201 Positive Affirmations For Men

Positive affirmations for men exists? Of course!

Every man has a right to pay attention to his mental health.

Contrary to what a lot of people may say, being a man can be tough. Gender norms are a bigger problem for women, but men often feel like they are not able to share their problems.

Not expressing your emotions can be harmful to your mental health. At the same time, it’s important not to let yourself get caught up in these negative emotions.

If you need some inspiration, take a look at our list on positive affirmations for men below. As there are so many, we have also split them up into specific categories so that you can focus on the ones that are relevant to your situation.

“Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.”Sigmund Freud

You might be questioning how much effect a few words can have on your mindset.

Why are affirmations for men important

Once you open your mind to the power of affirmations and your subconscious mind, the process can be life-changing.

Affirmations for men are powerful
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It’s a process that allows you to become more consciously aware of your thoughts, so that you can reinforce the positive beliefs and eliminate the negative ones.

“It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief, and once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.”Claude M. Bristol

If used correctly, affirmations are not only a source of motivation, but they keep you focused on your goals.

So, what affirmations should you use? Take a look at our list of 201 positive affirmations for men below and take your pick!

201 Positive affirmations for men

Let’s start with the affirmations that will help you to focus more on success than on the failure.

50 Positive affirmations for success

affirmations for men's success
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  1. I am focused and never quit
  2. I am committed to maximizing my success
  3. A challenge brings out the best in me
  4. If I am to fail, I will fail forward
  5. My dreams are there to achieve
  6. My confidence has no limit
  7. I will do what it takes to achieve my goals
  8. I will seize every opportunity presented to me
  9. I am prepared to go the extra mile
  10.  Hard work fulfills me
  11.  Success comes naturally to me
  12.  Success is my driving force
  13.  I love what I do
  14.  I believe in myself
  15.  I’m worthy of success
  16.  I choose what I become
  17.  I deserve success
  18.  I excel in all that I do
  19.  I set high standards for myself
  20.  I am focused
  21.  I am patient
  22.  I trust the universe
  23.  I respect myself
  24.  I will be great
  25.  I have limitless potential
  26.  I have an opportunity
  27.  I will do whatever it takes
  28.  Nothing can stop me
  29.  I will achieve my goals
  30.  I see my goal clearly
  31.  I am determined
  32.  I see challenges as opportunities for growth
  33.  I am the architect of my life
  34.  I’m a magnet for success
  35.  I’m right where I need to be
  36.  I live my life without fear
  37.  I feel things falling into place
  38.  I like myself
  39.  Success is second nature to me
  40.  Mistakes are a stepping stone to success
  41.  I am proud of my success
  42.  I think only of success
  43.  All problems have a solution
  44.  I am in charge of my life
  45.  My power comes from within me
  46.  I find inspiration easily
  47.  Consistency is key to my success
  48.  Everything I touch is a success
  49.  I am persistent
  50.  Life is full of choices. I choose success

51 Positive affirmations for wealth

money affirmations for men
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Positive affirmations for men can also help with financial situation.

Once you change your false belief about money, you’ll attract unlimited wealth and abundance into your life!

  1. Money comes to me easily
  2. I attract money
  3. My mind is focused on wealth
  4. Every day, I am becoming richer
  5. My actions lead to prosperity
  6. Prosperity is my birthright
  7. I enjoy the rewards of working
  8. I appreciate the value of things
  9. I radiate positivity
  10.  My attitude attracts wealth
  11.  I can provide for my family
  12.  Money allows me to help people
  13.  Fortune favors me
  14.  I will become financially abundant
  15.  I am receptive to wealth and success
  16.  My life is filled with riches
  17.  I will achieve my financial desires
  18.  I am grateful for my wealth
  19.  My success is pre-determined
  20.  I am abundant
  21.  Success leads to wealth and I am successful
  22.  I am a wealth magnet
  23.  I attract people who will help me in achieving wealth
  24.  I am highly driven
  25.  I will become financially free
  26.  I choose to be wealthy
  27.  My energy is aligned with wealth
  28.  I am wealth
  29.  Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways
  30.  I deserve wealth
  31.  Money always finds its way to me
  32.  The universe serves my best interests
  33.  I always have enough
  34.  I am worth the money
  35.  I love luxury
  36.  I am blessed with money
  37.  I deserve to live a life of luxury
  38.  My wallet is overflowing with money
  39.  I feel rich
  40.  My prosperity is unlimited
  41.  Money is great
  42.  I am financially secure
  43.  I attract wealth and prosperity
  44.  I am happy, healthy, and wealthy
  45.  I always have opportunities to make more money
  46.  I attract money, love, and happiness wherever I go
  47.  I welcome unlimited income into my life
  48.  I am destined to be wealthy
  49.  It’s my choice as to how much money I make
  50.  I have an endless supply of cash
  51.  Today is a day of amazing good fortune

25 Positive affirmations for Alpha male mindset

Our list of positive affirmations for man wouldn’t be complete without focus on becoming Alpha!

