25 Positive Affirmations for Women with Low Self-Esteem

Never underestimate the power of a woman. This adage goes far beyond mere cliché since today’s society can attribute many of its great achievements to women.

Many innovations, foundations, and discoveries have been brought about by someone’s daughter, sister, wife, or mother. Since the dawn of the human race, women have brought valuable perspectives and talents to the table along with the unique qualities of beauty and compassion.

So why do many women deal with issues related to self-esteem and lack of confidence?

We’ll look at a list of positive affirmations for women with low self-esteem and unlock this method of directing our mindset in a more effective, more positive direction.

Why Try Positive Affirmations when Dealing with Low Self-Esteem?

According to an article in Forbes, a study that was conducted at Cornell University showed a substantial gender gap when it comes to perceptions of one’s own abilities.

As reflected in the results of this study, the women who participated had the tendencies to underestimate themselves and their contributions to the workplace. The male participants, however, overestimated their own performance.

Unfortunately, these feelings of inadequacy often derive from difficult if not traumatic experiences and carry over to other aspects of life.

As women, we often fall subject to negative thinking where we doubt our beauty, our abilities, our talents, and begin to yearn for opportunities we believe are beyond our grasp.

When we follow such a cycle of thinking, it easily undermines how we function in our day-to-day lives. For example, you might talk yourself out of applying for a promotion in your company. Fear paralyzes you to the point where you’re likely to not take the necessary actions to strive for this opportunity.

It’s no wonder there’s a need for positive affirmations for women with low self-esteem when often we feel that we’re not enough.

Thus, the key to breaking out of this cycle is to change your beliefs about yourself and your gifts. It is possible to jump off the hamster wheel of repetitive negativity. One simple yet powerful step is to incorporate positive self-affirmations into your daily routine.

How Do Affirmations Can Improve Self-esteem?

Affirmations act as the most powerful tools towards achieving personal transformations and improving various areas of your life.

If you want to be more confident, or feel more empowered as a woman, positive affirmations, when applied with fidelity, can help you to focus on your best qualities and to see yourself for the brilliant and beautiful person that you are.

Also, to make this practice extremely effective you should ideally choose the right affirmation that holds a personal significance for you and thus, will get you the results you want.

Will Do Positive Affirmations Work for Women with Low Self-esteem?

Simple positive affirmations have proven to be very essential in harnessing a positive mindset. They can provide us the push we need to turn our goals into reality. Through positive affirmations we are able to overcome the constant self-sabotage and negative thinking we tend to drive ourselves into.

Taking a look at the research for example, when a group of women took part in a study conducted by Mary Inman, Anna Snyder, and Kelvin Peprah, they incorporated the habit of repeating positive self-affirmations for women with low self-esteem.

In particular, they adopted a specific group of affirmations that bear a significant spiritual meaning to them. As a result of this continued practice, they took on a whole new attitude about themselves and were even able to mentally counter against the negative, shallow messages that are often put out by mainstream media and advertising.

Granted, this particular study dealt with the subjects’ view of their own appearance, but their change of perspective manifested in both a more positive self-image and in a practice of looking for “self-love” from within as opposed to seeking approval from other individuals. This proved to be a huge step in the right direction when dealing with self-esteem.

How to know if they work on me?

As you can see, simple affirmations can help us to harness positive thinking and in turn, enable us to set and achieve our desired goals. A key value to positive affirmations is to repeat them as often as you can and to believe them wholeheartedly.

Gradually you can begin to see positive changes in the way you view things, and this, in turn, will enable you to take more positive steps in your life.

As you will see, positive affirmations are effective in transforming your way of thinking especially when repeated over time. Like most people, we begin to believe what we hear or say to ourselves which is followed by putting our words into action.

Positive Affirmations for Women with Low Self-esteem

There are many affirmations to choose from but centering this practice around confidence and your great qualities and talents will help you with the “buy-in” aspect of this newfound habit, especially if you’re a bit skeptical starting off.

The following is the previously mentioned list where you can choose an affirmation to start with on a daily basis:

  1. I am a very brave, strong woman.
  2. It’s okay to be a powerful woman.
  3. I enjoy being a woman and the many roles that I play.
  4. I am so in love right now with my true Self.
  5. I’m not a prisoner of the past. Rather, I flourish in the moment.
  6. I combine femininity and intelligence beautifully.
  7. I am gentle with myself.
  8. Challenges bring out the best in me.
  9. I believe in the person I am becoming.
  10. I have the power to create change.
  11. I am doing my best and that is always enough.
  12. I am fully responsible for my feelings, and today I am choosing happiness.
  13. Everything that is happening now is happening for my ultimate good.
  14. I give myself permission to do what is right for me.
  15. I make a difference in the world with every act of compassion.
  16. My future is the perfect prediction of what I envision now.
  17. I overcome fears by following my dreams.
  18. My mind is full of brilliant ideas.
  19. I am drawing closer to my authentic self every day.
  20. My heart is always open to giving and receiving love in all its forms.
  21. I deserve to be healthy, happy, and successful.
  22. I’m grateful for everything I have.
  23. My body is a temple, and I will take proper care of it.
  24. I am enough.
  25. I believe in being a lifelong learner.

How to Make Positive Affirmations More Efficient?

Also, when looking at these positive affirmations for women with low self-esteem, you might wonder, “How can I apply them most effectively?”

To begin with, wean yourself away from the habit of focusing on negative thoughts. When trying to give something up, you usually have to find a replacement for it.  So, why not focus on positive affirmations?

You can start by choosing the best time of day for you, be it first thing in the morning or before you retire for the evening.

Make a selection from the 25 Positive Affirmations for Women with Low Self-esteem. You can even write down in your journal or place it on an adhesive note on the mirror.

While taking slow, deep breaths, say the affirmation aloud and with confidence. Repeat this part of the process for about 5 to 10 minutes. Also, take a few seconds out of your day to “remind” yourself of this affirmation by pondering it or saying it aloud once or twice.

Over the course of 20 to 30 days, you’ll start to see a difference in your confidence level especially if you continue this practice consistently.   

The Take-away

Most of all, don’t sell yourself short. You might not realize it at first, but the power of your thought process can definitely transform your life by boosting your self-esteem, promote self-love, and replenish you with plenty of confidence and motivation.

All you need to do is to give yourself the permission, to start somewhere by carefully selecting from the list of positive affirmations for women with low self-esteem.

As common language dictates, we are what we think. Therefore, what we think is converted into words and with time, into action. Even the Law of Attraction, shows us that we attract into our lives whatever we focus on. Positive affirmations that are geared toward the healing of self-esteem will help you achieve the positive outlook you need in order to maintain positive energy and attract positive things into your life.