How To Manifest Love In Your Life In 3 Steps

Trying to form new relationships in our lives and manifest sincere love and happiness is a pretty challenging task. But now you can learn how to manifest love in your life.

Most of the time, while everything looks good initially, things eventually go down the drain, and we do not know why.

What happens is that it is we who most likely make it hard for love to manifest in our lives.

We who, deep down, do not love enough to attract the same kind of energy around us.

How we block the manifestation

Have you ever noticed that you start to see that vehicle everywhere when you buy a new vehicle? Why does this happen? Did everyone buy the same kind of car the same day you purchased yours? Of course not. 

So what’s going on? What’s actually happening is that you are merely noticing more of that vehicle. 

The thing is this, when you bought that car, that car was front and center in your mind. You were continually thinking about it. 

And whatever you are continually thinking about, well, you start to notice things of similar energy all around you. 

So the idea is that those vehicles didn’t begin to appear all over the freeway automatically. It’s just that you started to take notice of them because that kind of car became relevant when you bought yours. 

You see, you have a place in your brain called your reticular activating system. Your reticular activating system acts as a kind of filter for all the data that’s around us. There is so much information surrounding us every single day. 

Let’s say you walk into a busy shopping mall. There are thousands of conversations around you. You see thousands of people.

Yet, you’re not paying attention to what any particular person is saying until you hear someone say your name. 

Immediately, you zone in on that specific person, among thousands of people all around you. 

That’s how the law of attraction works. To learn how to manifest love in your life, you must know how we attract our thoughts.

how to manifest love in your life
Image credit: Kris Beliaieva

How we attract our thoughts

So what is this law of attraction, and how does it work?

We tend to filter out every other conversation and zone in on the one conversation relevant to us. We pay attention to what is relevant to us and what we think about most. 

Why is this important? 

It’s important because the average person has thousands of thoughts every single day. And a lot of the time, a lot of these thoughts are the same thoughts they had the day before. 

Besides, many of these thoughts are either dwelling on something terrible in the past or fearing something that could potentially happen in the future. 

If you are always thinking about these kinds of negative thoughts, your brain will influence your eyes to pay attention to similar energy and start to focus and train your eyes to see opportunities that reinforce what you think about most. 

That’s why positive people are attracted to other positive people, and negative people are attracted to negative people. 

And people who love are attracted to other people who know how to love.

We are drawn to what we think about most because we tend to notice similar energy opportunities. And, of course, you can only act upon opportunities that you are aware of. 

That’s why it’s so incredibly important to pay very close attention to the repetitive thoughts you hold inside of your mind.

Your thoughts have the ability to influence what you pay attention to.

What you pay attention to determines the opportunities that manifest in your life. And the opportunities that you act upon are assessing your quality of life. 

Now let’s learn how to manifest love in your life in 3 easy steps.

How To Manifest Love In Your Life

To use the law of attraction to our advantage, we have to be wise when choosing our thoughts. 

Every thought and action comes along with a particular type of energy. The law of attraction notes that energies attract energies of the same kind. 

Because of that, if we are careful with our thoughts, actions, and general lifestyle, we can attract and manifest love, or whatever else it is that we want to. 

But how can we consciously use the law of attraction to our advantage and manifest love in our lives? We will show you a simple method consisting of the three steps you can start at this very moment.

Step 1: Identification

The secret for the law of attraction to work and manifest love is to focus on how you feel.

To manifest love, you have to know how love feels.

All of us know that feeling, no matter how lucky or not we have been in our lives, we all have a few moments in mind when we actually felt love.

What you have to do is to identify this feeling. This is not the same feeling for everyone; people feel love differently, so you must learn how you experience love. 

Step 2: Capture

The next step to make the law of attraction work is to capture the desired feeling, in our case, love. This is really important; people get confused and mistake love with appearances or specific situations. This is how you set yourself up for failure. 

Know how love feels for yourself, how you experience it. When you know how exactly you want to feel and focus on that feeling, one way or another, you are going to attract that feeling.

Instead, if you focus on superficial things, you will be aimlessly trying to find love among fancy and shiny things. And while this was not entirely wrong, your primary focus should always be your feelings.

For example, let’s say you want to use the law of attraction to meet a significant other. You’d like that person to be fit and healthy, and you also want that person to like having a family.

You have to translate these traits into feelings.

You must say to yourself, “I want a person who is radiating health and makes me feel at home.”

When you think like that, you turn superficial things into the desire feelings you want to attract.

Step 3: Practice

Lastly, after you have gotten ahold of the love feeling you want to manifest, you have to practice that feeling.

Once you practice that feeling enough, you will start vibrating the same type of energy you want to attract.

The process of practicing your desired feeling is divided into two parts.

  1. Imagine the feeling as much as possible, try visualizing yourself in situations where you feel the love you are trying to manifest.

An effective way of visualizing your feeling is to keep a journal about your feelings. Writing something by handholds incredible power. Writing is also a helpful way for those who find it hard to focus on.

Form a schedule and set certain times when you will sit down and write your desired feelings. Try to be descriptive and create vivid images. 

Also, while writing, try always to use the present tense. That way, you are tricking your mind that what you are writing is already happening.

After you’ve gotten comfortable with visualizing your thoughts and feelings and get the hang of it, you need to move on to the second step.

2. Turn those feelings into reality. You have to find habits that incorporate these feelings into your life. Once you master this, your energy will start vibrating in the frequencies you want to attract.

To achieve this, you have to love yourself. Surround yourself with people that support you. Do things that you love and make you happy. Spend time by yourself and start improving.

When you take control of your life and start loving yourself, by the time you get good at it, the love you desire will manifest without effort.


There you go, if you read this article, you should have a clear picture of what to do and what to stop doing, to start attracting your life the things you desire.

Furthermore, in the instance of love, the most important thing is to be true to yourself. Stop caring what the world says and what the world thinks love should look and feel like.

Focus on writing your journal, being sincere and honest with yourself, and forming habits that will help you become whatever it is you want to attract in your life. 

Beware, this method of manifesting love in your life will definitely end up attracting something to you, but if you are not honest about your feelings, you will attract things you don’t want to.

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