201 Affirmations for Success In Life

At the end of the day, success is an inner mind game.

If you truly believe you are someone who can achieve anything you direct your mind to, chances are you will become that kind of person.

When done correctly and consistently, positive affirmations for success can help to prevent negative and self-sabotaging thoughts. The kind of negative thoughts that limit your beliefs. The thoughts that lead to self-doubt and fear.

“Your chances of success in any undertaking can always be measured by your belief in yourself.”Robert Collier

Although you hear about positive affirmations often, have you stopped to think about how many negative affirmations you are telling yourself, without knowing?

Luckily, you can take things into your own hands and take control of your mind and its patterns of thought by using some of the affirmations for success in the list below.

Before we delve into the list, what do we mean by the word ‘success’?

What is success?

The interesting thing about success is that everyone defines it differently.

One person may define it as escaping the 9-5 lifestyle and making a successful business.

For another person, it might be following their planned diet and exercise routine to lose weight.

For students, success might mean passing their exams with good grades.

In general, success boils down to 3 categories. Financial success, career success and successful health. These are also the areas where people can most easily track their progress.

So, to define success – it is basically hitting your goals and the feeling of accomplishment thereafter. Your own definition of success will naturally change over time as you meet your targets.

Use some of the affirmations for success below to help you achieve your goals.

201 Affirmations for success

Let’s start with affirmations that will help you to become successful at work. (Read our 102 Positive affirmations for success at work)

51 Affirmations for success: success at work

  1. I will always give my absolute best at work
  2. I believe in my talents and skills
  3. I can do this
  4. I always achieve my work goals
  5. I am naturally driven towards success
  6. I’m doing my best to succeed at work
  7. Being successful at work is natural for me
  8. I am focused
  9. I get results
  10.  I release all tension from my work
  11.  I am respected at work
  12.  I am sharp, smart, and driven
  13.  I deserve to have a gratifying career
  14.  My career is rewarding
  15.  I am confident in my skills
  16.  I am doing great work at my job
  17.  My career is a huge success
  18.  I am happy with my work
  19.  I am a great asset to this company
  20.  My job allows me to express myself
  21.  I am deeply fulfilled in my work
  22.  My career allows me to sustain my life
  23.  I enjoy being at work
  24.  All the hard work I’ve put into this job is being rewarded
  25.  I take small breaks, so I don’t get overworked
  26.  Bad days at work are opportunities to grow
  27.  I trust the process
  28.  I create a good feeling at work
  29.  My job is truly rewarding
  30.  My co-workers and I encourage each other’s success
  31.  This job allows me to express my talents and abilities
  32.  Recent setbacks do not negate my previous successes
  33.  I am successful
  34.  Whatever the work, I am deeply appreciated
  35.  I don’t let bad days distract me from my goals
  36.  Every difficulty is a learning experience
  37.  I’m building my skillset every day
  38.  I have a wonderful job
  39.  At work, my mind is focused
  40.  I have energy and clarity in all I do
  41.  My work benefits me and the society I live in
  42.  I work honestly
  43.  I have complete job satisfaction
  44.  My career allows me to grow and achieve financial abundance
  45.  I balance my career with my family life
  46.  My job offers me great career prospects
  47.  I love working with my colleagues
  48.  I have a good relationship with my boss
  49.  I always attract the best projects
  50.  I am contagiously enthusiastic
  51.  My work ethic ensures I get regular promotions

