30 Positive Mantras For People With Anxiety

Ever heard of positive mantras for anxiety?

Anxiety is unpredictable and it may feel like it hits you out of nowhere. What you can control, however, is the way you react to it.

Many find that reciting positive mantras for anxiety is an effective method in handling these stressful moments. This article will cover 30 mantras you can use at any time to return your mind to a state of calmness.

First, it is important to understand exactly what anxiety is and how it affects some people more-so than others.

How do I know if I have anxiety?

According to the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), “Anxiety is a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear, that can be mild or severe”.  

Anxiety, in mild forms, is a normal part of most people’s lives. You might become anxious before a date, before an exam, while waiting for medical results, amongst many other reasons.

It is quite common to experience anxiety in these scenarios. The problem is when it starts to take over our daily lives. If left untreated, it can cause light-headedness, headaches, stomach pains, heart palpitations, panic attacks and more.

Our 30 positive mantras for anxiety

If used correctly, mantras are undeniably useful to people suffering from anxiety. They help to focus the mind and provide counter narratives to anxiety provoking thoughts.

The technique is widely agreed to be effective and it is used by therapists and wellness experts worldwide to help with their own anxious feelings.

Use one of these 30 positive mantras for anxiety next time you find yourself in a tough situation:

1.“This too shall pass”

According to Diane Sherry Case, a life coach and writing coach, when we are having a moment of anxiety; we often feel as if it will last forever and that just leads to more panic.

It’s important to remember that panic-filled moments do not last forever. This mantra helps to counter that feeling.

 2. “Thank you”

An effective mantra for anxiety is acknowledging the good things in your life by repeating the words ‘Thank you’

In a moment of anxiety, you can find calmness by directing your thoughts towards what you should be grateful for.

3. “Nothing lasts forever. Not the good, and not the bad”

This is a great mantra to repeat during stressful times and even good times as it reminds you to live in the moment.

4. “Ok, next point.”

Instead of being focused on and anxious about the obstacle in front of you -focus on the road beyond that obstacle.

You can relate this to a game of tennis. When you lose a point, you might become anxious and this will affect your game. Rather than focusing on the point you just lost, focus on how you can win the next point.

5. “All is Well”

Every now and then, you might just need a reminder that things are going to be OK.

This mantra is used religiously by Maryam Hasnaa, who runs online courses and workshops on spirituality and consciousness.

6. “I am loved”

Anxiety can often make you feel unlovable and unworthy, but that simply isn’t true. For most out there, there are people that care about you and want to see you happy.

7. Today, I choose only happiness and joy

Stating that your day will be filled with happiness and joy may be all it takes to experience a day without anxiety.

By reciting this mantra, you will be more mentally equipped to distract yourself from negative thoughts.

8. “Inhale, exhale.”

Breathing plays a huge role in our stress levels. Energy is all about circulation and shallow breathing is often a result of stress. The deeper the breath, the more oxygen that is pulled in – allowing you to release more toxins while drawing in more energy.

9. “Tomorrow is a new day”

In times of intense anxiety, it can be helpful to remind yourself that with a new day, comes new opportunities. By doing this, it keeps the hope and light alive.

10. “No-one can take your joy”

This mantra will help you keep afloat amidst life’s tumultuous waves. It serves as an emphasis on the fact that what you feel is your own, independent of other circumstances.

11.  “I have broken the shackles of the past. I am now free and live in the present”

Being stressed over the future or sad over the past only contributes to your anxiety levels. Don’t be held back by these thoughts and instead – focus on today.

12.  “Look how far I’ve come”

Long distance runners often use this strategy for avoiding the temptation to give up when they are exhausted or in pain. This is known as the ‘horizon effect’.

Rather than focusing on how far is left to run, they motivate themselves by concentrating on the progress they’ve already made. The same concept can be applied to many things in life.

13.  “Anxiety is only a paper tiger”

When you’re overwhelmed with anxiety, it can feel like you are about to be devoured by a ravenous tiger. The problem seems overwhelming and there appears to be no way to cope.

In reality, what you are facing is just a paper tiger. You are likely not in mortal danger and there is probably something you can do about it.

 14. “It’s not about you”

It’s common to feel anxious about things such presentations, meetings and other people’s general perception of you.

In times like these, it’s useful to think about how people will benefit from what you have to say instead of why they might not like it.

15.  “Calm down”

Ironically, telling another person to calm down is probably one of the most inefficient ways to get them to calm down.

Repeating this message to yourself, however, can be very useful. For more effectiveness, combine it with deep breathing exercises.

16. “Despite any challenges, I will persevere”

Change your mindset and stop looking at challenges or problems as a source of anxiety. They can be a great opportunity for self-improvement.

17. “I celebrate everyday wins, big or small”

Take pleasure in what you do. Celebrate even the smallest of successes because those are steps in the right direction.

18. “I don’t have to prove myself”

Everyone is unique and has their own talents. Feeling pressured to impress somebody is an unnecessary source of stress.

“You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody.”Maya Angelou

19.  “This will make me stronger”

A way to positively look at anxiety is to acknowledge that it builds character. Each time you overcome a period of anxiety, you become stronger and better equipped to handle the next episode.

Reflecting on your experience and repeating ‘This will make me stronger’ is one of the most effective positive mantras for anxiety.

20.  “It’s okay to say no”

Saying no to people is a common source of anxiousness. Remember that you can’t always please everybody and that its okay to say no sometimes.

21.  “I trust myself”

It is vital that you trust yourself to get through periods of anxiety. Be the kind of person that you will be happy to live with for the rest of your live.

22. “I am now in control”

Remember that ultimately, you are the one in control. If you are feeling anxious – it is because you are letting yourself feel anxious.

Take a step back, take some deep breaths and take control of the situation. Don’t let anxiety dictate what you do.

23. “Today, I will focus on progress, not perfection”

Always seek to better yourself.

“The past is to prove no one is perfect and the future is to prove that everyone can change.”A.Loan

24. “I am brave”

Overcoming anxiety is not easy. It takes bravery and persistence. The more you face your fears, the less of a problem anxiety becomes

25. “It will get done”

When you feel like you have too much on your plate, remind yourself that you are fully equipped to do what you want to accomplish.

26. “I will talk to myself as though I’m speaking to a loved one”

People tend to be too harsh on themselves. Treat yourself as you would somebody you care about.

27. “Everything is going to be alright”

In uncertain times, simply affirming to ourselves that things are going to be ok is one of the most used positive mantras for anxiety.

Have you ever listened to Bob Marley’s ‘Three Little Birds’ and not felt a little more relaxed afterward?

“Cause very little thing gonna be alright”Bob Marley

28.  “My feelings and thoughts are valid”

Acknowledge your feelings and thoughts so that you can better understand your fears. Don’t be ashamed to write them down or even talk to people about them.

29. “I will smile, breathe, and go slowly”

In times of high stress, it can be hard to slow things down. Take things one step at a time.

“Smile, breathe, and go slowly.”Thich Nhat Hanh

30. “I will give my best”

One of the most important positive mantras for anxiety is letting yourself know that you will give your best efforts in anything you do.

Don’t be afraid of things. Give all your effort to whatever you want to pursue. If it doesn’t work out, at least you won’t blame yourself for not trying harder.

Wrapping it up

So, there you have it. There are many methods that help manage stress. Reciting some of the positive mantras for anxiety in this list is a great place to start.

Remember, there’s no need to hurry. There’s no need to be ‘better’ than others. There’s no need to be anybody but yourself.

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