201 Faith Affirmations To Raise Your Spirituality

Faith affirmations are created when we translate our faith into written words. Essentially, they are words spoken with the purpose of bringing us closer to God.

In a way, these affirmations share a lot in common with prayers. They help to affirm your faith and at the same time, program your subconsciousness with spiritual messages.

“Faith is seeing light with your heart when all your eyes see is darkness”Barbara Johnson

If you are a spiritual person, you will want to make sure you keep on top of both your prayers and affirmations. If you need some inspiration, take a look at our list of 201 faith affirmations below.

Why are faith and spirituality so important?

Being in touch with your spirituality can reap you many benefits and it might just be what you need to regain the self-worth and awareness you’ve been looking for.

In-fact spiritual strength can be your main weapon in fighting against inner demons. It helps to calm those negative and anxious voices within you and give you the courage to persevere.

So faith affirmations are super important for you.

spirituality and faith are important
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Likewise, in times where you are going through a struggle, spirituality can help you meet the challenge and use the experience for personal growth.

It may even allow you to live a longer life.

In one study, researchers at Ohio University went over the analytics of over 1500 obituaries across the US to get a better idea of how certain aspects of our lives affect our longevity.

Interestingly enough, the researchers found that on average, people who stated they were religious in their obituary lived a whole 5.64 years more than their non-religious counterparts.

So, you recognize the benefits and are ready to take your faith and spirituality to the next level. Where do you start? Try using some of the faith affirmations below.

201 Faith affirmations to raise your spirituality

Let’s start with the daily affirmations. If you’re not sure how to use affirmations and how often, read here (opens in a new window).

101 Daily faith affirmations

  1. I live by faith, not by sight
  2. God is with me always
  3. The universe naturally takes care of me and my needs
  4. Religion is a way of life for me
  5. All my actions, thoughts and words are guided by a divine power
  6. I listen to the divine guidance I am given
  7. I have true, divine purpose
  8. I am immensely loved by God
  9. I am cherished by God
  10.  I am free from sin
  11.  I am exactly who God wanted me to be
  12.  I may fail, but I am not a failure
  13.  I do everything with an attitude of excellence
  14.  I speak only the language of love
  15.  I am not afraid of being used by God
  16.  I pray for and take action towards my goals and destiny
  17.  My body and mind are blessed
  18.  I’m walking into my place of purpose
  19.  My steps are planned, and I trust the Lord
  20.  Step by step, I am blessed
  21.  I am moving in the right direction
  22.  I have unshakeable faith in God and his word
  23.  I walk by faith and not by sight
  24.  My faith overshadows my fears
  25.  Faith is the origin of my success
  26.  I have faith in my ability to achieve greatness
  27.  My faith in a higher power leaves me free of doubt, worry, and fear
  28.  With God by my side, I can accomplish anything
  29.  In God I live
  30.  God’s kingdom is within me
  31.  Through my faith, I can move mountains
  32.  My faith is my saviour
  33.  My faith allows me to stay calm
  34.  My faith remains strong
  35.  I am grateful for the divine power that guides me
  36.  I am naturally completely devoted to God
  37.  Faith is the cornerstone of my existence
  38.  My faith dictates my great lifestyle
  39.  Above all, I have faith in myself
  40.  I am vocal about my faith in a higher power
  41.  The faith I have in myself allows me to be successful
  42.  I am the light of the world
  43.  I am blessed in everything I do
  44.  I am grateful for the great things in my life
  45.  I am highly favoured
  46.  I am wonderfully made
  47.  I am accepted by God
  48.  My faith will not let me experience defeat
  49.  I am ever increasing in wisdom and knowledge
  50.  I feel the power of God within me
  51.  I have a heavenly home
  52.  I cherish this eternal moment
  53.  God walks with me
  54.  Every day, I receive new mercies
  55.  I was made for a special purpose
  56.  I show grace and mercy
  57.  I forgive myself before I ask for God’s forgiveness
  58.  I possess God’s wisdom and favour
  59.  I feel whole and healed
  60.  I am at inner peace
  61.  I am a unique being
  62.  I am fruitful
  63.  Faith is awakened in me now
  64.  I have faith and I take action
  65.  I choose faith over fear
  66.  Faith is my natural state of mind
  67.  My light shines brightly
  68.  My steps are ordered
  69.  My song of praise is unending
  70.  I love others as Jesus has loved me
  71.  I am a child of God
  72.  I am the righteousness of God
  73.  I am an heir of God
  74.  I shall be glorified with my faith
  75.  I am full of life and in good health
  76.  The Lord protects me from evil
  77.  My faith is my sword and my shield
  78.  I let go of the past and have faith in the future
  79.  There is a divine sense of peace within me
  80.  My body is a temple of the holy spirit
  81.  My faith propels me to meet my goals
  82.  My faith is immeasurable
  83.  The holy spirit provides me with power when I need it
  84.  Challenges are just tests of faith
  85.  I am guided towards positive thoughts
  86.  My faith provides me with great hope
  87.  I speak only the language of love
  88.  I do everything with an attitude of excellence
  89.  I am safe in God’s care
  90.  I feel a divine presence, no matter where it leads me
  91.  God helps me to do what I believe is not possible
  92.  God hears me when I talk to him
  93.  God gives me power
  94.  I am blessed with a grateful heart
  95.  God helps to revive my spirit
  96.  I was made uniquely
  97.  I am blessed with the power to create change
  98.  The Lord is my shepherd
  99.  I am blessed beyond measure
  100. I am the light
  101. God has a plan for me

