201 Abundance Affirmations To Attract Wealth And Prosperity

Do you dream of living a life of abundance? Well, sometimes the only thing stopping you is yourself.

The main thing blocking abundance from many people’s lives is their inner, deep-rooted belief that they are not worthy of it. This is why the law of attraction and more specifically, abundance affirmations can be so effective.

Think about it. If you are constantly convincing yourself that you don’t deserve something, you probably won’t ever put in the effort required to get it.

It might just be laziness that you’re not even aware of. Achieving a life of abundance takes hard work and some are just not prepared to do that.

Don’t be one of these people. Realise that you are the one in control of your destiny and what you can achieve.

Keep reading to see a list of 201 abundance affirmations to help you attract wealth and prosperity to your life, but first, let’s look at the advantages of an abundance mentality.

Benefits of an abundance mindset

There is a common misconception that striving for a life on abundance is a selfish and monetary feat.

It could have nothing to do with money. You can also receive things like love, compassion, and positivity in abundance.

abundance affirmations
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Many people out there are a victim of what we can call a ‘scarcity mentality’, which is the belief that success is limited, and we must all fight to get a piece of it.

On the other hand, having an abundance mindset comes down to the belief that there is plenty out there for everyone. It’s a belief that you are nor beneath nor superior to others around you.

People with this mindset enter every situation with a Win/Win attitude, where everyone involved benefits from their decisions. It means putting emphasis on co-operation rather than competition.

Ultimately, by adopting this mindset, you eliminate the need to pass judgement on or compare yourself to others. This increases the flow of positive energy, which is vital in every aspect of your life.

Is this mindset something you would like to achieve? Use some of the following abundance affirmations daily to get started.

The list of 201 abundance affirmations

Let’s start with abundance affirmations that will rewire your brain for wealth and success.

101 Abundance affirmations for Wealth

abundance affirmations to attract wealth and success
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  1. I am receptive to all the wealth this world has to offer me
  2. I deserve wealth
  3. I am a magnet for money
  4. I’m worthy of making more money
  5. Money comes to me effortlessly
  6. My actions lead to monetary gain
  7. I embrace new sources of income
  8. Wealth and prosperity are drawn to me
  9. I am in tune with the energy of abundance
  10.  Wealth constantly flows into my life
  11.  My actions lead to wealth
  12.  I am the master of my own wealth
  13.  Wealth has a positive effect on my life
  14.  Money leads to greater opportunities and experiences
  15.  I use money to improve the lives of others
  16.  My finances are growing beyond my wildest dreams
  17.  Money brings me joy and comfort
  18.  Money and spirituality co-exist in my life
  19.  I can handle massive wealth with grace
  20.  I welcome wealth into my life
  21.  Money creates a positive impact on those around me
  22.  I am comfortable with large sums of money
  23.  I am friends with money
  24.  I move from scarcity thinking to abundance thinking
  25.  I am wide alert to my abundance
  26.  All me wealth issues have disappeared
  27.  I attract wealth in everything I do
  28.  I am worthy of great wealth
  29.  Today is filled with opportunities to seize
  30.  I know there is ample wealth for all
  31.  My income grows higher every day
  32.  My wealth is unlimited
  33.  I always have what I need
  34.  I have the power to achieve wealth
  35.  Anything I do ends in amassing wealth
  36.  Wealth brings me peace, joy, and security
  37.  I use my wealth to help others
  38.  I am willing to be more abundant
  39.  I am accumulating large amounts of wealth
  40.  Abundance is my birth right
  41.  Abundance and wealth surround me
  42.  I have a mindset of wealth
  43.  I have more than enough money
  44.  Wealth pours into my life
  45.  I let go of anything blocking wealth into my life
  46.  I create a waterfall of financial abundance
  47.  I’m grateful for all that I receive
  48.  Being wealthy feels fantastic
  49.  Wealth flows through me like waves
  50.  I am wealthy and live life on my own terms
  51.  I radiate wealth and abundance
  52.  Wealth comes to me from all directions
  53.  Wealth is part of my daily life
  54.  I let go of any opposition to wealth
  55.  I attract my desires with an abundance mindset
  56.  I enjoy my wealth
  57.  I share my wealth with those around me
  58.  My needs are met instantaneously
  59.  My wealth allows me to pursue my passions
  60.  I am thankful for the wealth in my life
  61.  Being wealthy is who I am
  62.  I choose to live in abundance
  63.  Great wealth is my divine birth right
  64.  I am worthy of greater wealth
  65.  Financial freedom comes easily to me
  66.  It feels amazing to be wealthy
  67.  My loved ones enjoy my wealth
  68.  My net worth grows every day
  69.  Financial flexibility is a wonderful feeling
  70.  I always earn more than I spend
  71.  My wealth is a blessing
  72.  I am open to receiving abundance
  73.  I enjoy accepting payments
  74.  Every day, I appreciate the value in things
  75.  Making money is exciting
  76.  Unexpected monetary gain is coming to me
  77.  I have multiple income sources
  78.  I take advantage of financially rewarding opportunities
  79.  I attract money through my positivity
  80.  I have the mindset of a millionaire
  81.  Unlimited wealth is in my future
  82.  I have enough money to pursue my passions
  83.  I am manifesting wealth
  84.  I see myself as wealthy
  85.  I easily afford all that I desire
  86.  Money is forever circulating in my life
  87.  I love money and money loves me
  88.  I am a magnet for abundance, positivity, and happiness
  89.  I am focused on achieving great wealth
  90.  My income is expanding rapidly
  91.  I am tuned in to the flow of abundance
  92.  High performance and wealth are normal for me
  93.  I deserve financial freedom
  94.  Its OK for me to dream big
  95.  Through my self-love, abundance flows to me
  96.  I am thankful for the abundance in my life
  97.  There is plenty of wealth to go around
  98.  My skills are valuable
  99.  I am capable of achieving an abundance of wealth
  100. I appreciate the money I have at this moment
  101. I re-invest my money into myself

