201 Positive Affirmations For Women

Are you a woman who is coping with a lack of self esteem or insecurity? Do you rarely give yourself praise and talk down to yourself?

Then you should take a look at this list of 201 positive affirmations for women. Whoever you are and whatever your circumstances, you are worthy of peace, joy, and happiness.

“It’s hard to be a woman. You must think like a man, act Like a lady, look like a young girl, and work like a horse.

It really is hard to be a woman in the modern world. You have societal expectations, work, home, and familial responsibilities along with any other commitments.

It is easy to get overwhelmed and this is why it is so important to practice self-care. Positive affirmations for women happen to be one of the best self-care related activities.

Can affirmations change your life?

Using positive affirmations for women will allow you to recognize and change your thoughts on a daily basis. You may ask – how?

affirmations can change women's life
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First of all, the power of the unspoken and spoken word should never be underestimated. A single thought can plant a seed in your brain. If you water this seed over time with more similar thoughts, these words can grow and manifest into your actual reality.

“An affirmation opens the door. It’s the beginning point on the path to change” Louise L. Hay

The law of attraction teaches us that ‘thoughts equal things’. This concept opens us to the fact that we can take charge of the life we lead, and affirmations are one of the best tools to do so.

So, let’s take a look at 201 of the best positive affirmations for women:

201 Positive affirmations for women

To make things easier for you, we’ve split up the list so that you can focus on affirmations related to your specific situation.

41 Positive affirmations for personal growth

personal growth affirmations for women
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  1. I am not fearful of the path in front of me. I am proud of how far I have already come
  2. I ask for what I want because I deserve it
  3. I overflow with renewed confidence every day
  4. I continue to grow and become a stronger woman
  5. I am better than I was at this point last year
  6. I am patient with myself
  7. I am doing my best and it’s enough
  8. Being kind to myself isn’t selfish
  9. I deserve to be happy and loved
  10.  I reach any goal I set my mind to
  11.  Every lesson I learn is a blessing
  12.  I am not afraid of mistakes
  13.  I will not let others hold me back
  14.  I am ready for success in my life
  15.  I am open to new opportunities
  16.  My options are never limited
  17.  I trust my own wisdom and intuition
  18.  I am ready to commit to my ideal life
  19.  I hold the power to change myself
  20.  My ideas are valuable
  21.  I love the person I am becoming
  22.  I am a powerful woman and I am proud of it
  23.  I am free of limiting beliefs
  24.  I am a magnet for good things
  25.  I am exactly where I need to be
  26.  I embrace my inner greatness
  27.  I welcome positive vibes into my life
  28.  I trust myself and my abilities
  29.  My goals are worth pursuing
  30.  My love for myself grows everyday
  31.  I choose today to begin manifesting my dreams
  32.  I’m going to make every day count
  33.  I have everything I need to be successful
  34.  I am energized and ready to tackle the day
  35.  I am unique. There is no one else like me
  36.  I allow my instinct to steer me in the right direction
  37.  I create my own opportunities
  38.  I will keep moving forward
  39.  I surround myself with positive energy
  40.  I am patient with myself and those around me
  41.  I am happy with my progress

40 Positive affirmations for self esteem

affirmations for self esteem
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We know that there are womens that suffer from self-esteem.

That’s a reason our list of positive affirmations for women are focusing on elevating self-worth and self-love (which automatically leads to better self-esteem).

  1. I exude confidence wherever I go
  2. I hold my head up high
  3. I let go of my need to impress others
  4. I am excited to show the world what I have to offer
  5. No one can stop me from reaching my goals
  6. I dictate my life and emotions
  7. I am brave
  8. I won’t wait till I’m ready to act. I’m ready now
  9. I can overcome any challenge that I am faced with.
  10.  I am destined for big things
  11.  I embrace my full potential
  12.  I am great, yet I am humble
  13.  I deserve everything that is good
  14.  Challenges bring out the best in me
  15.  I will create the life that I want
  16.  I am unique and amazing
  17.  I take care of myself
  18.  I make positive thoughts a priority
  19.  I will not compare myself to others
  20.  I will not harshly judge myself or others
  21.  My smile is the best dress
  22.  My life is a gift
  23.  I am in control of what I eat
  24.  I do what I am good at
  25.  I love what I do
  26.  I can be the best at what I do
  27.  I am loved and respected
  28.  I radiate love and respect
  29.  I am self-reliant
  30.  I acknowledge any self-doubt as an opportunity to grow
  31.  The universe supports me
  32.  I choose to be happy
  33.  I am aware of my inner strength
  34.  I attract positive things into my life
  35.  I am in the driving seat of my life
  36.  I will continue to learn and grow
  37.  I believe in my abilities
  38.  I am competent, smart and able
  39.  I deserve happiness and success
  40.  I deny power to negative emotions

60 Positive affirmations for women: Morning affirmations for success and confidence

Morning affirmations for women
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Starting a day with positive affirmations for women? Yes, you’re right!

You’ll elevate your mood, your energy will improve and you’ll be set for a day. Spiritual morning coffee that you definitely deserve!

