The Ultimate 201 Health Affirmations for Healthier You!

What if we tell you that health affirmations can improve your health state?

To experience greater health in your body, the first step is to have a healthy mind.

Think of your body as a self-repairing machine. No matter how you treat it, it works as hard as it can to keep you in perfect health.

So, why not help it out?

Good health comes from love and appreciation for your body – so talk to it in loving ways.

Using the health affirmations in the list below will help you focus on these feelings of love and eliminate any negative, self-depreciating thoughts.

But what is it about affirmations that make them so powerful, to the point they can impact our physical health?

Why are health affirmations so powerful?

When you repeat a set of words over and over again, they begin to take control of your thoughts, slowly altering your pattern of thinking and ultimately – changing your life.

At first you will not believe some of the affirmations you are saying, but as you keep repeating them, they make their way into your subconsciousness. Eventually, your mind will be convinced that what you are saying is true.

Never underestimate the power of loving words.

One experiment by IKEA set up two identical plants and for 30 days, students were invited to give compliments to one plant, while insulting the other.

affirmations for plants study
Image credit: Folio Illustration Agency

The plants were kept under controlled environments and received equal amounts of nutrition, light, and water.

At the end of the experiment, the plant that had received compliments was perfectly healthy, while the plant that had been insulted over 30 days was noticeably droopy and wilted.

This is an example of the power of positive words.

For ideas on what affirmations you can use, have a look at our list below.

Theultimate list of 201 health affirmations

Let’s dive into it.

51 Health daily affirmations to stay healthy

affirmations to stay healthy
Image credit: Tenney Tang
  1. My body is fit and strong
  2. My immune system is healthy and strong
  3. I am in great shape
  4. I nourish my body, mind and soul everyday
  5. My mind is at peace
  6. My body always does its best to create perfect health
  7. I make healthy choices and I respect myself
  8. Water is my fuel of choice. I drink water to cleanse my body and mind
  9. Being positive is the quickest route to health
  10.  I’m committed to living a healthy life
  11.  My body always works towards perfect health
  12.  I am healthy and my life is in balance
  13.  I feed my body with adequate nutrition
  14.  I am enjoying optimal health
  15.  I am healthy, radiant, and happy
  16.  I feel healthy and full of energy
  17.  I am feeling energetic and enthusiastic
  18.  Health is my natural state of being
  19.  I am mindful of my thoughts and produce only healthy thought patterns
  20.  A healthy mind is the path to a healthy body
  21.  I deserve to be happy, successful, and healthy
  22.  Taking care of myself isn’t selfish. It’s healthy
  23.  I perfectly digest food and drinks
  24.  My muscles are well built
  25.  My immune system is strong
  26.  My mind and body deserve the best treatment
  27.  I am a magnet and I attract health from the universe
  28.  I accept perfect health
  29.  I’m becoming healthier and improving my overall quality of life
  30.  I work on myself everyday
  31.  I am grateful for my healthy body
  32.  I am free from pain
  33.  I am divinely protected and guided at all times
  34.  I get plenty of sleep every night
  35.  My body appreciates the care I put into it
  36.  Filling my mind with positive thoughts is the road to health
  37.  I trust my intuition
  38.  My body heals itself naturally
  39.  I balance my life between work, rest and play
  40.  I am grateful to live another day
  41.  My happy thoughts lead to a healthy body
  42.  Every day is filled with good health and joy
  43.  I am a friend to my body
  44.  I treat my body with the same loving energy I would like to receive
  45.  I choose thoughts that create a healthy atmosphere
  46.  I am a willing participant in my good health
  47.  I am open to new ways of improving my health
  48.  I release all negative energy
  49.  I am worthy of good health
  50.  I am blessed with good health
  51.  My body repels negative energy

