How To Manifest Someone To Contact You

We’ve all been in this situation. You’re hoping that your phone will start ringing and on the other side of the phone it will be that “someone”.

So how to manifest someone to contact you?

You can manifest someone to contact you using The Law Of Attraction, which is our ability to attract what we are focusing on in our lives. The universe is so amazing that it uses the power of our minds to make our thoughts become a reality.

We are all susceptible to this Law, regardless of religious belief or age.

So, do you have that one person who you would want so much to contact you but never does?

Well, you can use this Law to your advantage and manifest the person to contact you.

I’m sure you are anxious to get into the juicy details, so let’s get started.

How does manifestation really work?

Similar to the Law of Attraction, to manifest something is to use your energy and thoughts to create your reality.

This means that you will attract and manifest negative energy if you continuously entertain negative thoughts.

manifesting someone to contact you
Image credit: Katarzyna Księżopolska

So, the first step towards manifesting a positive reality is to examine your thoughts and feelings deeply.

Are you always entertaining negative thoughts?

Manifestation will work when you clear your mind and embrace a positive mindset.

However, it doesn’t just stop at working on your thoughts. You also have to back it up with the corresponding action.

It is just like thinking about getting a fantastic job and actually applying for the ones that suit what you want.

Visualizing your thoughts and feelings about your career will then motivate you to make it a reality.

But we are not focusing on jobs this time around; we are talking about how to manifest someone to contact you. It’s time to move on to the steps.

How to manifest someone to contact you in five steps

Most people that read about the Law of Attraction the first time usually get confused about all the terms and believe that it could take years to put this into practice.

This is so untrue. You don’t have to wait for several years to master the Law of attraction when you can make it happen with just five steps.

Yes, that’s right!

You can manifest someone to contact you in five easy steps. And the good news is that we will outline these steps in detail in this guide:

Step 1: Asking yourself the right questions

You want to manifest someone to contact you, but do you know exactly why? It is essential to ask yourself this question and more.

This also works alongside your belief. If you believe strongly that you can manifest this, then it will happen.

So, what are those questions to ask yourself when you want to manifest someone to contact you? Here are some:

  • Do I really want this deep down in my heart?
  • How will I benefit from being contacted by this person?
  • Does it feel right to manifest this?

So, what we’re saying, in essence, is that you should really connect with your intention of manifesting this contact and believe that you will get your request.

Step 2: Get rid of manifestation blocks

Our guide on how to manifest someone to contact you won’t be complete without mentioning manifestation blocks.

Just as we are faced with barriers to our success in life, there could also be some things standing in the way of your manifestations.

Before you move forward, you must get rid of every single one of them.

One of these manifestation blocks could be a negative mindset. This is actually quite common.

When you are in a bad place emotionally, you won’t have the right mindset to manifest that contact

Instead of making positivity your reality, you will be blocking the good things from coming into your life through your negativity.

So, the first thing you should do is practice self-care and incorporate meditation techniques that will help you in dispelling the negativity.

Another manifestation block is staying around toxic people. People who act like they don’t believe in you will affect your mindset negatively as you begin to believe their terrible words and actions.

If you spend a lot of time with people who constantly criticize you, this will stop your manifestations from becoming a reality.

So, you need to get rid of them and make sure that there is no one holding you back.

Finally, you need to work on eliminating the feeling of impatience.

Believe that everything you want will happen at the right time. So, instead of dwelling on what isn’t happening for you right now, build up your belief and keep working towards your goal.

How do you feel with these manifestation processes so far? You should be experiencing a new feeling of calm. Let’s take it a step further.

Step 3: Meditation

If you are familiar with regular meditation techniques, then this won’t be so new to you.

However, to manifest someone to contact you, we have to tweak the meditation process a little.

In this type of meditation, you have to get to the state you are usually at when you are just waking up or starting to fall asleep.

To make this happen, start by sitting in an upright position. Hold something in your hand, preferably a coin, so that when you doze off, it will drop and wake you up.

Make sure you are in a comfy position and close your eyes as you start to inhale slowly.

Follow up your deep inhale with a deep exhale and remember to do this slowly as well. You should begin to feel the effects in less than ten minutes.

Step 4: Visualize your manifestation

This is where you concentrate on seeing your manifestations play out in your mind’s eye.

A significant aspect of manifesting someone to contact you is to visualize them doing so.

You need to believe so much that it will happen and play out the scenario in your head with this conviction.

To make sure you do this right, head over to somewhere quiet and private. This visualization process doesn’t have to last so long, as it can just be as short as two minutes.

What matters is that you pour your energy and concentration into your feelings.

Believe in it so much that you can touch, smell, hear and see that person. It has to be so real that you feel like it is yours already.

Focus completely on the reality of manifesting that specific person to contact you and add as many details as you can.

You can even play out an entire conversation with this person the way you want it to go.

Step 5: Appreciate when it happens

As insignificant as this may look, this has a massive effect on other manifestations in the future.

It is just like being grateful when you have received a gift you wanted badly.

Once you have achieved your goal, you need to appreciate it fully.

When you finally get that text or call from that person, bask in the feeling of making your dreams a reality.

Build up your connection so that it gets easier to manifest in the future.

This is very important in knowing how to manifest someone to contact you and making it happen several times.

How do you know your manifestation is about to happen?

When you can successfully hold on to your positive feeling and stay motivated while finishing up all the steps highlighted above, then you need to understand that you have done all you can.

At this point, you are on the verge of manifestation, and you should look out for some signs that will let you know that your manifestation is close to becoming a reality.

Although you may be tempted to feel discouraged at first when it feels like nothing is happening within your set time, you need to resist that feeling.

While some signs may be staring you right in the face but you can’t see it, others will be more subtle signs present around you.

Here are some ways to know if your manifestation is about to happen:

  • You are overhearing someone talking about your desires in a conversation. The keyword here is to “hear,” so it could be on the radio or even a podcast. However, the common determinant is that they are all talking about something close to your desires to manifest someone to contact you.
  • You have developed a sense of excitement with no specific reason
  • Another sign is that you are seeing a lot of repeating numbers around you. Since time immemorial, repeating numbers have been seen as a good sign. So, make sure you pay close attention to these numbers
  • Your family or friends could bring up your manifestations during a conversation, even telling you something nice about you and the person you want to contact you.

Now that you know how to manifest someone to contact you, all you have to do is be patient.

You should also be confident that it will happen. Good luck!