50 Affirmations for financial success

  1. I am a magnet for money
  2. I am financially free
  3. Money comes easily and quickly to me
  4. I invest my money back into myself
  5. I have total financial flexibility
  6. I am living a debt free life
  7. My debts are disappearing with time
  8. I am prosperous and abundant
  9. I am grateful for the abundance in my life
  10.  I was destined for prosperity and abundance
  11.  I have a great amount of wealth and security
  12.  My income is greater than my expenses
  13.  I naturally attract good fortune
  14.  Money flows freely to me
  15.  I enjoy receiving money
  16.  Wealth flows through me
  17.  It’s my birth right to be wealthy
  18.  I believe I can easily attract money
  19.  I am a magnet for wealth
  20.  Money comes to be in many ways
  21.  Success and prosperity surround me
  22.  New financial opportunities are always coming my way
  23.  Being rich and successful comes naturally to me
  24.  Every day, I attract wealth and abundance
  25.  I surround myself with wealthy people
  26.  My income is always increasing
  27.  I receive money with integrity
  28.  I’m worthy of earning more money
  29.  Making money excites me
  30.  I live each day appreciating value
  31.  Manifesting more money is easy for me
  32.  I enjoy being paid well
  33.  Money comes to me with minimal effort
  34.  Affirmations motivate me to become rich
  35.  I have the power to meet my financial goals
  36.  I create an avalanche of financial abundance
  37.  I can feel financial freedom in my fingertips
  38.  I save, invest, and reinvest
  39.  I multiply my money
  40.  I delight in my financial security
  41.  It’s my destiny to become a millionaire
  42.  abundance, success, and happiness are natural states for me
  43.  I commit to being rich
  44.  My money works hard for me
  45.  I have the mind of a millionaire
  46.  I welcome money into my life
  47.  I have more than I will ever need
  48.  I am generous with what I have
  49.  I think big. I dream big.
  50.  I use my money for good causes

25 Affirmations for successful health

  1. My body burns fat like a furnace
  2. Every day, I am becoming stronger, healthier, and slimmer
  3. I radiate good health
  4. Losing weight comes easily to me
  5. I build lean muscle and I lose fat
  6. My body re-energises and repairs itself while I sleep
  7. I nourish my body with clean water and healthy food
  8. Losing weight is fun
  9. I love being physically fit
  10.  I take good care of my body
  11.  My body is my temple
  12.  My immune system is strong and healthy
  13.  My body has remarkable healing abilities
  14.  As I breathe out, I release toxins from my body
  15.  I am worthy of a body I love
  16.  I’m in charge of how I look and feel
  17.  I am determined
  18.  My mind and body are in perfect balance
  19.  My body is healthy, happy, and peaceful
  20.  I make healthy choices
  21.  I feel healthier and younger every day
  22.  I lose weight systematically
  23.  I treat my body with respect
  24.  I am healthy and filled with energy
  25.  I regularly exercise to maintain my fitness goals

25 Affirmations for school or college students

  1. I enjoy the material I am studying
  2. I study intensely and regularly
  3. I am always prepared for exams
  4. I feel relaxed during exams
  5. Exams are a great way to test myself
  6. I enjoy taking tests
  7. I am an excellent student
  8. Passing an exam with a good result provides me with great satisfaction
  9. Getting good grades is easy for me
  10.  When looking for answers, I recall information quickly
  11.  I am excited to learn new things every day
  12.  I practice and implement good study habits
  13.  I am a smart, motivated student
  14.  I know everything I need to know for the upcoming exam
  15.  I have the natural ability to process information quickly
  16.  I make a study schedule and I commit to it
  17.  I learn and grow at a fast pace
  18.  I’m in charge of what I gain from education
  19.  Education is the gateway to a successful future
  20.  I study hard today so that I can enjoy tomorrow
  21.  I am always looking to learn things in a better way
  22.  All subjects are fun and easy to me
  23.  I believe in myself
  24.  I turn feelings of anxiety into confidence
  25.  I have exceptional memory