50 Health affirmations: Stay fit!

positive affirmations to stay fit
Image credit: Ttya
  1. I am excited to exercise right now
  2. My mind is focused, and I am ready to get in shape
  3. Every day, my body becomes stronger
  4. As I exercise, I become the best version of myself
  5. I love going to the gym
  6. The gym has become one of my favourite places
  7. Exercising makes me happy and healthy
  8. My body is my temple
  9. I am transforming my body into what I’ve always wanted
  10.  Every day, I am losing weight
  11.  I am proud of myself for regularly exercising
  12.  My exercise leads to better health
  13.  My mind and body are strong
  14.  Diet and exercise are all I need
  15.  My muscles are strong and resillent
  16.  It’s important for me to have a strong body
  17.  I am dedicated to reaching my fitness goals
  18.  I treat my body as I would my home
  19.  Motivation to exercise comes easily to me
  20.  I am proud of the progress I have made
  21.  I am becoming stronger
  22.  I am becoming more resilient
  23.  Every time I sweat, I release toxins
  24.  Exercise helps me to breathe and sleep better
  25.  I love my body
  26.  Exercise trains me mentally and physically
  27.  I am in tune with my body
  28.  I love achieving weight goals
  29.  A full workout makes me feel amazing
  30.  I am full of vitality
  31.  I am full of energy
  32.  I do not quit. Failure is not an option.
  33.  I am motivated to keep an active life
  34.  A little bit of pain is good
  35.  When I can, I walk instead of driving
  36.  Working out relieves my anxiety
  37.  I deserve to be healthy and in shape
  38.  Working out is great and fulfilling
  39.  I am fully committed
  40.  My hard work is paying off
  41.  I set and meet weekly fitness goals
  42.  I am motivated, strong, and confident
  43.  I can’t wait to hit the gym
  44.  My body is a machine
  45.  I am light on my feet
  46.  With each repetition, my body becomes stronger
  47.  I am increasing my endurance
  48.  Along with my fitness, my appearance is improving
  49.  My fitness routine is interesting
  50.  I always train with intensity

25 Affirmations for healing

  1. I am gentle with myself
  2. I choose to heal
  3. I am a priority. My health and healing matter
  4. My body is strong and healing
  5. My immune system eliminates any threat
  6. I am surrounded by healing energy
  7. I treat my body – my temple and my vessel – with respect
  8. I choose healing, loving thoughts
  9. I am deciding to get better
  10.  Every day, I feel my health improve
  11.  Come what may, I can heal
  12.  My body responds kindly to healing thoughts
  13.  I trust the universe to take care of me
  14.  I listen to my body and provide what it needs
  15.  My body is a natural environment for healing
  16.  It’s time to heal
  17.  My body knows how to heal itself
  18.  I choose to release my illness
  19.  I commit myself to feeling better
  20.  I am patient through my healing process
  21.  I am grateful for my body’s strengths
  22.  I am beating this illness
  23.  I am becoming healthier and happier
  24.  I’m stronger than I imagine
  25.  My mind is focused on healing my body

25 Health affirmations: Eating habits

affirmations for eating habits
Image credit: Valerie Nguyen

Actions make habits, and habits make you.

  1. I am grateful for this wonderful food
  2. I am well-nourished for the upcoming day
  3. I eat healthily
  4. Planning healthy meals is a joy
  5. This food is healing me
  6. My body strengthens with every bite
  7. I choose healthy foods for good health
  8. I nourish my body with healing goods
  9. I love eating healthily
  10.  Eating right is easy and fun for me
  11.  I eat natural foods
  12.  I minimize my sugar intake
  13.  I’m allowed to decline food
  14.  I receive all the vitamins and nutrients I need
  15.  I eat the right food at the right time
  16.  I only eat and drink things that are good for me
  17.  I keep my portions small
  18.  I stop myself from eating junk food
  19.  Healthy eating is my way of life
  20.  Fresh vegetables taste and feel amazing
  21.  I eat to maintain fitness
  22.  I eat nutritious food
  23.  I plan my diet and live healthily
  24.  My skin is fresh because of my eating habits
  25.  I eat a balanced diet

