201 Money Affirmations for Wealth and Abundance

Whether we like it or not, money allows us to live a better life.

It does not necessarily buy happiness, but it allows us to live with greater comfort, security, and convenience.

The need to make money isn’t selfish. It gives you the tools to support your family, pay for important healthcare, and donate to good causes all over the world.

Instead of signing up for online get rich quick schemes, have you thought about attracting wealth to your life through the use of money affirmations?

You cannot make money or achieve abundance in your life if you don’t believe you deserve it.

the power of money affirmations
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It might sound incredibly simple, but just think about all those lottery winners who lost all their money a few years later. Then you have the rich people who lose all their money but are able to make it back.

The difference between them is their belief. Many lottery winners lose everything because deep down, they don’t believe they deserve their money.

Self-limiting beliefs keep you hostage to your financial situation.

Affirmations lead to belief but are they the magic key to wealth?

Can money affirmations make you rich?

Don’t set false expectations for yourself and expect affirmations alone to make you wealthier.

If all you do is affirm your good intentions and beliefs, you are doing yourself a disservice.

It’s essential that you combine affirmations or intentions with an equal action. Without action, an affirmation might as well be a drunken New Year’s resolution.

For example, if you really need a job and are using affirmations to attract opportunities, make sure you are actually looking and applying for opportunities!

It’s no good saying ‘I am worthy of the job of my dreams’ without actually going through the hard work to gain relevant experience, research the company and put together a killer application.

What makes affirmations so powerful, is not the words themselves, but the way the words impact your mindset and actions thereafter. Also, read our article on this topic.

To answer the question – affirmations can certainly help you become rich, but they are not enough alone.

So, what kind of money affirmations should you use to help attract wealth and abundance to your life? Take a look at our list of money affirmations below.

The ultimate list of 201 money affirmations

Let’s start with the most popular ones.

50 Money affirmations for riches: Powerful wealth affirmations

money affirmations for wealth
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  1. I make tons of money every day
  2. My energy is aligned to the vibration of unlimited wealth
  3. It’s my birth right to be a millionaire
  4. I have a millionaire’s mindset
  5. I live an extravagant life
  6. My unlimited wealth gives me freedom
  7. The actions I take lead to abundance and wealth
  8. Money is an endless resource
  9. Money brings me happiness and joy
  10. I am grateful for my wealth
  11. Money is my best friend
  12. I deserve a successful, luxurious life
  13. I attract money while I sleep
  14. My wealth allows me to help others
  15. I achieve wealth and abundance effortlessly
  16. My income is constantly increasing
  17. I attract successful and wealthy people into my life
  18. Everything I do makes me money
  19. Money finds me
  20. Money is easy to come by
  21. I have several streams of income
  22. Money is naturally drawn to me
  23. With my money, I make the world a better place
  24. My lifestyle is luxurious and rewarding
  25. New cashflow opportunities always appear before me
  26. My wealthy lifestyle nurtures my soul
  27. It’s my purpose to live a financially free existence
  28. People love to give me money
  29. Wealth pours into my life
  30. I have a mindset of abundance
  31. There is no limit to the money I accumulate
  32. I earn more than I dreamt was possible
  33. I know that I am wealthy
  34. I make my fortune in an honest way
  35. Money flows in harmony with my achievements
  36. Making money is like breathing to me
  37. I’m blessed to be rich
  38. I create my lavish reality
  39. It feels amazing to be wealthy
  40. I have a deep connection with money
  41. My success and abundance are inevitable
  42. I can afford it
  43. The universe is always presenting me with new opportunities to make money
  44. My money multiplies
  45. I love money and the feeling is mutual
  46. I’m overindulged in fortune
  47. Money spent comes back to me tenfold
  48. I have all the power and tools to live a wealthy life
  49. I believe in my money
  50. Manifesting money brings me feelings of satisfaction

51 “I am” money affirmations

  1. I am financially free and abundant
  2. I am a magnet to financial prosperity
  3. I am wealthy in more ways than one
  4. I am worthy of all the wealth I desire
  5. I am the first millionaire in my family
  6. I am grateful for my riches
  7. I am in love with money
  8. I am deserving of luxury
  9. I am prosperous
  10. I am famous and successful
  11. I am always on the vibration of wealth
  12. I am in alignment with the energy of wealth
  13. I am financially blessed
  14. I am financially successful
  15. I am powerful, rich and make the world a better place
  16. I am comfortable owning large amounts of money
  17. I am immersed in wealth
  18. I am wealthy beyond my wildest dreams
  19. I am worthy of massive amounts of wealth
  20. I am worthy of great prosperity
  21. I am happy, healthy and wealthy
  22. I am money
  23. I am rich
  24. I am prosperity
  25. I am success
  26. I am a magnet for money
  27. I am a millionaire
  28. I am grateful for the pleasure my money brings me
  29. I am receiving money right now
  30. I am the creator of my luxurious reality
  31. I am constantly surrounded by wealthy people
  32. I am surrounded by an abundance
  33. I am in alignment with great wealth and fortune
  34. I am a model of prosperity
  35. I am grateful for the money I make easily
  36. I am a self-made millionaire
  37. I am becoming richer every day
  38. I am worthy of positive cashflow
  39. I am free to become as rich as I want
  40. I am excited to help others with my fortune
  41. I am financially free
  42. I am positive towards wealth
  43. I am open and receptive to all the wealth life offers me
  44. I am open to new avenues of income
  45. I am wealthy and powerful
  46. I am focused on decisions that increase my wealth
  47. I am thankful for the abundance around me
  48. I am increasingly magnetic to wealth, abundance and prosperity
  49. I am ready to become rich
  50. I am financially abundant
  51. I am attracting money as easy as I breathe

50 Money affirmations for successful mindset

Money relationship
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Relationship with money is very important, that’s why we decided to address a few affirmations for mindset.