100 Abundance affirmations for prosperity

  1. Every day, I become more and more prosperous
  2. My life is full of joy
  3. I have all the material things that I need
  4. The universe takes good care of me and I always have what I desire
  5. Abundance flows naturally in every part of my life
  6. My thoughts are focused on abundance and prosperity
  7. Good things constantly come my way
  8. I am manifesting miracles into my life
  9. New blessings are always coming my direction
  10.  I am aligned with the energy of prosperity
  11.  I accept all blessings and opportunities
  12.  My talents are highly valued and earn me large amounts of money
  13.  Prosperity comes to me quickly and easily
  14.  I receive good things from both expected and unexpected sources
  15.  My material possessions hold great value to me
  16.  Instead of settling, I focus on what I can do better
  17.  I am making money doing what I love
  18.  I choose positive thoughts about money
  19.  When I’m feeling good, I attract abundance
  20.  I am the master of my prosperity
  21.  I am grateful for the abundance present in my life
  22.  I invest money with joy, and it comes back to me multiplied
  23.  I am in a state of infinite abundance
  24.  I choose to feel valued and deserving
  25.  Infinite intelligence guides my financial decisions
  26.  The law of attraction brings all the abundance I desire
  27.  I have infinite money-making ideas
  28.  I am rich in my relationships
  29.  I can create anything I want
  30.  Money helps me to achieve prosperity
  31.  I delight in my financial security
  32.  I am receptive to the abundance in the universe
  33.  I am so happy and grateful for the abundance in my life
  34.  I am blessed with all the material things I desire
  35.  Every day, I become more prosperous
  36.  I spend money comfortably
  37.  I allow prosperity to flow freely in my life
  38.  I am rich with opportunities
  39.  I prosper wherever I go
  40.  I am the source of all wealth
  41.  I am rich with creative ideas
  42.  I deserve love, joy and prosperity
  43.  I have unique things to offer
  44.  I am ready to give what the world desires
  45.  I speak and think only of prosperity
  46.  I invest wisely
  47.  My value is beyond measure
  48.  Nothing can stand in my way to success
  49.  I have released all fears of money
  50.  I am prosperity
  51.  I am financially fortunate
  52.  I am prosperous on all sides
  53.  My thoughts directly influence the world around me
  54.  I give myself permission to be prosperous
  55.  The universe provides me with all that I need
  56.  What I have to offer is greatly desired
  57.  I succeed and prosper in every way possible
  58.  I radiate blessings and prosperity
  59.  I am deserving of all that I desire
  60.  Prosperity fills my days
  61.  I am living in a beautiful, prosperous body
  62.  I have ideas that are prosperous
  63.  My power to accomplish is unlimited
  64.  Every day and in every way, I am becoming richer
  65.  I live a life full of prosperity
  66.  I live in abundance
  67.  I am healthy, happy, and prosperous
  68.  My job/business is a passionate love affair
  69.  I am an extremely wealthy and prosperous person
  70.  My skills allow me to live a prosperous life
  71.  I am in a constant state of fulfilment
  72.  I have a mindset of prosperity
  73.  I am free to pursue whatever I wish to do
  74.  I let go of all resistance to prosperity in my life
  75.  I prosper, and I thrive
  76.  I naturally attract prosperity
  77.  I allow abundance and prosperity into my life
  78.  Everything I do leads to abundance and prosperity
  79.  I have everything in abundance
  80.  I am achieving my goals
  81.  I am a magnet for prosperity and success
  82.  I am committed to having great things in my life
  83.  I am appreciated and paid well for what I do
  84.  I am rich and prosperous
  85.  I succeed in all that I do
  86.  I have a magnetic attraction to abundance
  87.  Money is a state of mind that supports me
  88.  My thoughts are cantered on achieving wealth and prosperity
  89.  I am creating unlimited prosperity
  90.  I have everything I need to achieve prosperity
  91.  I am always thinking big
  92.  Everything is happening perfectly in my life
  93.  I imagine myself with unlimited abundance and prosperity
  94.  My financial decisions are guided by infinite intelligence
  95.  Prosperity is within me
  96.  I am grateful for my prosperous life
  97.  I am friends with money
  98.  My prosperity is increasing every day
  99.  I make decisions that bring me closer to abundance and prosperity
  100. Money allows me to achieve prosperity

