Do Money Affirmations Really Work?

Do money affirmations really work? Now there is a tricky subject.

It is true, of course, that money isn’t everything. Money is digits on a screen and paper in your pocket. Is it really that important? And if it is, should it be? Does seeking wealth and prosperity make you selfish? Is ‘money’ a dirty word?

There is a narrative at play in the world today which is just plain wrong. It teaches us that money is only for the corrupt. That financial freedom is paid for by stepping over your rivals and abandoning your principles. That being rich also means being ruthless.

This creates a sort of dual force in us. It pulls us in two directions. On the one hand, is our inbuilt need to be good. On the other, our desire to be free.

Will you desert your goodness for a chance at freedom? Or will you nobly endure your shackles for the sake of your morals? Or, will you compromise?

Most compromise. Living in a kind of half-way house between those two opposing forces. Wealth comes in peaks and troughs. Just enough to make ends meet.

The point is, that there is this idea that seeking wealth is vain and unethical. Unavoidably, global narrative influences our personal outlook.

After all, money isn’t everything.

So, what is? What are the most important things for us as human beings?

Security. Family. Kindness. Charity. Peace. Space. Time. Positivity. Nourishment. Freedom.

All feature highly. All can be unlocked and developed through the acquisition of wealth.

Is money a dirty word? Of course not. What we do with wealth and our motives for desiring it are what can make it dirty.

Maybe it is possible to attract wealth by changing our attitude towards it. More on that later, but first…

Here’s a summary of all things we’ll be going through:

What are Money Affirmations?

Affirmations are more than chanting “I will succeed” in the mirror every morning.

One helpful way of thinking of them is as mantras that influence deep rooted assertions. Another, is as a technique to change an attitude.

Chanting “I will succeed” into a mirror won’t do much if you don’t care about it.

A money affirmation is exactly what is sounds like. They are what we tell ourselves to change our approach money. The purpose? To attract money.

Money affirmations make a lot of sense. Particularly as so much of what we feel about wealth is negative. Let’s look at some examples.

Common Negative Beliefs About Money

We have already seen some ideas of the general negative social attitudes about wealth.

The list below is a little more personal. More individual. They are the kind of thing that we tell ourselves. Try to think about whether any of the examples are true for you on some level.

  • “Money is evil.”
  • “The rich are cruel.”
  • “I won’t ever be wealthy.”
  • “True wealth is for other people.”
  • “Money isn’t important.”
  • “I am too stupid to be wealthy.”
  • “It is too late for me to make serious money.”

Any of those sound familiar? If so, then you may start to see how negative attitudes work.

The true power of an affirmation is its connection to the story your subconscious tells you about yourself.

Just because you are not saying “I will never be wealthy” out loud, it doesn’t mean you don’t believe that. A positive affirmation is a technique used to change a core attitude.

The idea is that this internal shift will result in true external change. In the case of money affirmations, we have already seen some negative examples.  

So Do Money Affirmations Really Work?


Affirmations work, but only if you put something behind them. Only if they are meaningful and address a fallacy in your mindset. Money affirmations are no different.

Let’s be clear. We are not talking about magic. There a lot of empirical studies and other evidence that support these ideas.

Self-Affirmation Theory was first put forward by Claude Steel in 1988. Steel spoke a lot about “Sustaining the Integrity of the Self.” Essentially, he meant that we can counteract negative subconscious patterns.

You can find lots of examples of this, and theories like this, working well in real life. Professional athletes often work changing core attitudes towards self.

Without needing to go into loads of detail, you can already see where people go wrong. This isn’t prayer, or cosmic ordering. It is about YOU. If YOU can change a negative subconscious pattern, then YOU can be one of the people that money comes towards. It does come towards some people, after all. Why not you?

Think of it like this. Saying “I will become rich” only makes sense if your current outlook is that you won’t become rich. Maybe you do believe you could, but you would feel guilty about it. In this case, your affirmation should be about how money itself is not wrong.

It has already been suggested that money is sometimes seen as immoral. If you can relate to that, then maybe that is what your affirmations should work on. One way of doing so, is to think of ‘abundance’ instead of money.

What is Abundance Affirmation?

The idea of abundance is not limited to money. Let’s think of ‘abundance’ as “an amount that always exceeds every need and desire.” If we can attract an abundance of all things, we attract money too.

It’s a bit of a side step. Having said that, abundance affirmations might feel a little more comfortable. In any case, the idea demonstrates what is really behind a money affirmation. The need for more than what your current outlook is achieving.

When it comes to changing your mindset, the best cure is to go to the root of the problem.

Generating More Wealth in Your Life

Money affirmations. They can work. Under certain circumstances. But can they work for you?

As we have seen, the trick is to identify the core aspects of yourself that might be blocking your wealth.

Hopefully, some of the ideas above have prompted you to think about your relationship with money. With that in mind, here are some money affirmations that could really work.

10 Positive Money Affirmation That Really Work

  • “Money is good, I love money.”
  • “I am in charge of money.”
  • “Money is drawn to me.”
  • “My wealth is round the next corner.”
  • “I will have an abundance of everything I need.”
  • “Money is not complicated or evil and it is drawn to me.”
  • “Wealth and prosperity will come from my service to others.”
  • “Money loves me because I am selfless.”
  • “Today, my wealth will grow more than yesterday, tomorrow, more than today.
  • “A lifestyle that is owed to me is drawing ever closer”

Optimize the Impact of a Money Affirmation

Money affirmations work. But how well do they work? It is possible increase their reach by using some common sense techniques. A full list of these is another subject for another day.

Suffice to say, they center around: consistency, conviction, thoroughness and timing. Here are a couple to be going along with!

Daily Money Affirmations

Repetition and consistency are vital. Make change part of your daily routine to increase efficacy.

There is an element of ‘fake it to make it’ to this. If you do something enough, what feels like a pretense to begin with, eventually becomes a reality.

Money Affirmation While You Sleep

This might sound a little dubious. A bit like a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. Actually, influencing your subconscious while you sleep is possible. A really simple way of upping your chances of this by doing your affirmations before bed. Another useful exercise is to record and play your affirmations while you sleep.

Key Takeaways

On balance, money affirmations can help you to achieve greater wealth. Like anything worthwhile, you need to do it right.

  • It isn’t magic. Follow the science.
  • Start by addressing negative ideas.
  • It’s fine to want money.
  • The ‘right reasons’ make all the difference.
  • Money can be about abundance.
  • Abundance is fine too.
  • It has to be personal to you.
  • Do it daily.
  • Sleep affirmation is a thing.

As with anything, reading around affirmation for abundance and prosperity and health is to be encouraged. Get it right, and it can work wonders.

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