25 Affirmations for success: Attract your dream career

  1. Any company would be fortunate to have me
  2. My resume is comprehensive and impressive
  3. I have faith my dream job is coming my way
  4. It’s not a matter of ‘if’ I will find my dream job. It’s a matter of when
  5. I am following the right path on my way to my dream career
  6. Searching for my dream job motivates me
  7. I am building the experience I need to land the job I desire
  8. I am attracting the perfect company for me
  9. Job hunting is an exciting adventure
  10.  I’m a magnet for exciting, prosperous job opportunities
  11.  My opportunities are limitless
  12.  I am worthy of my dream career
  13.  I have unlimited choices
  14.  I am taking my career to the next level
  15.  I am the perfect person for this job
  16.  I feel energised to find my ideal work
  17.  I deserve to have a successful and rewarding career
  18.  I am growing closer to my dream job
  19.  I can make a difference
  20.  I am manifesting my dream career
  21.  The door to a new chapter in my career is opening for me now
  22.  My affirmations are attracting exciting opportunities
  23.  I say yes to opportunities that excite me
  24.  Career changes in my life are always for the better
  25.  I am qualified for the career I desire

25 General future-tense affirmations for success

  1. Financial freedom is in my future
  2. This year, I will reach my weight goals
  3. I will be successful, one way or another
  4. My new career will provide financial freedom
  5. I dream big and I am motivated by what lies ahead of me
  6. I will succeed in everything I put my mind to
  7. I will use any failures to accelerate my success
  8. I will be optimistic and positive about the future
  9. Every day, I will be one step closer to my goals
  10.  I will sharpen my skills and talents daily
  11.  I will attract only the people needed to achieve my goals
  12.  I already am and will continue to make my dreams and goals come true
  13.  I am becoming more and more ambitious
  14.  I will find the motivation when I require it
  15.  I will be strong when I am tested
  16.  I will purse my goals and leave any fear behind
  17.  I will not let myself become demotivated
  18.  I will maintain my health
  19.  I visualise the successful person I will become
  20.  I will use any challenge as an opportunity to learn
  21.  I will always be open to new ideas and ways of doing things
  22.  I will never let myself lose my vibrant energy
  23.  I will constantly remind myself that I am the one in control of my life
  24.  I will not get distracted on my path to success
  25.  The future excites me. I will achieve my dreams.

Whatever affirmations you choose to use, make sure you really resonate with the words. Repeat them until you feel convinced in what you are saying.

For a greater chance of success in your life, you should also be doing the following things:

Things you can do to increase your chances of success

You can do these 3 things and you’ll be ahead in no-time!

1. Build your expertise

You don’t have to be the complete package on day one, but you can start working your way up to it.

You should constantly be taking time to invest in your own growth. You’ll be amazed how much progress you can make in just a few months of hard work and dedication towards something.

If your running an online marketplace, try investing in some courses or e-books on different marketing hacks you can utilise.

If you’re a writer, write every day. You’ll experiment with different writing styles and niches and at the same time, build a reputation.

Building your expertise will take time and effort, but the rewards are invaluable.

2. Don’t seek validation

You’d be surprised at how many people don’t purse their dreams because of the opinions of other people.

Successful people got to where they are today through belief in themselves. They don’t need the belief of others because they are passionate, confident, and motivated about their ideas.

So, ask yourself – ‘Am I living the life I want?’

If the answer is yes, keep going. If the answer is no, then you must make some changes.

3. Split up your big goals into smaller goals

If your goal is to achieve success, it’s not just something you go out and do.

It’s something you have to work your way up to, through many different choices and steps in your life.

Instead of going for the end goal immediately, think about what you need to do to get there.

For example, to achieve financial abundance, you might want to create multiple sources of passive income.

How do you do this? What kind of talents do you have? What kind of money can you invest? What are you interested in? What is the first step?

Take someone who’s interested in real estate – a first step may be to take an accredited real estate course. Then after some time, they can start working as an agent, gain experience, and eventually set up their own realtor business.

Instead of thinking of the big picture, focus on the next goal in mind.

Key takeaways

Ultimately, being successful comes down to the choices you make.

Some people take action. Others simply enjoy the idea of being successful, but are not willing to put in the work.

Be the person who takes action. Take a few affirmations for success and apply them in your daily life. We guarantee that you’ll see a results!

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