25 Money Mantras to Become Rich and Attract Money

Who doesn’t need money…especially in the time that we’re living in? Many people are having bad relationship with money.

You probably heard “Money is to root of the evil”. But is it? We think that the root of evil is the lack of the money.

Just imagine having financial freedom, being able to take care of your family and your significant ones. Money gives you freedom and what you’re going to do with it, depends on you.

Certainly, money can’t buy us happiness, but for sure, it affords us security, and comfortable life.

And who wouldn’t want to secure a better future for themselves and their loved ones?

Why do money mantras works?

Our bodies perceive and act upon whatever is fed into the brain. The brain, to begin with, gains this information through the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and of course, through our sense of touch.

What does this have to do with money mantras to become rich?

money mantras to become rich are backed by science
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According to Gabriel Axel, a neuroscience and cognition specialist, the word “mantra” which means “sound tool” in Sanskrit, evokes both physical and emotional energy by triggering both hemispheres of the brain.

This activity promotes the instinct to focus and the urgent motivation to get something accomplished because the brain processes the sound from the mantra as an event.

Thus, this pattern, when repeated over time, prompts a person to take further action toward something that’s important to him or her.

So, when taking on the habit of utilizing money mantras to become rich, you’ll pave the way to financial success because your mindset and its consequential behavior will attract abundance.

Also, what helps a lot is repeating positive affirmations for wealth.

Effective money mantras to become rich

You can see the secret to using mantras to increase your wealth is not all that complicated—or mysterious.

Mantras are not only simple words that you repeat over and over; they bring about a positive mindset to help you to attain the right amount of motivation.

In other words, they promote a message to enhance your life economically.

limiting beliefs about the money
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After all, you might have a few barriers to overcome (limiting beliefs). At the core of all our financial hurdles and roadblocks is the belief that we do not deserve that kind of wealth, to be that rich.

Or we tend to think that a certain level of being rich is completely wrong and so we settle for much less.

However, we all know deep down that we deserve a reward for our labor. The positive reinforcement and the ability to support our families are what makes work meaningful aside from our passion for our chosen careers.

Plus, we can look at wealth as opening doors for ourselves, and for the people and charitable causes that we care about the most.

In other words, this is not a fixation on greed but instead, increasing and leveraging your monetary resources to promote prosperity and generosity—for ourselves and our communities.

With that being said, a few of these money mantras to become rich will help in planting a positive mindset to jumpstart your efforts in your money-making journey. They are very crucial:

  1. I am free to create the life that I desire
  2. I am happy to transform my financial situation
  3. I have the experience to achieve outrageous financial success
  4. Success and wealth are my way of life
  5. It is easy to earn, keep and grow my wealth
  6. I feel marvelous as a rich person
  7. I am grateful for everything that I receive
  8. I deserve prosperity
  9. My success is necessary
  10. I am open to receiving wealth, happiness, abundance, and love

Basically, you’re not imagining your prosperity; you’re believing that indeed it will come about.

Attracting money by seizing the opportunities around you

Attracting a better financial status is easier than chasing after money. Most of the time, we do not move up the career ladder because we either miss the opportunities around us, or we just don’t see them.

One possible reason could be that we have set ourselves to think that we are not capable of carrying the extra responsibility, or there are only a lucky few who catch the attention of the higher-ups.

As you learn to shake off that self-perception, these mantras will help form a whole new point of view.

  1. Everywhere I look, I see an abundance
  2. My actions create constant wealth, prosperity, and abundance
  3. Each day I attract and save more and more money
  4. I am totally open to awesome coming my way
  5. I attract access and good fortune
  6. I am open and receptive to all the wealth life offers me
  7. I am attracting endless abundance by keeping a gratitude mindset
  8. I am rich with opportunities to achieve my goals

Hence, this set of money mantras to become rich and successful will help you to be more open to any lucrative opportunities that come your way.

Transforming your positive mindset into action

Naturally, you’ll need to alter your routine just a bit for the work and effort required to build your wealth.

Although that doesn’t require becoming a workaholic, you can count on trying to shift your focus to where you’ll detect opportunities for success and actually act on them right away.

By utilizing mantras to become rich, you’ll prepare yourself to execute your plans and decisions that will direct your daily routine towards the creation of wealth.

Better yet, you’ll “train” your mind and senses to look for specific changes that will manifest into the success that you’ve been working toward.

This new way of thinking will enable you to seek out the jobs or investments that align to both your talents and your goals.

Imagine no more dead-end tasks that result in low wages in exchange for numerous hours, little professional development, and zero chance for a promotion!

