201 Positive Affirmations For Kids

Positive affirmations for kids can drastically help them in so many ways.

Think back to when you were a young kid. Do you remember how carefree life felt?

Until a certain age, kids live life without worry or self-doubt. These concepts are foreign to them.

Then, before you know it, they start comparing themselves to their friends.

They start to form opinions on what’s ‘cool’ to wear or say and are singled out for being different.

As their awareness and intellect increase, so does their self-consciousness.

This is a very important time in someone’s life and as a parent, you should do your best to encourage positive trains of thought from your kids. Using positive affirmations for kids is a great way to do this.

Before you go through our list of affirmations, it’s a good idea to understand more about how affirmations can help children.

Why affirmations are important for children

As a parent, it’s paramount for you to encourage, support and love your children. It is equally important that they are able to create these feelings within themselves.

“A child’s mind is not a container to be filled but rather a fire to be kindled”Dorothea Brande

Negative beliefs can impact their lives greatly and can be hard to shift as they get older.

That’s when positive affirmations for kids come into a play!

affirmations for kids are important
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Young minds are like sponges. The younger they learn, the easier it is to absorb new information and take control of their belief systems. The skill of being able to rewire their brain through affirmations will stay with your kids for life.

So, you’ve decided it’s a good idea to help your kids practice self-affirmation. Now, you’re just wondering which affirmations to use.

For some inspiration, take a look at our list of 201 positive affirmations for kids below.

201 Positive affirmations for kids

Let’s start with raising a confidence!

50 Positive affirmations self-confidence

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No parent don’t want to see their kid to suffer from lack of confidence.

Pick a few statements from this list of positive affirmations for kids to secure a better mental health.

  1. I am smart and do great at school
  2. I love making new friends
  3. I love learning new things
  4. I believe in myself
  5. I am smart and make good choices
  6. I can accomplish anything I set my mind to
  7. I am enough
  8. I am unique and will not compare myself to others
  9. Every day, I become a better version of myself
  10. Anything is possible
  11. All I need is within me
  12. I accept compliments easily
  13. I do not allow negative comments any power
  14. I am a natural-born leader
  15. I am strong
  16. My mind is powerful, and I use it wisely
  17. I am friendly
  18. I am courageous
  19. I was born to be a winner
  20. I am worthy of having what I what
  21. I am creative and constantly find new solutions for things
  22. Challenges are just opportunities to grow
  23. I am grateful for my journey and the lessons I have learnt
  24. I am my best source of motivation
  25. My faith is unshakeable
  26. I am fun to be around
  27. I am talented and ambitious
  28. I trust in my abilities
  29. I am a good person
  30. I am a good friend
  31. I listen to my inner wisdom
  32. I am tough and durable
  33. If I set my mind to it, I can do anything
  34. I am completely unlimited
  35. I only think about the things I want to happen
  36. I am honest
  37. I take care of my responsibilities
  38. I will become wealthy and prosperous
  39. I am divinely protected
  40. I think big and I achieve big
  41. I will not let others bring me down
  42. I have the courage to be myself
  43. I love being alive
  44. I am a bright student
  45. Obtaining knowledge is very important to me
  46. I go after what I want
  47. I am a goal-getter
  48. My thoughts are very powerful. I must choose them carefully
  49. I am brilliant, wise, and wonderful
  50. I believe in my ability to succeed

50 Positive affirmations for kids: Anxiety

affirmations for kids with anxiety
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Yes! Even kids are feeling tension and it’s important to teach them, how to cope with these feelings.

Positive affirmations for kids can help them to release all that tension, and sooner they learn it the better!

  1. I breathe in relaxation. I breathe out tension.
  2. I am free of anxiety and live a calm life
  3. With each deep breath I take, I am calmer
  4. I have everything I need to live a happy life
  5. I rid my mind of negative thoughts and fill it with positive ones
  6. Anxiety might cause me discomfort, but I am in charge of my mind and body
  7. I can overcome my anxiety
  8. All is well in my world
  9. I am now in full control
  10. I feel the feelings of panic leaving my body
  11. I am safe
  12. I attract only positive energy into my body
  13. I will not let anything hold me down
  14. I can solve any problem that comes my way
  15. At this moment, I choose to be at peace. Everything is unfolding as it should
  16. I fill my mind only with positive, loving and healing thoughts
  17. There is no such thing as mistakes, only lessons to be learned
  18. I’ve survived this before, I’ll survive it again
  19. I’m in charge of my breathing. I can use it to my advantage
  20. I enjoy making others happy
  21. I contribute positively to my family
  22. I am surrounded by people who love and value me
  23. I’m talented and have a lot to offer
  24. I’m actively taking action to reduce my anxiety
  25. I live only in this moment
  26. My inner voices are calm
  27. This too shall pass
  28. I place my energy on things I value instead of anxiety
  29. I’m courageous
  30. I focus on the beautiful things around me
  31. My anxiety does not dictate my life
  32. Even if I fall, I will get right back up
  33. It’s going to be OK
  34. I have the power to bring change to my life
  35. I am actively getting rid of my tension, stress and fear
  36. I will rise above thoughts that cause anxiety
  37. I accept myself for the way I am
  38. I am in the process of positive change
  39. I’m going to forgive and free myself
  40. I have a bright future
  41. I will make mistakes, but I will not let them define me
  42. I am a work in progress, but I am strong
  43. I decide my story
  44. I was born to stand in the light
  45. Every breath is a gift
  46. I can transform my fear into courage
  47. I am not defined by my feelings of anxiety
  48. I cannot control everything
  49. I will focus my energy on things that make me happy
  50. Everything works out in the end

