201 Morning Affirmations For an Awesome Day

Waking up with a positive, infectious attitude isn’t as hard as you may think. Especially when we’re having access to morning affirmations!

In fact, the 5-10 minutes right after waking up can determine your mood, energy and happiness for the rest of the morning, and even the whole day.

This is why morning affirmations are so effective. They start your day on the right foot and give you the tools to handle the days events with ease and gentleness.

So next time you open your eyes in the morning, don’t jump out of bed immediately. Lay still for a couple of minutes and focus on your breathing. While you do this, whisper some affirmations to yourself.

morning affirmations for better day
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“Just one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day”Dalai Lama XIV

Before you ask which affirmations are best to use at this time – we’ve got you covered! This article includes a list of 201 of the best morning affirmations that you can introduce to your daily routine.

How to use morning affirmations

There isn’t one specific way to use affirmations but there are certain practices to make them more effective.

Practice in a peaceful environment

Make sure you are calm and relaxed before saying your affirmations. Take deep breaths and rid the area of any potential distractions.

peaceful environment
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It doesn’t have to be somewhere cozy. It could even be in front of your bathroom mirror. The main thing is that you are able to hear yourself clearly.

Affirm in the present tense

When reading morning affirmations, it might be tempting to convert it to the future tense.

However, affirmations are more effective when spoken in the first person. ‘I will’ refers to the future which is currently out of reach.

Saying your affirmation in the present tense means that you will start to feel as if your desire is a reality now.

Phrases such as ‘I am’, ‘I can’, ‘I am grateful for’, ‘I attract’ etc. are great examples of phrases you can put before affirmations.

Starting or ending an affirmation with ‘Today’ is especially effective in the morning as it helps set the tone for the coming day.

Anyways, even using a “will” tense won’t do a harm, but we prefer to combine them with “now”.

Feel your emotions

You must be able to feel and visualise your affirmations when you recite them.

If you are affirming that you are successful, visualize that success, feel that success.

Many affirmations will probably sound foolish to you to begin with, but you can eventually convince your brain otherwise.

Now that you have some tips on how to use them, take a look at our extensive list of affirmations to use in the morning.

Our list of 201 Morning affirmations

Let’s start with the ones, that gives you the motivation to start your day.

25 Morning affirmations for motivation

morning affirmations for motivation
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  1. Every day is a fresh start
  2. The stars are aligned
  3. I will make the most of this day
  4. I’m surrounded by beautiful things
  5. I am willing to act and face my fears
  6. I have everything I need
  7. I let go of my old negative beliefs and replace them with positive ones
  8. I take on new challenges and feel calm, confident, and powerful
  9. I never fail. Everything that happens contributes to my strength
  10. I create the life I want to enjoy
  11. I have the courage to induce positive change in my life
  12. Feeling motivated, confident and assured is a normal feeling for me
  13. I am valuable
  14. I feel happy and free
  15. I am surrounded by people who motivate me
  16. I trust the journey
  17. I am excited about today’s possibilities
  18. I am passionate about improving myself
  19. I will make valuable contributions to the world today
  20. I have great ideas
  21. I am the architect of my life
  22. Today, I abandon my old habits and pick up new, more positive ones
  23. My mind is clear of self-doubt
  24. My actions bring me closer to my goals
  25. My life is a blast of growing opportunity

25 Morning affirmations for confidence

morning affirmations for confidence
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  1. Today is a great day
  2. I find peace within myself
  3. I am happy to be alive
  4. My possibilities are endless
  5. I am comfortable with myself
  6. I’m energized and ready to slay the day
  7. I am allowed to have big goals
  8. I am allowed to take chances
  9. Every time I fall, I get back up
  10. Today has countless opportunities
  11. Today, I will make big strides towards growth
  12. There’s nothing that can bring me down
  13. I make sure every day is better than the last
  14. I believe in myself
  15. I trust my decisions today
  16. I am walking down the right path
  17. I leave my past behind me
  18. I am at peace in my life
  19. I make progress everyday
  20. I am letting go of all negativity in my life
  21. I have healed from my past pain
  22. I work towards my goals
  23. Great things are happening to me
  24. I inhale confidence. I exhale doubt
  25. I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to

25 Morning affirmations for positive thinking

morning affirmations for positive thinking
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  1. I know my power
  2. Challenges are just opportunities in disguise
  3. My failures are my steppingstones
  4. I feel motivated no matter my situation
  5. I was not born to give up
  6. I’m deserving of my dreams
  7. Every day, I become stronger
  8. Every day, I become more fearless
  9. I’m brave enough to face my fears
  10. I know my own power
  11. Nobody can bring me down
  12. I can do it
  13. I do not fear the fire because I am the fire
  14. The challenge is what fuels me
  15. I am successful in many ways
  16. I have achieved many things
  17. I am always improving myself
  18. When things get tough, I persevere
  19. I focus on productive and effective action
  20. I have full control over my life
  21. I honor my desire to reach my goals
  22. No negative thought will take root in my mind
  23. I am happy and I am motivated
  24. I achieve great things through small steps
  25. I look at mistakes as opportunities to learn

