201 Affirmations for Confidence And Self-Esteem

Positive affirmations for confidence can help you to raise your self-esteem.

Have you ever wanted something so much that you couldn’t sleep?

Most people have the desire to achieve their goals, but they undermine the power of self-confidence.

The oxford dictionary defines self-confidence as ‘a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities and judgement.’ To be successful, you need to trust yourself. If you don’t, how can you convince anyone else to trust you?

Using affirmations is a great way to become more confident, but what affirmations should you use? To help you out, this article has a list of 201 affirmations for confidence that you can incorporate into your life immediately.

So, let’s take a look at some reasons why self-confidence is so important.

Why is self-confidence important?

Self-confidence is not shallow. It’s an advanced state of self-awareness that lies deep within you.

You might ask yourself why you need to develop self-confidence? You may think only the top athletes or entrepreneurs need to possess self-confidence.

confidence and self-esteem in life
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The truth is – to live a happy and successful life – development of your self confidence is not optional, but mandatory.

If you have high self-confidence, handling rejection and failure are not a problem for you. You understand that sometimes things don’t work out and you use these experiences as lessons.

As a result, you are not afraid to put yourself in situations where you might fail. This is likely to be the most important quality in any successful person.

Self-confidence also makes you more attractive, leads to more energy and motivation, and provides you with greater self-worth.

Now that we’ve covered the importance of self-confidence, it’s time to have a look at our list of 201 confidence affirmations.

201 Confidence affirmations

Let’s take a look on the general affirmations first.

101 General affirmations for confidence

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This specific list of 101 affirmations for confidence is focused generally on improving your self-esteem.

  1. I accept and love myself for who I am
  2. I am confident in my skills and abilities
  3. People value my skills and reward me generously
  4. My life is beautiful and rewarding
  5. I am confident and strong
  6. I deserve good things
  7. I can do anything I set my mind to
  8. My self-esteem is unbreakable
  9. I have confidence in my decisions
  10. I have the ability to achieve my goals
  11. I am capable
  12. I am beautiful, inside and out
  13. I am in the driving seat of my life
  14. I am confident and brave
  15. I have all that I need within me
  16. Every challenge is a gift
  17. I attract other confident people
  18. I trust my instinct
  19. I am clever, courageous and caring
  20. I constantly inspire people around me
  21. I can do it
  22. I have many great ideas
  23. I radiate confidence wherever I go
  24. I forgive myself for my mistakes
  25. I learn from my mistakes
  26. I have opportunities in abundance
  27. I trust myself to make good decisions
  28. I am proud of my accomplishments
  29. Achieving my goals is easy and exciting
  30. I become more knowledgeable every day
  31. I use my knowledge to propel forward
  32. I have the power to manifest what I desire
  33. I will do it
  34. I am excited about the person I am becoming
  35. I make useful contributions
  36. I refuse to give up
  37. I let go of anything that doesn’t serve me
  38. I don’t worry about the small things
  39. Confidence is my birth right
  40. I don’t compare myself to others
  41. I can be whatever I want to be
  42. I can make a difference
  43. I can do better next time
  44. I face my fears
  45. I can do anything
  46. I am not afraid to step out of my comfort zone
  47. Every day, I become stronger
  48. My confidence is always increasing
  49. I radiate confidence
  50. Good things are coming to me
  51. Confidence is my natural state
  52. Confidence is my middle name
  53. I find success in everything I do
  54. I love to see my confidence grow
  55. I am unique
  56. I am in charge of my life
  57. I am capable of incredible things
  58. I’m a magnet for confidence and success
  59. I approach others with boldness and enthusiasm
  60. I approve of myself
  61. I love myself deeply and unconditionally
  62. I am persistent in whatever I do
  63. My personality translates my confidence
  64. Confidence is my second nature
  65. I am enthusiastic and energetic
  66. I am a natural-born problem solver
  67. I adjust easily to new situations
  68. I adapt and I grow
  69. I am full of confidence
  70. I have high self-esteem
  71. Liking myself is easy
  72. I am successful right now
  73. I live in joy
  74. I am enough
  75. I respect myself
  76. The only person I need to prove anything to is myself
  77. I inhale confidence and exhale fear
  78. I value my worth
  79. I make good decisions
  80. Every day, I improve myself
  81. I can’t wait to share my talents with the world
  82. People like being with me
  83. I am very secure with myself
  84. I encourage and motivate myself
  85. I set my own standards
  86. I look at criticism as positive feedback
  87. I do not let stressful situations take power
  88. I inhale confidence and exhale fear
  89. I help others whenever I can
  90. I express my opinion and enjoy a healthy debate
  91. I like myself
  92. I enjoy my own company
  93. I see the good in others
  94. I accept my weaknesses
  95. I will improve my weaknesses
  96. I act with confidence
  97. I move with confidence
  98. I inspire others
  99. I am relaxed and ready to conquer any challenge
  100. I spend as much time with confident people as possible
  101. I am in love with myself

