Does Meditation Clear Your Mind?

As life goes on, we often come across stressful situations. Unless we overcome this feeling, it can sometimes consume our lives.

We heard that mindfulness helps, but does meditation clear your mind?

Meditation is a brilliant way to clear your mind and free yourself. You are focusing your brain into thinking of nothing but your breathing and the surrounding sounds. You’re in the present tense and that way you’ll be able to have a clear mind.

First, you need to understand what meditation is and the benefits it presents to your body.

What is meditation?

In the most straightforward description, meditation is a way of transforming your mind. It is an exercise done mentally, and it involves relaxation, focus and awareness.

Read more about meditation and it’s benefits here (opens in a new window).

The benefits of meditation

There are many benefits of meditating; it helps you both physically and mentally.

If you want to receive these benefits, meditation needs to be practiced often; it isn’t just a one-off thing.

Reduces Stress

Stress occurs in a lot of people’s lives, and many use meditation as a way to fight it. Usually, stressed thoughts crowd your mind, but when you meditate, you focus your attention and eliminate them.

Controls Anxiety

Unfortunately, a lot of people suffer from anxiety; they have fears and worries. Meditation helps to remove anxiety.

Also, try our list of positive affirmations for depression and anxiety. It’ll definitely help!

Enhances Self-Awareness

A fantastic benefit of meditation is the self-confidence it can give you.

If you repeatedly do meditation, you will eventually push all the negative thoughts you have regarding yourself.

It helps you to have an understanding of yourself.

How does meditation clear your mind?

Meditation does clear your mind because once you settle into a comfortable position and focus entirely on your breathing, you will hit the meditative state.

Meditation will produce endorphins as physical exercises does. These are a natural painkiller.

This painkiller will clear any negative thoughts you might be having.

How to clear your mind with meditation:

1.    Firstly, you want to position yourself in a comfortable position. It might be somewhere which has blankets and pillows to make it cozy. Make sure you are sat up straight but relax your shoulders and muscles, you don’t want to be clenching anything.

2.    Take a deep breath in through your nose; it might be worth counting “One, two, three”.

3.    Slowly breath out through your mouth, make sure your breath out is twice as long as the breath in.

4.    Repeat this a couple of times, make sure you take long deep breaths.

5.    Close your eyes and keep breathing this way.

Other meditation resources that help to clear your mind:

The beautiful thing about the internet is the resources it has on offer, you can find many resources for free, but there are also resources which you can pay for, sometimes they offer a personal experience.

Online Videos

Thanks to YouTube, there are many different types of meditation videos. Some channels focus solely on meditation. You can subscribe to channels and be notified once a new video has been uploaded.

Some brilliant Mediation YouTubers include:


Meditation can be learnt anywhere, but having a book can sometimes mean more, you have them physically there. Books are something you can easily read whenever you please.

Below I have listed some of the best meditation books:

  • Meditation Made Easy – As said in the book title, this meditation book is for beginners. If you are new to the meditation world, this might be the perfect book for you.
  • Real Happiness: The Power of Meditation
  • Strength in Stillness
  • Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics – A brilliant book for those who aren’t quite sure about meditation, those who question if it works.


Some brilliant podcasts which talk meditation are:

Untangle – Untangle offer a variety of topics, such as real-life stories of people whose lives have changed thanks to meditation, how meditation can change your life, the effect of meditation, etc. For someone who is new to meditation and wants to learn more, this is the perfect podcast to do so.

Meditation Minis by Chel Hamilton – If you are looking for a podcast which offers a talking meditation, then the Meditation Minis podcast is what you are looking for. She offers guided meditations which help to calm you and to overcome any anxiety or stress you may have. Each podcast is 10 minutes long, perfect if you are looking for something quick.

The One Mind by Morgan Dix – This is a brilliant podcast if you are a beginner to meditation. He offers a warm and welcoming introduction to meditation. He wants to help people to know how to apply meditation to their daily routine.


You can find lots of free meditation music on YouTube. Alternatively, if you have a Spotify or Apple Music account, then you will be able to find a meditation playlist which has calming music.

As we’ve said, meditation has many benefits but so does listening to music; the two of them together are even better. Some of the benefits include:

  • Stress reduction
  • Improves concentration
  • Helps sleep
  • Improves brain functioning
  • Increases serotonin and endorphins


There are a lot of online articles which can offer you guidance into the world of meditation, with tips and tricks on how to meditate.

For example, we are giving you the advice ‘does meditation clear your mind?’, there will be many articles like this available online.

Use the internet to your advantage.


Does meditation clear your mind is the question you were asking, and we can answer that with a strong YES.

If you need a way to clear your mind then meditation will be your best friend, your guide to seeing a new world.

You will feel so much better if you put it into your daily routine. We’ve explained the benefits, how to do it and the free (yes, that’s right! FREE) resources for making your life better.

The only person who has control on whether or not they want to meditate is you.