25 Health affirmations: Aging

  1. I age gracefully
  2. I choose good health for my entire existence
  3. I embrace my body’s wisdom
  4. I am grateful for good health at every age
  5. I am in the best years of my life
  6. I am proud of my long life
  7. I keep in touch with my inner child
  8. I have all the time in the world
  9. I bless all the years that I’ve lived
  10.  My immune system is still stronger than ever
  11.  I choose to live the rest of my life in good health
  12.  My spine stays strong
  13.  I embrace my grey hair
  14.  I feel young and so I am
  15.  I deserve to live for a very long time
  16.  As I age, I gain wisdom
  17.  Age is just a number to me
  18.  Learning new things keeps me young
  19.  As the years go by, my life becomes more precious
  20.  I keep fit to enjoy my golden years
  21.  I out walk my younger friends
  22.  I feel healthy and young
  23.  My joints are resilient
  24.  Staying physically fit helps keep me mentally young
  25.  I choose to look, act and feel young

25 Health affirmations: Future tense

In most cases, affirmations in the present tense are more effective. That’s not to say you should never use future tense affirmations.

They can be effective in making an affirmation more believable to begin with.

For instance, if you are telling yourself ‘I have lost 5kg’ but you have not actually lost 5kg, it may feel like you’re lying to yourself. However, If you tell yourself ‘I will lose 5kg’, your mind will look for ways to achieve this goal.

Here are some future tense affirmations for health:

  1. My body will grow stronger
  2. I will eat a healthy diet
  3. I will change my lifestyle and implement more healthy habits
  4. I will treat my body like a temple
  5. I will get through this
  6. I will be a healthier person tomorrow
  7. I will eliminate unhealthy habits from my life
  8. I will eat healthier and continue exercising
  9. I will become quicker and stronger
  10.  My appearance will improve along with my fitness
  11.  I will achieve abundant health
  12.  I’m transforming into someone with perfect health
  13.  My health will improve
  14.  I will overcome this illness
  15.  I am beginning to enjoy my healthy lifestyle
  16.  I will beat any health challenge
  17.  I will maintain vibrant health
  18.  As I age, my enthusiasm for life increases
  19.  I will start to take care of myself
  20.  I will maintain my healthy habits
  21.  I will achieve my weight goals
  22.  I am becoming more resilient to illness
  23.  My immune system becomes more powerful everyday
  24.  I become happier and healthier as time passes
  25.  I will live a long and healthy life

You’re likely to have found some affirmations on this list that will be useful for you – but what else can you do to improve your overall health and state of well-being?

3 Simple ways to build a healthy lifestyle

1. Get a good night’s sleep

Sleep is an essential, often under-valued, component of our overall health and well-being.

Image credit: Claudio Guglieri

While sleeping, your body’s cells repair themselves and help you to be fit and ready for the upcoming day. It also improves the potential of our immune cells to fight off illnesses.

Small tip: Avoid using any devices in your bed because of the blue light.

If you have trouble sleeping, try deep breathing techniques or meditation. In addition, exercising throughout the day is not only good for your health, but it will leave you feeling more tired when it comes time to sleep.

2. Surround yourself with healthy people

Even if you are doing all the right things – having relationships with people who have unhealthy habits, will leave you fighting an uphill battle.

The healthiest people are those who are surrounded by other healthy people.

You could even get your significant other or family involved in your exercise routines and eat healthy meals with one another. Making healthy changes together will provide greater motivation whilst also bringing you closer.

3. Exercise daily

While the list of health affirmations above has a whole section on fitness, they won’t be useful to you unless you are regularly exercising.

Daily exercise is invaluable. In fact, it reduces all the biomarkers of aging.

Things such as improved eyesight, more lean muscle, lowered cholesterol, normalised blood pressure and even improved bone density are all results of regular exercise.

You might be struggling to find time, but studies have shown even 10 minutes of exercise a day makes a big difference.

Key takeaways

Remember, don’t take your health for granted. Try to use this list of health affirmations and you’ll see results.

You may be perfectly healthy now, but it’s important to continue listening to your body and respond to it’s increasing demands.

As we get older, these demands increase. However, it’s important not to fear the process of aging. Our bodies may become weaker, but this is often used as an excuse to let ourselves go.

Keep on top of your weight. Keep on top of your eating habits. Make sure you are exercising daily. Get a good night’s sleep. Use affirmations regularly.

These are all things you should be doing to achieve a healthier life.

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