201 Positive Affirmations for Happiness

Regardless of what you may think, happiness doesn’t start with a degree, a job, a relationship, or even money. It begins with your thoughts and what you tell yourself every day.

True happiness comes from within. It means viewing things with the bigger picture in mind.

When you are happy, it doesn’t mean everything is perfect. It means that you’ve chosen to look past the imperfections.

Affirmations for happiness help you to achieve this by focusing your mind and energy on positive statements.

Next time you are feeling under the weather – take a few minutes for yourself. Close your eyes, take deep breaths, and feel the stress and tension leave your body as you repeat some positive affirmations.

If you are wondering what affirmations to use, keep reading to see our list of 201 affirmations for happiness.

How can affirmations help you achieve happiness?

Happiness is the feeling you get when you are enjoying life. It’s that feeling that causes you to smile.

happiness in life
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Basically, it’s a combination of how good you feel on a day by day basis and how satisfied you are with your life. (Best way to feel happy is to do more of what makes you happy)

It’s easily confused with pleasure. For instance, someone who does ecstasy every day may experience frequent bursts of pleasure, but this doesn’t mean they are happy.

In fact, it means quite the opposite. Interestingly enough, achieving great ceilings of happiness regularly, can be unhealthier than keeping an even-kneeled mood. After all, what goes up must come down.

Excessive pleasure also leads to lower overall dopamine levels, affecting your overall mood negatively.

So rather than chasing many moments of momentary pleasure, work on manifesting what will really provide you satisfaction in life.

To do this, you must think like a happy person. That’s why affirmations for happiness are so effective. Here’s a list of 201 great examples you can use.

List of 201 affirmations for happiness

We should start with positivity.

51 Affirmations for positivity

positivity affirmations
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  1. I am always learning new things
  2. I like change because it leads to growth
  3. Changing my life in an enjoyable process
  4. I use positive reinforcement on myself
  5. I am changing my life for the better
  6. I focus on important actions
  7. I do things that bring me joy
  8. I rid my life of falsehood and denial
  9. I am happy
  10.  Love and happiness flow freely from me
  11.  I am a radiant, joyous person
  12.  I always look at the positive side of things
  13.  I am making a conscious effort to be happy
  14.  I am always open to laughter
  15.  It’s ok to focus on myself
  16.  I make the world my ally
  17.  I stay away from my comfort zone
  18.  I find power in the present moment
  19.  I life live consciously
  20.  I live authentically
  21.  My current path is a joyous one
  22.  I am courageous and not afraid of the unknown
  23.  Every day, I make positive changes
  24.  I am in the process of positive change
  25.  I expect great things in my life
  26.  I easily rid my mind of negative thoughts
  27.  My life is awesome
  28.  I accept what I cannot change
  29.  I turn stress into peace and positivity
  30.  My self-talk is always positive
  31.  I am a force for powerful, positive change
  32.  Daily affirmations help me to focus on positive things
  33.  I can handle whatever comes my way
  34.  I trust the process of life
  35.  I greet uncertainty with hope
  36.  I am my own best friend
  37.  I am learning to accept myself
  38.  Life is always getting better
  39.  I give more energy to do what I want
  40.  I can find the positives of any situation
  41.  Happiness is within me
  42.  I focus my inner power
  43.  All my goals are within my reach
  44.  I am my own hero
  45.  I deserve success, love, and happiness
  46.  I am at peace with myself
  47.  I deserve to have a fulfilling, happy life
  48.  I am beautiful
  49.  I radiate positivity wherever I go
  50.  We all make mistakes. I choose to learn from them
  51.  I deserve to laugh

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50 Affirmations for happiness: Self-belief

positive affirmations for self-belief
Image credit: Adrien Griveau
  1. I continue to learn and grow
  2. I believe in my skills and abilities
  3. I have great ideas
  4. I make useful contributions
  5. I will stand by my decisions
  6. I have all the knowledge I need to succeed
  7. I’m in the driver’s seat of my life
  8. I feel I’m making a difference
  9. I have the power to do incredible things
  10.  I exude confidence
  11.  I trust my intuition
  12.  I love seeing my confidence grow
  13.  If I set my mind to it, I can achieve anything
  14.  I accept and approve of myself
  15.  I am successful, confident, and happy
  16.  I allow myself to be great
  17.  I can and I will
  18.  I’m unique and beautiful in my own way
  19.  I let go of all that doesn’t serve me
  20.  I refuse to give up
  21.  The word ‘can’t’ is not in my vocabulary
  22.  Confidence is a choice. I choose to be confident
  23.  I will not compare myself with others
  24.  I am wonderfully made
  25.  Others believe in me because I believe in myself
  26.  I show compassion to others
  27.  I have what it takes to be confident and successful
  28.  I trust my gut
  29.  I own my successes and my failures
  30.  I now express my full potential
  31.  I love who I am becoming
  32.  I trust myself to handle anything
  33.  I make good use of my time
  34.  I frequently step outside of my comfort zone
  35.  I have the ability to succeed
  36.  I feel great about myself
  37.  I have something special to offer
  38.  I am worthy of great things in life
  39.  I am confident and brave
  40.  I live in the moment and look forward to the future
  41.  I am my best source of motivation
  42.  What I need is already here
  43.  I am capable of more than I imagine
  44.  Anything is possible
  45.  I accept compliments graciously
  46.  There is no situation I can’t overcome
  47.  I feel better as I release my self-doubt
  48.  I have great inner power
  49.  I embrace the mystery of life
  50.  I don’t make excuses. I make solutions