  1. I believe in myself and my ability to succeed
  2. I deserve to be successful
  3. I am grateful for my skills and talent
  4. The universe is full of endless opportunities for me and my career
  5. I let go of old, negative beliefs that get in the way of my success
  6. My mind is open to new exciting possibilities
  7. The more successful I become, the more confident I feel
  8. Coming up with solutions is natural to me
  9. I am grateful for the abundance flowing into my life
  10. I stay focused on my goals
  11. I celebrate every goal with gratitude and joy
  12. I attract brilliant mentors who share their knowledge and wisdom
  13. I thrive under pressure
  14. I set high standards for myself
  15. I always live up to my expectations
  16. I make worthwhile contributions to the world
  17. My skills are invaluable
  18. I think big and dream big
  19. Every day, I dress for success
  20. I create the life I desire
  21. I have the courage to live a successful life
  22. I am independent, successful, and wealthy
  23. I become more confident and successful every day
  24. Abundance and success are all around me
  25. Success and happiness are my birth right
  26. I attract happiness and success
  27. I overcome difficulties with ease
  28. I am highly successful
  29. Success comes easily to me
  30. I excel in all that I do
  31. My mind is clear, energized and focused
  32. I know where I want to be, and I have a plan to get there
  33. When I follow my plan, positive things happen
  34. Every day, I take action to achieve my goals
  35. I don’t give up when things get tough
  36. I’m going to affirm and work hard to turn my dreams into reality
  37. I am prosperous
  38. My success is assured
  39. I deserve happiness, love, and success
  40. I enjoy listening to the opinions of critics. They are a sign of my success
  41. I make money doing what I love
  42. I honor and value my creativity
  43. I love the process of getting there as much as being there
  44. I value my time and energy
  45. I succeed in everything I do
  46. I am smart and successful
  47. With a positive mindset, things are inclined to go brilliantly
  48. My possibilities are endless
  49. I am unstoppable
  50. Today, I attract success, happiness and abundance

25 Money affirmations for entrepreneurs

money affirmations for entrepreneurs
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  1. Every day, I attract more sales and success
  2. My business attracts the right kind of customer
  3. My business is constantly growing
  4. I am grateful that my business is thriving
  5. I am ready to manifest fantastic business opportunities
  6. Nothing will stand in the way of my goals
  7. My sales pipeline is full of new business
  8. I am naturally talented at making sales
  9. I always aim to improve my products and services
  10. I take calculated risks, without fear
  11. I am a natural-born entrepreneur
  12. I have a great team that provide a lot of value to my business
  13. Being an entrepreneur is my natural path
  14. Whatever I can dream for my business, I can achieve
  15. I am energized by challenges that my business faces
  16. I love work and it energizes me
  17. My ideas and passions come to life through my business
  18. Owning a business teaches me valuable life lessons
  19. Entrepreneurship is my path to success and wealth
  20. My success or failures do not define me
  21. I have set my business up for massive growth and success
  22. Through my business, I help the lives of others
  23. Being my own boss means that there is no limit to my wealth
  24. My business reflects my core values
  25. I serve high-quality work to my clients and customers

25 Money affirmations to manifest your dream job

  1. I am attracting the right job into my life
  2. I am working at my dream job
  3. I love my job
  4. I always work for fantastic bosses
  5. I am manifesting my dream job
  6. I do what I love
  7. I deserve to have an exciting, rewarding career
  8. My job is bringing me a lot of money
  9. My job is satisfying and fulfilling
  10. I have unlimited potential
  11. I attract amazing job opportunities
  12. I am always open to new opportunities
  13. The universe brings dream careers in my direction
  14. I deserve a high salary to match my skills
  15. Great companies are looking for people like me
  16. I find it easy to network with others
  17. I am well-paid
  18. My chosen career fulfills me
  19. I am a magnet for exciting career opportunities
  20. My dream job is on it’s way
  21. I spread positivity at my workplace
  22. Every career move I make is a magical experience
  23. I’m ready to attract the job I deserve
  24. Success is a part of who I am
  25. I am successful, respected and well-paid

No matter who you are or your current circumstances, there are sure to be affirmations on this list you can use to improve your mindset.

Now that you have the affirmations, let’s look at what kind of action can you take to reinforce your beliefs.

3 Ways to develop a wealth mindset

1. Concentrate on what you desire – And take it!

So many people are caught up in the cycle of fear when it comes to chasing their dreams. The doubt over whether they can accomplish it means they never try in the first place.

Don’t be one of these people. To achieve wealth, you must take action and be prepared for the risks that come with the action. Nothing worth achieving is easy.

2. Set goals for yourself

A lot of the time, people fear chasing something they want because they are only looking at the end goal.

Goal setting is important
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They are not looking at the small steps they need to take in order to get there. Start with steps that are easily do-able to help motivate you.

As you make progress, your confidence and capabilities will increase so you can set higher goals.

In the end, it’s not always about the end goal, but about the journey.

3. Never stop learning

Ultimately, the best thing for you to invest in is yourself.

Successful people are continuously learning and adapting to new situations.

Whatever your art is, master it. Learn everything you can about it and invest time into mastering new concepts.

Key takeaways

So, to become wealthy, you must think and act like a wealthy person.

Yes, that’s really all there is to it.

Sure, you might have some help or luck along the way, but you should never rely on these things or use them as excuses when things don’t go as planned.

At the same time, remember that thinking and acting like a wealthy person isn’t necessarily easy.

Wealthy people tend to share one thing in common – their ironclad work ethic.

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