How to Write a Manifestation List (Guide)

There is power in noting important stuff on paper. It’s an expression or even a reminder of your ideas, desires or needs in your present life, but it’s presented in writing where you can access it several times over.

This is what a manifestation list entails and learning how to write a manifestation list is quite simple.

You’re writing down your deepest desires from wealth, to love. By simply jotting down your dreams and aspirations, you’ll not only learn how to write a manifestation list, you’ll also get a head start in transforming your dreams into reality.

A well-written manifestation list is the secret to attracting your desires into your life. It will significantly increase your happiness as well as create a positive change in all that you do.

Here is an easy-to-follow guide on how to write a manifestation list that will get you closer to realizing your goals and aspirations and getting exactly what you want from life.

Why do you need a manifestation list?

Before rushing into writing a manifestation list, it is always better and quite important to clearly understand why you need one in the first place.

The first step to doing anything successful is establishing direction.

manifestation list is a quick way to manifest good things into your life
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Most people subscribe to societal norms and expectations to determine what they think they should have or achieve to attain happiness and success.

However, such is not the case. Complete fulfillment comes from seeking what you want to have deep within as a person.

It is the most important aspect of developing realistic manifestations. For instance, if it is a business, what do you intend to offer, when to possibly set it up, and why do you want it.

Such questions will be critical as you gain some tips on how to create a manifestation list of your own.

1. Get a separate journal or a special type of paper

There is always the option of creating a document on your computer, but we usually do not advocate for this as it can easily be deleted down the road.

You want something that sticks around with you. We recommend getting a separate clean piece or journal to jot down your desires, especially if you’re first learning how to write a manifestation list.

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This is usually the most fun part of writing manifestations. Write down all the things you have wished for in life.

It could be anything from a new car to a higher salary or finding a soul mate. At this point prioritization is not important. You can just have fun writing. We call it the brainstorming phase.

2. Sweep away the mental cobwebs

Clearing your head is another great start to writing your manifestation list. Especially when it comes to limiting beliefs.

When you rid yourself of any negativity or fear, you pave the way for positive ideas and motivation.

One way to perform this mental cleansing is by meditation and deep breathing.

When you settle into your usual space for meditating, remember as you inhale, you’re taking in courage, motivation, and all that is positive. As you exhale, imagine that you’re releasing stress, restraint, and fear.

As you meditate to clear your mind, you’ll be able to refrain from overthinking about your goals and how you plan to attain them.

3. Refrain from judging your wants

You can give yourself full permission to include any of your wishes in your manifestation list.

As the old saying goes, “The sky is the limit.” You truly can achieve what you set your mind to doing.

manifestation list
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Furthermore, remembering that this list is not written in stone will help you to refrain from the self-judgment that often poses an obstacle.

4. Visualize your success

Try to imagine your dream or goal. You should visualize everything in the smallest details. Imagine how it would feel like to achieve it.

Each time you picture what the dream-come-true looks like, then you’ll be able to brainstorm more details about how to get there or what specific tasks you hope to achieve.

However, more important your subconscious mind will start working towards that goal. If you’re wondering how’s that possible, read more here.

If the method for taking these notes doesn’t impede the process, please feel free to let loose on the details.

You can even create a vision board out of whatever materials meet your fancy. By the way, this a super-creative way to pass the time while figuring out just what you want and, a great excuse to go crazy with your artistic skills.

Fleshing out the details gives you a clearer idea of what you’re going for.

5. Write it down

The next step, of course, is to jot down the goal or desire itself. After spending some time picturing this goal being achieved, you’ll have a clear idea of how to record it in your journal.

Furthermore, writing helps you to specify your ideas in such a way that mere “thinking about it” doesn’t allow.

You can feel yourself performing the act of writing your manifestation list. You can see what the goals involved. In other words, you’re bringing abstract ideas to fruition by writing them down.

Furthermore, writing a goal or something that you’re hoping for makes you accountable for working to attain it.

When you see these goals on paper every day, you’re more likely going to go after them. This tangible list reminds you that these achievements are possible and within your reach.

6. Keep your manifestations specific

Once you are done brainstorming, you can get into analyzing the list you have made. We can call it the potential manifestation list at this point.

First, we go through the list prioritizing as we cut out the details that are too broad. From there, start numbering the remaining items in no particular order.

Now, we go to a new page or another clean piece of paper where we place the remaining wishes into a list while prioritizing in relevance to your current situation.

And this is the real work comes in when figuring out how to write a manifestation list.

7. Keep your manifestations short

When you write down long phrases, it may become really difficult to remember them. Also, you run the risk of digressing from what you want to manifest.