25 Affirmations for happiness: Gratitude

  1. Every day, I find something to be thankful for
  2. The universe supports me and my desires
  3. I’m thankful for every new day
  4. I feel grateful for my friends and family
  5. I’m grateful simply for being alive
  6. I’m grateful for my beautiful and loving spouse
  7. I’m so happy and grateful for the life I have
  8. I am blessed just to wake up every morning
  9. The universe is working for my greater good
  10.  I’m grateful for my wonderful body
  11.  I give thanks for the air I breathe
  12.  I’m blessed to be doing what I love
  13.  I am filled with gratitude
  14.  I’m grateful for my body and treat It like a temple
  15.  I’m grateful for the flow of abundance in my life
  16.  I’m blessed with unique and awesome qualities
  17.  I cherish the friendships and relationships in my life
  18.  I am thankful for the ability to learn
  19.  My life is improving every day and I am grateful
  20.  I am grateful for the present moment
  21.  I’m blessed with my excellent health
  22.  I possess the gift of great intellect and creativity
  23.  My life is filled with an abundance of gratitude
  24.  I am thankful for the ability to grow
  25.  I keep the door open for more blessings

25 Affirmations for success

affirmations for success
Image credit: Radostina Georgieva
  1. I embrace new challenges with confidence
  2. Every day, I become more successful
  3. Meeting my goals is easy for me
  4. I constantly meet goals and then set new, harder goals.
  5. I am creative, persistent, and self-reliant in all that I do
  6. I have magnetic energy and I attract success
  7. I abandon old, negative habits and take up new, positive ones.
  8. I trust the journey
  9. I perform well under pressure
  10.  I attract great opportunities my way
  11.  I am independent, powerful, and successful
  12.  I am determined to achieve my goals
  13.  I am highly successful
  14.  I handle stressful situations with ease
  15.  People come to me for advice
  16.  My dreams and goals are what motivate me
  17.  Every day, I bring more success into my life
  18.  Success is my birth right
  19.  I work incredibly hard and enjoy the rewards
  20.  I starve myself of distractions and feed my focus
  21.  Every day, I improve
  22.  I make smart, informed decisions
  23.  I make the effort to master anything I pick up
  24.  Every day, I refine my skills
  25.  Success didn’t find me. I gave it directions.

25 Affirmations for dealing with stress

  1. My breathing is calm and relaxed
  2. I feel my stress fading away
  3. I feel centered and peaceful
  4. I easily let go of stress
  5. I am calm. Everything is going to be OK
  6. I choose to live in peace
  7. I breathe in relaxation, I breathe out tension
  8. I am in charge of my mind and body
  9. I am free of anxiety
  10.  I easily cleanse feelings of panic from my body
  11.  I relax each part of my body
  12.  This too, shall pass
  13.   All is well
  14.  I attract only positive energy into my body
  15.  Good things happen to me all the time
  16.  I understand there are some things I can’t change
  17.  I embrace joyful thoughts
  18.  I don’t have to be stressed. It’s a choice.
  19.  Feeling stuck is just a feeling. There’s always a way out.
  20.  I can and I will turn things around
  21.  I relax and enjoy life
  22.  I take things as they come
  23.  I don’t take things personally
  24.  With every breath, I become calmer
  25.  Today, I choose peace of mind

25 Future-tense affirmations for happiness

  1. When I can control how I feel, I control the future
  2. I will remain happy through any hard times
  3. My habits will lead me to success
  4. I will overcome any obstacles in the way of my happiness
  5. My future is bright
  6. I look to the upcoming day with hope
  7. I will come out of this a stronger and happier person
  8. I will not stress over what I cannot control
  9. I will give my best in anything I purse
  10.  I believe, with time, everything will work out for me
  11.  I will not let my thoughts drag me down
  12.  I look forward to the future
  13.  I visualise a happy, content future and work hard today to achieve it
  14.  I will always nurture myself
  15.  My self-belief grows every day.
  16.  I will constantly set new goals for myself
  17.  I will never forget the power of positive thinking
  18.  I will always accept and love myself unconditionally
  19.  My life is beginning to improve
  20.  This is the start of something great
  21.  I will break free of my past
  22.  Whatever I do, I will succeed
  23.  I will always think positively
  24.  I will always be motivated
  25.  I will always be looking to learn new skills or further refine my current ones.

You may think pursuing your own happiness is a selfish act, but there is much more to it than that.

Why happiness is so important

Although we all sometimes neglect ourselves and our mental health, feeling happy is essential for a fulfilling life. If we are happy, it has side effects that affect other parts of our lives.

When you are happy, you are naturally more compassionate, creative, and energetic.

You are more fun to be around. You will probably experience increased success in your career as you are more motivated.

In addition, your happiness is contagious. If you are happy, your family and friends will feel happier too.

So why not to use this affirmations for happiness?

happiness is important
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Think about it. When you love someone, it brings you great joy to see them experiencing feelings of happiness.

You will also be more attractive to your spouse or potential partners.

Essentially, happiness acts as a ‘domino effect’ and it all starts with you as an individual.

By being happy, you spread happiness to others, who in turn spread it to even more people.

Key takeaways

So as Bob Marley would say – ‘Don’t worry, be happy’.

Use our affirmations for happiness and you’ll see a big change overtime in your mindset.

Of course, it’s easier said than done, but nothing worth achieving in life is easy.

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