  1. I am learning to trust the journey
  2. I never stop creating
  3. I can never fail, for all my mistakes are lessons
  4. I feel calm, powerful and confident
  5. My potential to succeed is infinite
  6. My ability to conquer challenges is limitless
  7. I will make powerful contributions to the world today
  8. I believe in myself and those around me
  9. I will create positive change in my life
  10. I set my goals. It’s just a matter of when I will get there.
  11. Others look up to me
  12. I acknowledge my self-worth
  13. I work well under pressure
  14. I always find new ways to motivate myself
  15. I become a better person every day
  16. I am excited for the day ahead of me
  17. Today, I will stay calm
  18. Today, I will be happy
  19. Today, I am in control
  20. I have cleared my mind of self-doubt
  21. I am persistent, self-reliant and creative
  22. I am becoming the best version of myself
  23. My actions bring me closer to my goals
  24. Every new day brings new possibilities
  25. I celebrate each goal I accomplish
  26. When I reach a goal, I immediately set a new one
  27. I hold the power to my happiness
  28. I feel energetic and full of life
  29. I find success in whatever I do
  30. I am able to organize my priorities
  31. I am enough
  32. I offer great value to others
  33. I am authentic and powerful
  34. I feel alive
  35. I will stand up for myself
  36. It’s ok to say no
  37. I choose where to spend my time wisely
  38. I’m ready to attract what I desire
  39. I feel happy, fulfilled and successful
  40. I love watching myself grow
  41. As each day passes, my confidence grows
  42. I am too determined to be defeated
  43. I will let go of negative feelings
  44. I will focus on only positive emotions
  45. This could be the best day of my life
  46. I am the architect of my own life
  47. Today, I will embrace my imperfections
  48. I will continue to climb higher
  49. I will work hard today so I can enjoy the benefits tomorrow
  50. I am a goal achiever
  51. I continuously push myself
  52. I have unlimited energy and power
  53. There is no such thing as ‘I can’t’
  54. I manifest good things into my life every day
  55. The world needs my light
  56. Life is too short for regret
  57. Today, everything will work out
  58. My knowledge is my power. I am always looking to learn new things
  59. Something wonderful is coming
  60. I love what I do

30 Positive affirmations for body and self image

Positive affirmations for body and self image
Image credit: Avantika
  1. I love my physical features
  2. I am at peace with my body
  3. My curves are beautiful
  4. I love living in this fantastic, feminine body
  5. My smile is my best feature
  6. I take care of my body
  7. I value my body
  8. My body is my temple
  9. I am the perfect height
  10.  I enjoy my body during intimate moments
  11.  I am responsible for my body
  12.  I will treat my body with love and respect
  13.  I am a strong woman
  14.  My breasts don’t need to be big to be beautiful
  15.  I channel my self-love through my body
  16.  I listen to my body’s needs
  17.  I am beautiful with or without makeup
  18.  I move my body with the intention
  19.  I appreciate the female cycles my body goes through
  20.  My body is my lifelong dance partner
  21.  My brain is my sexiest body part
  22.  I respect my body and eat healthily
  23.  Before I can grow, I must accept myself
  24.  My weight is not my identity
  25.  I do not listen to negative opinions
  26.  There is no such thing as a perfect body
  27.  Taking care of myself feels good
  28.  With the power of mind and body, I am unstoppable
  29.  My body is my home
  30.  My legs support me through life

10 Affirmations for aging

Part of our list of positive affirmations for women are for the ones that are afraid of aging.

  1. I do not fear aging
  2. I am always the perfect age
  3. I am not sad about growing older. It’s a privilege denied to many.
  4. I age gracefully
  5. I grow more comfortable with myself as I age
  6. I was born at the perfect time in history
  7. I am lucky to grow old and wise
  8. I discover new joys of living as I age
  9. As I grow older, I grow wiser
  10. I live in the moment

10 Positive affirmations for empowerment

  1. I am proud to be a woman
  2. I love myself for who I am
  3. I embrace my femininity
  4. I don’t have to apologize for who I am
  5. My selfies are beautiful because I am beautiful
  6. I am not defined by the clothes I choose to wear
  7. I am not in competition with other women
  8. I am imperfectly perfect
  9. I am a strong, inspirational woman
  10. I will never limit myself

10 Positive affirmations for women: mothering

Positive affirmations for mothering
Image credit: Padmasree Murali
  1. I can breathe through this contraction
  2. Breathe in strength, breathe out tension
  3. My baby’s size is perfect for my body
  4. There is nothing to fear. My baby and I are safe and healthy
  5. My baby and I are working together
  6. My body knows what to do
  7. I choose to be relaxed and confident as I give birth to my baby
  8. I am blessed to carry this baby
  9. I am doing a fantastic job
  10.  I am a great mother

How to use positive affirmations for women

The most important thing when using affirmations is consistency.

A great idea is to repeat them every morning while in front of the mirror. Repeat a different set after lunch. Then before bed, repeat some affirmations that help you to find peace and tranquillity.

If you are new to this and want to start off slow, try focusing on one affirmation at a time.

You could keep an affirmation journal and write down the one you are working on. Once you truly believe in what you are saying, find a new affirmation to focus on.

Lastly, an effective method is to visualise that the affirmation is already true.

For example – if you imagine yourself as a proud mother – imagine yourself in the position of being already proud of your work. What are the emotions you are feeling? Focus on the excitement you would feel, the elan, the determination to continue being a great mother etc.

Visualizing and especially positive affirmations for women are very powerful tools that give you the mental power to create that reality.

Key takeaways

Choose your thoughts wisely. The minute you discover the power of the words inside your mind, you become unstoppable.

If you think you need to work on positivity, read 25 positive mantras for positive thinking.

Anyways, by altering your mindset and regularly using some of the positive affirmations for women above – you can become the confident, successful, and happy woman you deserve to be.