26 Morning affirmations for growth

morning affirmations for confidence
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  1. I choose my curses and my blessings
  2. I am fierce. I am bold. I am unafraid
  3. I am excited to get out of bed each day
  4. If it does not serve me, I sever it from my life
  5. Knowledge is there to be gained
  6. My commitment to myself is real
  7. I choose not to take things personally
  8. I believe in the people around me
  9. I am a diamond. It’s my time to shine
  10. Feeling motivated is my natural state
  11. I do not succumb to my fears
  12. My mind, body, and soul are powerful
  13. I am focused, persistent, and will never quit
  14. My focus is unwavering
  15. I will always find a way
  16. Success is my future
  17. I must rely on myself
  18. I am my own best chance for success
  19. I have a mindset of growth
  20. I am not dependant on anyone but myself
  21. I am responsible for my success and failures
  22. I am mindful of my emotions, but do not let them control me
  23. I am unstoppable in achieving my dreams
  24. I embrace my fears
  25. I do not fear change
  26. I have abundant energy

25 Morning affirmations for anxiety and depression

morning affirmations for depression and anxiety
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  1. I am safe and loved
  2. I am calm
  3. I do the best I can and that’s enough
  4. This is only temporary
  5. I take things one step at a time
  6. Things always work out
  7. I am strong
  8. I breathe my anxiety away
  9. I can climb any mountain
  10. This too, shall pass
  11. I am in full control
  12. I am not alone
  13. I’m not afraid by what could go wrong
  14. I’m excited by what could go right
  15. I am confident
  16. I am loved
  17. I am not my anxiety
  18. I release any negative emotions
  19. I radiate confidence
  20. I am becoming stronger
  21. I am grounded
  22. I respect and love myself
  23. I can weather this storm
  24. I am protected
  25. I breathe out anxiety, I breathe in confidence

If you’re interested about positive affirmations for anxiety and depression, feel free read here.

25 Morning affirmations for stress

  1. I am whole and complete
  2. I take deep breaths
  3. This will not last forever
  4. I’m ready to let go
  5. I deserve happiness
  6. I choose faith over fear
  7. I choose calm over worry
  8. I deserve and am ready to heal
  9. I have survived this before
  10. I do not worry over things I can’t control
  11. I have all the tools
  12. I am highly favored
  13. I trust the process
  14. Life is simple, easy, and effortless
  15. I am at peace and harmony
  16. I feel inner peace
  17. I am happy, relaxed, and free from worry
  18. I choose to be free of worry and stress
  19. My mind is in a state of peace
  20. I am free
  21. I release my worries and doubts
  22. Life is too short to waste on stressful feelings
  23. I am good at what I do
  24. I am in control of my breath
  25. Everything is just fine

25 Morning affirmations for gratitude

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  1. Thank you for this new day
  2. I’m grateful for who I am
  3. I’m filled with happiness and gratitude
  4. Being alive is a wonderful feeling
  5. Thank you for today’s blessings
  6. Today, I am grateful
  7. I am gratitude
  8. I am surrounded by things to be grateful for
  9. I live a life of gratitude
  10. I am thankful for the ability to learn
  11. I am thankful for my family and friends
  12. I am grateful for this moment
  13. Life is beautiful
  14. The universe supports me
  15. There is always something to appreciate
  16. I live in a state of gratitude
  17. I am grateful for the abundance in my life
  18. I am grateful for my body
  19. I am grateful for my mind
  20. I am appreciative
  21. I cherish the relationships I have maintained throughout my life
  22. I am blessed
  23. I feel gratitude for all
  24. I am grateful for excellent health
  25. I am thankful for the opportunity to grow

25 Morning affirmations for success & wealth

  1. Being successful comes easily to me
  2. Money flows naturally to me
  3. I am a magnet for success
  4. My only limit to success is myself
  5. My passion for business brings results
  6. Money spent comes back to me multiplied
  7. My vision and goals are the backbones to my existence
  8. I am worthy of success
  9. Organization comes naturally to me
  10. I celebrate my success
  11. I focus on successful outcomes
  12. I see opportunities in everything
  13. I behave like a winner
  14. I have amazing determination
  15. I can achieve any goal
  16. I only attract advantageous situations
  17. I live a positive life
  18. I am fearless
  19. I attract successful people to my life
  20. I love being successful
  21. I am creative
  22. Great things come my way
  23. I am naturally confident
  24. Others feel inspired by my success
  25. I am pure success

Hopefully you found some value in this list of 201 morning affirmations.

Remember, affirmations are not the only thing you can be doing in the morning to increase your overall well-being.

Here are some other habits you should include into your morning schedule.

3 Things to do in the morning to make your day more fulfilling

1. Morning meditation

Meditation is one of the best ways to start off your day.

In fact, meditating for 10 minutes before you say your affirmations will make them more effective as you will be in a more tranquil and relaxed state.

“To a mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.”Lao Tzu

Ultimately, meditation helps you to think more clearly and efficiently, allowing you to have a more productive day.

2. Exercise

If you can gather the energy first thing in the morning to start sweating, you will be rewarded.

Exercise releases endorphins which increase your overall feeling of well being and even helps to numb physical pain or discomfort. They can also reduce stress hormones.

Therefore, a little exercise in the morning is a fantastic way to start your day in control and full of energy.

3. Plan your day

One of the best things you can do to start your day off well is something that can be done the night before.

Make a plan for the upcoming day. It doesn’t need to a minute by minute schedule, but it should outline the main tasks you want to accomplish the next day.

awesome start of the day is in the morning
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If you can’t think of things to do, set some time to exercise and to refine your favourite hobbies.

The point is to avoid ‘decision fatigue’. Funnily enough, making decisions alone can drain our energy so having a plan ready gives you more time to focus on other decisions throughout the day.

Key takeaways

We hope this list of morning affirmations will help you to kick off your day!

Whatever you do in the morning sets the tone for the whole day and that’s why it’s essential you fill it with productive and positive habits.

You may live a busy life, but waking up just 10-30 minutes earlier to recite some affirmations or do some of the things mentioned above, can be very beneficial.

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