50 Affirmations for confidence: Dating & Love

positive affirmations for dating
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  1. I deserve a happy relationship
  2. A relationship allows me to be happier and more confident
  3. I am naturally polite and romantic
  4. I was born with dating confidence
  5. My ideas and words flow effortlessly
  6. I let the conversation carry us
  7. My dates see the true me
  8. I naturally forget about looks
  9. I pay attention to my dates
  10. A relationship is an opportunity to build something beautiful
  11. I am always relaxed when out on a date
  12. I ignore urges to stutter or stumble on my words
  13. I let things happen naturally
  14. I listen to my date attentively
  15. I don’t worry about everything that I say
  16. I will be honest in my conversations
  17. My partner and I complement each other
  18. I am beautiful and desirable
  19. The right person will come to me soon
  20. Dating is an opportunity to connect with someone that will help me grow
  21. I deserve to be treated well
  22. I have a lot to offer someone
  23. I am not perfect, and that is perfectly ok
  24. I deserve love and affection
  25. The person I seek is also seeking me
  26. I let go of any fears of rejection
  27. I know I will find the right person for me
  28. Dating comes naturally to me
  29. If the date doesn’t work out, I can keep looking
  30. I am the right person for someone out there
  31. I am not defined by my dating past
  32. I am not defined by my dating mistakes
  33. I am best friends with my partner. We inspire each other
  34. I know what I value in a relationship
  35. I possess great inner strength and confidence
  36. I know my limits
  37. I deserve to find love
  38. My charm is universal
  39. My partner sees the beauty of my soul
  40. I am not afraid to step out of my comfort zone in finding love
  41. I am good enough for anyone
  42. This is my life. I live and love for myself.
  43. I build the relationship I aspire
  44. I look fabulous
  45. I am spontaneous
  46. I attract only healthy relationships
  47. My partner and I inspire confidence in each other
  48. I make connections easily
  49. I love myself and attracting loving relationships to my life
  50. I allow love to find me

25 Affirmations for confidence at job interviews

affirmations for job interview
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  1. I’m going to nail this interview
  2. I will go into the interview room exuding confidence
  3. My resume is impressive
  4. I am a great candidate for this job
  5. It’s not about why I need the job. It’s about why they need me
  6. I stay calm under pressure
  7. I answer every question with confidence
  8. I deserve this job
  9. I have the necessary qualifications and skills for this job
  10. I am fully prepared for this interview
  11. I am a great communicator
  12. I do not fear to be turned down.
  13. I am credible and trustworthy
  14. I’m the perfect candidate for this position
  15. This job inspires me and I will convey that in the interview
  16. I am attracting my dream job
  17. I am naturally confident and people around me feel that
  18. I can add value to any business
  19. I worked hard to get here and deserve the opportunity
  20. I communicate easily under pressure
  21. I am worthy of success and having a great career
  22. I am in charge of how this interview goes
  23. My opinion and attitude matter
  24. Any company would be lucky to have me
  25. I stand out above the crowd

25 Affirmations for confidence at work

  1. I do not judge myself harshly
  2. I choose to be confident
  3. I invest in my confidence
  4. I love where I work
  5. My confidence colors my competence
  6. I am ready for a confident day
  7. From the moment I open my eyes, I think confidently
  8. I dress confidently
  9. I love what I do
  10. I’m great at what I do
  11. I got this job because people believed in me
  12. My employers have confidence in me. It’s my role to be confident in myself
  13. I will embrace and conquer any challenge that I face at work
  14. I provide great value to this company
  15. As I work, I build my skills and confidence
  16. I’m open to feedback
  17. I love getting things done
  18. I turn failure into success
  19. I easily establish confidence and empathy in all my collaborations
  20. I am always looking for new ways to do things
  21. I brand myself with every move I make
  22. I solve problems for my company
  23. I am disciplined and efficient
  24. I inspire confidence in my colleagues
  25. I build trusting relationships and people are confident in my abilities

Using some of the positive statements in this list of 201 affirmations for confidence will provide great value to your life.

Pick the ones that resonate with you the most and make them a part of your daily routine.

Even if you don’t believe them at first, you’ll open your mind up to the possibility and this is the first step to accomplishing anything in life.

As well as affirmations, there are other things you should be doing in order to feel more confident.

3 Other ways to boost your self-confidence

1. Take care of your body

It’s pretty hard to feel good about yourself when you’re abusing your body.

Not getting enough sleep, eating unhealthily or not getting enough exercise will affect your overall well-being negatively.

Studies have also shown that increased physical activity does in fact boost your confidence.

So, make self-care a priority. You’ll naturally feel more confident when you’re feeling at your best physically.

2. Embrace your self-doubt

It’s common to put off things like going on a date or asking for a promotion because you are nervous about them.

You want to wait until you feel more confident.

Remember that sometimes, the best way to increase your confidence is by acting.

embrace self-doubt
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Face your fears and you will often realise that they were nothing to worry about in the first place.

No one ever feels 100% confident before doing something. So, just do it. At the very least, you’ll gain valuable experience for the next time you’re in a similar situation.

1. Increase your capabilities

Are you feeling insecure about your body? Hit the gym! Go for a run. Don’t complain and then take no action. This will just lead to more self-depreciating thoughts.

If you want to feel more confident about a certain skill, practice it more.

Work your way up. For example – if you want to become a better public speaker – don’t speak in front of 1000 people on your first try.

Find and speak at some smaller networking events or record some videos. Practice in front of a small group of friends.

The more you do it, the better you’ll become. Seeing improvement will increase your confidence.

Key Takeaways

Reciting affirmations for confidence will provide you with great value. It is best, however, to combine it with a lifestyle aimed to satisfy these statements.

The words open your mind to new possibilities and ways of thinking, but you must be willing to act.

Don’t just think more confidently. Act more confidently.

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