClick here to see list of 201 affirmations for confidence.

Positive affirmation makes a lot of difference in one’s confidence level. Do you want to turn your doubt, anxiety, and fear into confidence? Check out the list of positive affirmations for confidence and they will change your life forever. Try saying them to yourself every day for best results.

Positive Affirmations for Abundance

Positive Affirmations for AbundanceClick here to see a list of 201 affirmations for abundance.

Sometimes, you need to boost yourself with some positive abundance motivations. They harness the power of the law of attraction to give you what you desire. When you repeat abundance mantras, reinforcement in your subconscious produces all the energy and motivation you need to achieve the desired goal.

Affirmations for Money and Wealth

Affirmations for Money and WealthClick here to see list of 201 affirmations for money and wealth.

Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can solve many problems that would otherwise have caused sadness. Nothing equals having enough money to afford whatever we want. This list is specially designed to attract financial success if you want to live a comfortable and wealthy life. Make a habit of repeating the positive statements to yourself every day and watch your portfolio rise.

Affirmations for Faith and Spirituality

Affirmations for Faith and SpiritualityClick here to see a list of 201 affirmations for faith and spirituality.

Faith and spiritually affirmations create a feeling of God’s presence every day. For a lot of people, connecting with their spirituality is the most important thing in their lives. Use these mantras to affirm the tenets of your faith and groom your spirituality.

Affirmations for Self-worth and Self-love

Affirmations for Self-worth and Self-loveClick here to see list of 201 affirmations for self-worth and self-love.

Do we ever get enough of self-love? We are always critical of ourselves and the mistakes we make. However, you need a dose of self-love and a sense of self-worth to succeed in life. Repeat the positive affirmations in this list to bolster your sense of worth and self-love.

Positive Affirmations for Love

Positive Affirmations for LoveClick here to see a list of 201 affirmations for love.

Whether your life is utterly devoid of romantic love or you want to add more doses, love mantras can help. This list of carefully selected love affirmations will attract the love and romance you need in your life.

Positive Affirmations for Health

Positive Affirmations for HealthClick here to see list of 201 affirmations for health.

Health is wealth and positive affirmations play a crucial role in this regard. Healthy thinking produces a healthy body while negative thinking can lead to psychosomatic illnesses. Affirmations help create our thoughts. Are you ready to improve your health? Use this list to attract the good health you need.

Positive Affirmations for an Awesome Morning

Positive Affirmations for an Awesome MorningClick here to see a list of 201 morning affirmations.

Every morning gives us a brand-new opportunity to set our lives right. You can influence how your day will go with the words you speak in the morning. This list will help get your day ready for awesomeness. Consider saying these statements the first thing in the morning.

Positive Affirmations for Kids

Positive Affirmations for KidsClick here to see list of 201 affirmations for kids.

Positive affirmations can help improve your kids’ physical and mental health. Reciting these statements can help them overcome challenges, make smarter choices and think positively.

CHAPTER 8: Making Your Own Affirmations

Now, you know how affirmations can reshape your thought process and help you lead the life you desire. Besides making use of the lists of affirmations we’ve provided, you can create your own affirmations. However, you have to ensure that you’re making the right type of affirmations in the right way. So let’s make your own affirmations now!

Step 1: Identify the self-limiting Thoughts

What things are trying to attract? Think about the beliefs that might be holding you back. Is any negative belief making you feel inadequate? Are there fears that keep you from moving forward? Negative thoughts like:

  • “I’m not good enough”
  • “I’m a terrible person”

Write these beliefs down and if it helps, tear them out later.

Step 2: Replace negative beliefs with the opposite

The opposite of a negative thought is the positive thing you want to attract. It is the very core of your affirmation, as this positive belief becomes your mantra. While it may seem awkward at first, it’s a sign that you are doing it right. For every “I am a terrible partner,” replace it with “I am a wonderful partner.” For every “I am not good enough,” replace it with “I am good enough.” There you have it: your positive affirmations.

Step 3: Avoid negative words

In replacing negative thoughts or beliefs with positive ones, avoid using words associated with negativity. Stay away from words like “can’t,” “won’t,” “don’t,” and the like. Your brain doesn’t recognize negatives now. For example, when you say, “don’t think about cigarettes,” you’ll automatically think about cigarettes. Your language should be entirely positive.

Step 4: Start with “I” or “my”

Affirmations are yours, so they have to be personal. Begin with personal pronouns like “I” and “my.” If you must convince your brain of these truths, you have to own them.

Step 5: Use the present tense

It may seem odd to say things that are not presently true, but that’s the power of affirmations. It’s what you want and you have to see yourself in this light. You have to convince your subconscious that you’ve accepted a certain truth about yourself. So instead of using the future tense like, “I will,” consider the present tense, I am. This “I am” is arguably the most powerful statement in the English Language. It expresses your self-truth and ultimately dictates your direction in life. So when you use it, use it to affirm positivity in your life.

Step 6: Add emotions

Adding a bit of feeling makes affirmations more personal. If you can, try to use visualization. How would it feel to have the desired result right now? Using positive emotions is what makes affirmations work on another level.


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