  1. I embrace my masculinity
  2. I view myself as a strong and capable man
  3. I feel strong and confident, regardless of the situation
  4. I become stronger and more beautiful every day
  5. I am a natural leader and easily accomplish my goals
  6. My greatest weapon is my optimism
  7. I have the courage to wear whatever I want
  8. Women naturally gravitate towards me
  9. I am in love with my true self
  10.  I deserve the love of a strong woman/man
  11.  Confidence comes naturally to me
  12.  I am dominant
  13.  I am totally secure in myself
  14.  When I speak, I carry authority
  15.  I can take the lead in any social situation
  16.  I was born to be an alpha male
  17.  Assertiveness and dominance come naturally to me
  18.  I enjoy being a leader
  19.  I am highly respected
  20.  It’s OK to be strong, both mentally and physically
  21.  I am proud to be a man
  22.  Today, I will start loving myself more
  23.  I will surround myself with other positive, confident men
  24.  I will continue to strengthen my alpha traits
  25.  Others look up to my strength of character

25 Positive affirmations for dealing with depression

affirmations for depression
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  1. Life is beautiful
  2. I feel grateful to be alive
  3. I am in charge of how I feel and today I will feel happy
  4. I forgive myself for my past mistakes. Every new day is an opportunity to start over
  5. I will overcome and get through any feelings of sadness
  6. My mind is powerful. When I fill it with positive thoughts, my life will begin to change.
  7. I am brave
  8. I have enthusiasm for life
  9. I will not focus on what hurts me. I will focus on what brings me joy.
  10.  I will keep going and I will grow stronger
  11.  It is in my power to be happy
  12.  This too, shall pass
  13.  I deserve to be happy
  14.  I am grateful for the good things in my life
  15.  I love myself
  16.  More and more, I can see the beauty of my own being
  17.  I am worthy of love and happiness
  18.  I will not let myself become discouraged
  19.  I can find beauty in even the smallest things
  20.  I’m OK with where I am right now
  21.  I love myself
  22.  Hard times offer me opportunities to grow
  23.  I find and enjoy the simple pleasures life has to offer
  24.  Life wants the best for me
  25.  I will not judge myself negatively

For a longer list you might want to check our 101 Affirmations for depression and anxiety.

25 Positive affirmations for men: Anxiety

  1. I am safe and loved
  2. I have faith that everything will work out in the end
  3. What I want is already here or on its way
  4. I appreciate everything I have
  5. As I let go of things, the better I feel
  6. I breathe in relaxation, I breathe out the tension
  7. I am free of anything that will weigh me down
  8. Life is beautiful, wonderful, and peaceful
  9. I am mentally strong and don’t take things personally
  10. I attract positive energy into my mind and body
  11. I attract positive and confident people into my life
  12. I accept myself for who I am
  13. I am cool, calm and collected
  14. Worry and anxiety will not change my circumstances. Only positive actions and thoughts can.
  15. Happiness and joy flow easily to me
  16. I have confidence in myself and my abilities
  17. Success will be the force that drives me
  18. I will speak with confidence
  19. I do not fear to be wrong
  20. When I put my mind to something, I am unstoppable
  21. Happiness is within my grasp
  22. I accept and love myself for who I am
  23. I am ready to take on any challenge
  24. I become stronger and more confident every day
  25. I am in complete control of my anxiety

25 Positive affirmations to start off your day

  1. Every time I wake up, I am grateful to be alive
  2. Today, I will focus only on positive thoughts and energy
  3. Today, I will finish all my tasks with joy
  4. Each day is filled with abundance and joy
  5. I will go to sleep a better person than I am at this moment
  6. Good energy flows through me
  7. Today, I will manifest new opportunities
  8. I am full of ideas
  9. I will make the most out of today
  10. Today could be one of the best days in my life
  11. My happiness grows stronger every day
  12. I am calm and at peace
  13. I choose to do great things today
  14. I will enjoy everything today has to offer
  15. I am ready to take on the day
  16. Today, I will be smarter, kinder, and wiser
  17. I honor all my responsibilities
  18. I trust the process that is life
  19. I manifest abundance easily
  20. I will become a better version of myself today
  21. I will start each day with a grateful heart
  22. The world needs my energy and ideas
  23. No matter what happened the day before, I will get up, show up, and never give up.
  24. I am positive and will attract good things in my direction.
  25. Today, I will worry less and smile more

Right – so now that you have a plethora of affirmations to choose from – let’s discuss how you can implement them into your life.

How to use positive affirmations for men effectively

A good way to start is to recite your affirmations 3 times throughout the day. Read our article on how long affirmations take to work.

So how to use positive affirmations for men effectively?

Right after you wake up is a great time to practice. Go in front of the mirror, look yourself in the eyes and repeat some motivational statements to help you energize for the day ahead of you. It’s important that you actually believe them.

You could do the same after lunch. Don’t worry about finding a mirror. The main thing is that you concentrate and believe in what you say.

The belief may not come naturally at first, but it will plant the seed in your mind. The most effective way is to say them out loud. If you wonder why, here’s our explanation.

Right before you go to bed is another great time to use some affirmations. You will plant positive thoughts that will work their way into your subconsciousness while you sleep.

As they become more natural, you can add them into even more moments throughout your day.

Key takeaways

Hopefully, you took away great value in this list of 201 Positive affirmations for men.

Ultimately, thoughts and emotions are not unique to one gender.

We all have things we wish to improve about our lives and affirmations are an effective method to achieve this.

Whether you are a man or a woman, you can use affirmations to manifest a greater life.