Inversely, being too specific can create room for resistance which may slow down your process.

Thus, the point is to make your affirmation reasonably short enough to embody your goal.

8. Stay with the present tense

While transferring/creating your new manifestation list, make sure that you write them down in the present tense. The list may look like this:

  • I have the qualifications to look for a better job
  • I save enough money to buy a new house.
  • My creativity manifests into a successful blog.
  • My relationships foster goodwill and compassion.

The point of using present tense when learning how to write a manifestation list is twofold.

Action verbs switch the brain into action mode. Plus, you’re sending out the message that you’re fully prepared to obtain what you’re wanting.

 Therefore, you are increasing your conviction to be responsible with the manifestations you are making.

You are also making yourself aware of what you are expected to do next to turn your manifestations into a reality.

9. Check how you feel about your manifestation list

Do you get a certain impression or perceive a certain vibe as you write your manifestations? You are checking to see if your words carry a positive and uplifting tone.

Without overanalyzing the verbiage, try to come up with ideas that inspire you and raise your vibrations to a new level of optimism.

10. Pour your heart into your manifestation list

Also, you’ll need to invest emotionally into your manifestation list. There’s always a temptation to build an emotional wall around yourself to guard your psyche from disappointment.

At the same time, when you tell yourself that it doesn’t matter, the result will manifest as such.

Therefore, if you bring in positive emotions such as hope, anticipation, and confidence, in place of fear, more than likely, you’re going to uphold a positive mindset and persevere in the quest for your dreams.

So when you’re emotionally vested, the manifestations become even more significant—and more likely to become reality.

11. Make copies and constantly update your manifestation list.

This is the one thing that’s emphasized through this guide on how to write a manifestation list. The joys of a manifestation list are in achieving our desires, and this can come about if we are keeping track.

To do this, make copies of the manifestation list that you can place in different areas such as the office desk, bathroom mirror, wallet, kitchen fridge, and bedroom nightstand. View them as inspiration and motivation reminders.

After manifesting your desires, instead of creating a whole new list, just update the existing one. Cross out the ones you have achieved and list down again the remaining ones.

Where to go from here?

Once you’ve learned how to write a manifestation list, you might wonder, “Now what?”.

Ideally you should refer to this list daily, but like everything else worth having, you’ll also need to take some actionable steps toward meeting your goals and getting what you desire.

This part of the process involves:

  • Choosing one of your manifestations and writing down 3 steps toward meeting that goal
  • Turning those written steps into action
  • Researching what others have done to meet their goals; they might have dealt with similar obstacles

Remember this list serves as the starting point of your journey toward achieving your dreams.

So, working toward these milestones will help keep you motivate and bring your vision to life.

Have confidence in yourself and trust the process

Because you’ll be taking clear and definitive action on your manifestations, you can trust in your abilities and your work ethic.

You’re capable of accomplishing much, and this is just the first step toward that.

With that in mind, you have to also trust in this process. Why?

According to an article in Forbes, writing down what you’d like to accomplish and what you want stays in your brain more easily than just thinking about it.

Plus, there’s a biological phenomenon occurring called encoding. This process refers to the brain’s ability to choose which information, gathered from stimuli, is stored in long-term memory.

Writing down what you want enhances this process. In other words, “if you don’t write it down, it didn’t happen.”

Also, you can think of this process as acting like a boomerang. By writing down your manifestations, you throw the ideas out there, and they’ll come back to you as actual “wishes come true,” so to speak.

If you would like to raise your confidence, we prepared a list of 201 positive affirmations for confidence.

How to make manifestation work faster

Everything takes time, however there are a simple things you can do to give it a needed boost.

Gratitude is an important concept when it comes to writing a manifestation list and watching the success roll in.

Once you’ve accomplished whatever you set out to do, or you have obtained what you have wanted for so long, then you can express gratitude.

Along with gratitude, if you practice generosity, your manifestations may be realized more quickly. When you give a little, you’ll attract even more positivity that will bring about your dreams and wishes.

This gives off the signal that you’re already prospering. So, by giving time, love, sound advice, or donations, you’re saying that you’re ready to receive your innermost wishes. And they’ll manifest quickly as a result.

With a combination of determination, focus, and a willingness to work, a manifestation list will prove to be effective because:

  • Writing down your desires and goals gives a tangible tool to work with
  • It involves a “to-do” list of specific actions for each
  • Revisiting and modify this list are always an option

In the end, you’ll see the fruits of this practice. You can use these simple steps to come up with the easiest yet most effective manifestation list to vastly improve your outcomes.