This may not happen instantaneously, but this money mantras will definitely get you off to a good start:

My actions create constant wealth, prosperity, and abundance

  1. I can have everything I want in life if I go for it
  2. I place no limits to the amount of money I can make
  3. Every dollar I spend comes back to me multiplied
  4. Every day, I am moving towards a rich life
  5. My income exceeds my expenses
  6. I have the power to create success and build the wealth I desire
  7. I can look at my finances without fear

After a while, you’ll find yourself recognizing the chances for increased wealth for what they are and not just dismissing them as mere coincidence.

How to use money making mantras to become rich?

Two approaches to consider include repeating the mantra for a certain number of minutes or a certain number of times. You can read more about that here (opens in a new window).

Furthermore, there are some important details to remember:

  • Center yourself physically by getting comfortable (not too comfortable so as to stay alert)
  • Cling to optimism; there’s power in positivity
  • Clear your mind of anything else at that moment Or
  • At least slow your brain down
  • Visualize the outcome that you want as you’re chanting
  • Breathe deeply

These are just some basic related practices to keep in mind as you utilize your mantras. Some experts recommend chanting the mantra aloud (no need to shout; yelling never attracted anything) for at least 5 minutes. This gives you time to really concentrate.

Another idea is to repeat your mantra 180 times. Again, this allows for deeper concentration, but if you find that you’re focusing more on counting than on the mantra, then set a timer instead.

When chanting, you should be creating a sense of consistent rhythm. Again, if saying the mantra aloud takes your attention away, then try concentrating and “saying” the mantra in your mind.

 Also, you can place the money mantras in a conspicuous spot at your workplace, especially if you’re part of management or a small business owner who is encouraging your team to go after the prize with gusto.

This strategy goes beyond the sticky note on the bulletin board in the break room. Some ideas to consider are:

  • T-shirts with the mantra printed on the front for Casual Friday
  • The mantra printed on coffee or travel mugs for daily use
  • Starting the workday chanting the mantra together
  • Creating a screensaver for everyone to upload onto their computer

Basically, you’re enlisting the help of the entire group to increase the success and wealth for everyone involved.

Also, remember to remain in a constant state of gratitude and positivity.

When you shy away from the mindset of being “stuck” inside of your circumstances, you’re more likely to resolve financial issues by coming up with new ideas to leverage your resources or to reach out to a whole other clientele.

Money mantras to become rich can also help you to maintain this state of being a problem solver.

Get very specific and intentional with your money mantras

You can start by looking at your finances to see where your highest expenses or amount of debt are. Or make a list of things that you need or goals you want to meet.

For instance, do you need to pay for college for your children? Are you and your spouse wanting to pay off all credit card debt?

Including these needs or wants can render a mantra even more effective by focusing on the specific intention for this practice.

Can money-making mantras help with financial freedom?

You can also incorporate money mantras to become rich and to help you with issues of self-discipline and spending habits. This will set you on a path toward financial freedom.

Again, it’s all about changing your mindset and putting your new perspective into action. Some of the aforementioned mantras relate directly to developing the habit of saving.

Others relate to being open to opportunities to succeed. Either way, when you chant the mantra as a regular, consistent practice, your brain processes it as an experience that prepares you with a vision of what prosperity would look like.

Why use money making mantras?

Although more research is needed to determine the extent of the effect of mantras on stress and depression, the results of previous studies show promise in this area.

When you think about it, what causes a lot of stress in a relationship, let alone just for one person who’s living solo? Finances.

From student loans to credit card debt, the state of your monetary resources proves to be a vital factor when it comes to some of life’s major decisions.

Thus, the act of chanting money mantras to become rich places you in a more relaxed state stimulates your brain to focus on your goal and attracts the very thing you are hoping for.

You can definitely call this a winning combination because you’re letting go of negative energy and creating a pathway toward wealth.

Final word to the wise

Though the chances of this happening are small, you might experience a temptation to keep wanting more and more wealth.

You will need to take some caution with this line of thinking when incorporating the use of money mantras to become rich.

It can affect your schedule, your lifestyle, and even your relationships. So, to some extent, you might keep a close watch on what exactly you desire and keep your mantras specific and intentional.

The Take-away

Accumulating wealth, establishing financial security, and obtaining a product or service that would make life easier are a few of the reasons we chase after money.

At the same time, we might believe that it’s impossible to achieve these dreams. Then we slowly flop onto our couches of resignation, settling for what we can get.

Have you ever stopped to think that maybe there’s an additional route to achieving all your goals in regard to finances?  The biggest contributing factor is all based on the condition of your mindset.

Utilizing money mantras to make you rich can turn on the light switch of positive thinking and intentional action which will have a profound effect on your life—and your pocketbook.

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