25 Positive affirmations for kids: Gratitude

  1. I am grateful to be alive
  2. I am blessed
  3. I find new things to be grateful for every day
  4. Gratitude grounds me
  5. I am thankful for every breath I take
  6. I am grateful for the challenges. They allow me to grow
  7. Thank you for another day
  8. I can’t wait to start the day
  9. I love my life
  10. The universe blesses me with an abundance
  11. I embrace life with open arms
  12. I have so much to be thankful for
  13. Every day brings new feelings of gratitude
  14. I am grateful for my health
  15. Life is beautiful
  16. I am grateful for this moment
  17. My gratitude is a magnet for good things
  18. I am thankful for my ability to learn and grow
  19. I embrace each new experience with gratitude
  20. I offer thanks for all that I have and all I have yet to receive
  21. I am truly blessed
  22. I am thankful for my friends and family
  23. Thank you for the blessings this day will bring
  24. I’m filled with happiness and gratitude
  25. I’m grateful for who I am

25 Positive affirmations for happiness

  1. I have everything I need to be happy
  2. I am creating a happy life I desire
  3. I am strong, I am healthy, I am happy
  4. I am open to receiving love, light and happiness
  5. I am surrounded by love and all is well
  6. I choose to be happy
  7. My positivity is creating the life I desire
  8. My natural state is happiness
  9. I give myself permission to let go of what makes me sad
  10. I accept all the good that is flowing into my life
  11. Everywhere I go, I attract happiness
  12. It’s my time to shine
  13. Happiness is my birth right
  14. I am happy, loving, and loveable
  15. I am joyful. I am peace. I am love
  16. I deserve happiness
  17. Happiness comes to me
  18. I am filled with joy
  19. Every day, I am becoming happier
  20. Happiness finds me
  21. My mind is focused on feelings of happiness
  22. I’m right where I need to be
  23. I invite peace and harmony to dwell within me
  24. My happiness brings me more happiness
  25. Every day has good things within it

25 Positive affirmations to use for Kids: Daily morning affirmations

  1. Today is a new day. I can already feel its greatness
  2. I wake up with a grateful heart and a peaceful mind
  3. Today, I choose happiness
  4. I greet this day with self-worth and confidence
  5. I am ready to face the challenges today may bring
  6. I begin the day happy and will remain happy
  7. I will greet this day with patience
  8. This day is filled with potential
  9. I will take advantage of every opportunity
  10. I trust my inner wisdom
  11. Today is the start of something new
  12. Today is my day
  13. I am happy and content with my life
  14. I look forward to seeing what today might bring
  15. My future is mine to create
  16. Today, I forgive, and I am free
  17. Today, I have unlimited energy
  18. I will make today amazing
  19. I will work hard today and enjoy the benefits tomorrow
  20. Today, I will not let negative energy into my life
  21. Today, I will attract happiness
  22. I am changing my life for better
  23. Today could be a day I never forget
  24. Yesterday was good. Today is great. Tomorrow will be fabulous
  25. Today is a great day

25 Positive affirmations for student’s life

Student's life
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  1. I am a great student
  2. I become better every day
  3. I am prepared for my tests
  4. I love taking tests
  5. Taking tests are easy
  6. Today I study so that I can relax tomorrow
  7. Education is a path to freedom
  8. I value my education
  9. I am always open to learning new things
  10. A chance to learn is a chance to grow
  11. I am growing
  12. I am smart and I prove it every day
  13. Learning is what life is all about
  14. I set high standards for my academic performance
  15. The more I learn, the more power I hold
  16. I improve my studying abilities daily
  17. I absorb new information quickly
  18. My memory is excellent
  19. My brain is like a sponge in absorbing information
  20. I let go of any distractions
  21. I will do great in my exams
  22. I am smart and intelligent
  23. I can learn quickly
  24. I use homework as an opportunity to learn more
  25. Learning leads to success

Fun ways to do affirmations with kids

For adults, integrating affirmations into our lives usually involves standing in front of a mirror or repeating them certain stages of the day.

From a kid’s point of view, this is boring. They are young and you need to make sure something is engaging for them to do it.

How to do affirmations with kids
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This is what told us Tom from Working Daddy:

“Start by affirming them yourself. Look them in the eyes and tell them things like ‘You’re loved. You’re important. You’re talented. Acknowledging their talents or uniqueness is a great way to increase their sense of confidence and belonging.”

You could also create special affirmation cards. You can use some of the above affirmations and write them on a card with inspiring, colourful pictures. 

Children are visually stimulated and having these pictures makes the affirmations more exciting to read.

Another way is to find quotes and affirmations used by some of their role models. If they love football, find affirmations that have worked for a famous footballer. Your children will relate to these people and use them for inspiration.

“Children will listen to you after they feel listened to”Jane Nelson

Lastly, make sure your child is in a good mood before going through any affirmations. If they’re distracted or in a bad mood, focus on what’s bothering them before doing anything else.

Key takeaways

There are many ways to incorporate positive affirmations into your home or classroom.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and look for innovative new ways for kids to practice them.

If you are also looking for new affirmations to use yourself, check out our lists of positive affirmations for both men and women.