Using these abundance affirmations will help the universe in attracting wealth and prosperity to your life.

If attracting abundance to your life is your ultimate goal, you should also practice some of the things below.

3 Powerful methods to attract abundance to your life

We’ll tell you what to do so you can attract abundance and wealth more easily.

1. Split your end goal into smaller, more achievable goals

If you want to achieve abundance, it’s likely you have set out some smaller goals in order to get there.

Try visualising each individual goal – what you need to do to get there? how you feel once you are there? What’s the next goal?

Don’t be afraid to dream big.

For example, if you dream of becoming a famous actor or actress think about the small goals you can achieve.

You could start by acquiring basic acting skills. Your next goal could be mastering these skills.

Then you can start to think about auditioning for and landing roles in a low-cost production movie or TV series.

Once you build a reputation, you can consider going for the big movies you dreamed about.

If you go for the end goal right from the get-go, it can be unrealistic and demotivating. When striving for abundance, you want to avoid such feelings like the plague.

2. Don’t make excuses

If you keep making excuses for your mistakes, you’ll never be able to achieve a true abundance mindset.

Treat yourself like a friend who asks you for constructive criticism. You don’t want to beat yourself up – at the same time, you don’t want to just ignore mistakes you are making by trying to reason for them.

Accept and embrace your mistakes as learning experiences.

Successful people are those who use their mistakes to help them make better decisions in the future.

3. Realise you are your only competition

Probably the most important concept when it comes to achieving abundance is the ability to work with others, rather than tearing each other apart.

Many people believe there is only a limited amount of wealth to be had and this leads to selfish habits.

A great example of this is business owners not liking to hire someone they consider smarter than themselves. They fear this person. They see them as a threat.

In reality, assuming the persons attitude is good, they would most likely be an invaluable asset to the business.

Key takeaways

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll be one step closer to achieving the life of abundance you desire. Abundance affirmations will help you immensely!

Remember, the universe has an unlimited supply and it is there for the taking. The only thing you need to do is open your mind to the possibility.

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