100 Spiritual affirmations to enrich your soul

  1. I acknowledge God in every creation
  2. I radiate love and joy towards all beings
  3. Problems are just an illusion of the mind
  4. I am a divine creation and therefore I am deserving
  5. I live life in the present moment
  6. I feel the healing power of the spirit throughout my body
  7. I seek happiness through the mind and not through material pleasures
  8. I am surrounded in eternal light
  9. I feel the sense of a higher power and energy in everything I do
  10.  I purify my thoughts with the knowledge that God guides me
  11.  I am a spiritual being
  12.  Everything that happens, happens for the greater good
  13.  The universe accommodates my needs
  14.  I am in control of my own spiritual growth
  15.  My body and mind are in alignment with the universe
  16.  I give and receive love in abundance
  17.  I let go of doubt
  18.  Religion is just a way of life
  19.  I know I am part of something much bigger
  20.  I surrender to God
  21.  I attract good things to my life
  22.  I am slowly but surely fulfilling my destiny
  23.  The whole world is within my grasp
  24.  I rejoice in the way things are
  25.  Everything I’m searching for is searching for me
  26.  I am protected by the Holy spirit’s mercy
  27.  I am a wonderful blessing for the world
  28.  I am enveloped by a divine, guiding power
  29.  I am anchored by love
  30.  The whole universe conspires for my good
  31.  I sense and relish all the positive energy around me
  32.  I let go of everything that isn’t part of my divine plan
  33.  I grow along with my good actions
  34.  I am divinely-inspired
  35.  I effortlessly attract all that I need
  36.  I am linked to an unlimited source of abundance
  37.  Every day, I come closer to fulfilling my destiny
  38.  My strength lies in my divine connection to the creator
  39.  I find joy and purpose in simply being myself
  40.  I am grateful for all my experiences
  41.  I am an infinite being
  42.  I am a being that transcends time and space
  43.  I regularly purify my mind and soul
  44.  My body is my vessel and I cherish it
  45.  My soul is connected to that of a higher power
  46.  My soul is immortal
  47.  I renew myself by letting go of expectations
  48.  I let the light of my soul guide me
  49.  I honor my divinity. I am sacred
  50.  I am a divine being of light and I let myself shine
  51.  I am honest and above all, true to myself
  52.  I am not to be tamed. I am free
  53.  Sometimes it means going through the darkness before my light can emerge
  54.  My body is an incredible, complex, and beautiful vessel
  55.  It’s true if I believe it to be true
  56.  I am a beacon of love and happiness
  57.  I am a human expression of the Universe
  58.  I follow and am guided by my instinct
  59.  I listen to the voice of my soul
  60.  I am a beautiful expression of life
  61.  I am in harmony with my energy
  62.  I will not let myself become something that I am not
  63.  I awaken my soul now
  64.  In hard times, there is always a guiding light
  65.  I am not in the universe. I am the universe
  66.  I hear the positive voices of my Angels
  67.  I nourish and value my mind, body, and soul
  68.  My spirit grows stronger with each day
  69.  My inner light will shine in any situation
  70.  My soul is beautiful and unique
  71.  My every action is blessed with divine love
  72.  My conversations draw divine energy
  73.  Love is the only way
  74.  I walk in trust of my greater purpose
  75.  I welcome positive people and experiences into my existence
  76.  My soul is at peace
  77.  I am one with God
  78.  I am a being blessed with an abundance of love
  79.  I am my true self
  80.  I am one with my soul
  81.  I trust the universe
  82.  I am deeply grateful for all that I’m blessed with
  83.  Everything I need is within me
  84.  The divine light within me shines brightly
  85.  I expect miracles to happen
  86.  I affirm only positive things for myself and others
  87.  Gods wisdom is ever-present
  88.  My faith is making me complete
  89.  I forgive myself and others
  90.  My spiritual development is my priority
  91.  When I listen to my heart, I am guided by God
  92.  The universe always throws new opportunities in my direction
  93.  Every hardship enriches my soul
  94.  I am worthy of receiving blessings
  95.  I trust the process of life and death
  96.  I trust God in my life
  97.  I feel god in my heart
  98.  I am open to the guidance of the Universe
  99.  The Universe works through me
  100. I trust that I am divinely guided

With regular use of faith affirmations, you are guaranteed to feel closer to God.

The thing about affirmations though – is they usually end up changing your life and habits altogether as you move closer to your true purpose.

Here are some other things you can incorporate into your life for greater spiritual power and energy.

3 Ways to increase your spiritual power

1. Take care of your body

When thinking about spiritual growth, you may be wondering what your body has to do with it.

In fact, your mind and body share a deep connection.

When you take care of your physical needs, your spiritual health will naturally benefit from it.

This means getting enough sleep, exercising frequently and eating a healthy diet. However, that doesn’t mead you should skip faith affirmations or meditation seasons.

While it may sound easy, many people fail to do all three of these things.

2. Connect with nature

There’s just something about spending time in nature that brings us closer to God.              

It’s wonderful to observe all the different life-forms around you and it also gives you the feeling you’re part of something much bigger.

If you live in a busy city, make some time on the weekend to go visit a local forest, hill or lake.

 If you like to exercise, consider going for a run in your local park rather than regular roads.

3. Forgive

Learning to forgive others and more importantly, yourself, will do wonders for your spiritual well-being.

Grudges are not good for the soul.

Instead of beating yourself up over something, focus on what you could have done better and how you can prevent the same issue in the future.

Likewise, instead of being mad at someone for something they did years ago, learn to let go and realise that we all make mistakes as humans.

It’s not about what you do wrong. It’s about how you respond to it.

Key takeaways

Ultimately, spirituality is a lifelong journey.

It’s something that you can never truly master and that’s the beauty of it.

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