201 Love Affirmations That Will Attract Love Into Your Life

Are you looking to attract more romance and love into your life?

If you are familiar with the law of attraction, you’ll know that our thoughts and feelings can have a huge impact on our reality. You can never create feelings of love in your life by thinking or talking about being lonely.

At the same time, you can’t heal a relationship when all you think about is how awful it is. Instead of placing attention on the problem, you want to turn your thoughts towards a solution. Love affirmations are a great way to do this.

If you want to receive love in your life, you must first be prepared to give out love. To give out love, you must love yourself.  

Keep reading to see our list of 201 love affirmations that you can use to help make yourself a more loving person with the ability to attract love into their life.

Before going through the list, let’s look a bit closer at the word ‘love’.

What is love?

From a scientific point of view, love is a cocktail of brain chemicals. It’s not necessarily something you can control.

When you are in love, your brain releases powerful chemicals such as oxytocin and dopamine, which empower your feelings of affection.

It’s important, however, not to confuse lust with love. Lust is merely a powerful temporary desire for someone or something. It lasts for a little while, and then it’s gone.

For example, you may have once thought you really desired someone, just to lose interest when you finally had the chance to be with them. This is lust.

Love is truly, deeply caring about someone.

You want them to be happy. You want the best for them, even if that doesn’t include you. It’s about making sacrifices for people. When you are in love, you won’t think twice about these things.

Now that we’ve covered the concept of love, have a read of our list on love affirmations:

The ultimate list of 201 love affirmations

Let’s start with affirmations that will help you out with your dating life.

51 Love affirmations: dating

  1. I’m content with my physical appearance
  2. I am worthy of love and affection
  3. I am desirable and attractive
  4. My heart is open and ready to receive love
  5. I deserve to find a good person
  6. I let go of fears of rejection
  7. I don’t need the approval of others
  8. I know I will find the right person
  9. Dating comes naturally to me
  10.  I fearlessly approach others
  11.  I’m true to myself
  12.  I deserve love
  13.  If this date doesn’t work out, I can keep looking
  14.  My dating past doesn’t define me
  15.  I am ready for mature love
  16.  I know my boundaries
  17.  I’m open to finding a partner
  18.  I do not focus on my dating mistakes
  19.  I am open minded
  20.  I listen to what my date is saying
  21.  I smile easily
  22.  I tell interesting stories
  23.  I am confident
  24.  I communicate my needs clearly
  25.  I am attractive. I am secure. I am intelligent
  26.  I am clear about how much I share on my date
  27.  I express myself genuinely
  28.  I can be myself, regardless of situation
  29.  I am sexy
  30.  I am fun to be around
  31.  I am beautiful both inside and out
  32.  I am a big catch
  33.  I am confident on dates
  34.  My charm is universal
  35.  My beauty is unique
  36.  I am expressive on dates
  37.  I am ready to be vulnerable again
  38.  My love life is a priority
  39.  I deserve a powerful partner
  40.  Thoughts and words come easily to me
  41.  I give dates my undivided attention
  42.  I am secure about my true self
  43.  I am spontaneous
  44.  I am ready to make deep connections
  45.  My desires are perfect
  46.  I always have the confidence to try again
  47.  I choose the right vibration
  48.  I am good enough
  49.  I deserve to be cherished
  50.  Everything I need to be loved is inside me
  51.  I’m not afraid to leave my comfort zone

50 Love affirmations: Relationships

  1. I have nothing but love for my partner
  2. I thrive in good company
  3. My partner and I bring each other joy
  4. I am in alignment with my purpose
  5. I am in a joyous relationship
  6. I communicate with honesty and love
  7. I’m proud of my partner
  8. I love spending time with my friends
  9. I rejoice in the love I experience every day
  10.  There is love all around me
  11.  Being deeply loved gives me strength
  12.  I act from a place of love
  13.  I am loved
  14.  I communicate healthily
  15.  I am free to be myself in my relationships
  16.  I trust my partner
  17.  I deeply love my partner
  18.  I am cherished
  19.  I am taken care of
  20.  I respect my partner
  21.  I believe in my partner
  22.  I am forgiving and understanding
  23.  I am compassionate
  24.  I support my partner’s goals and dreams
  25.  Our relationship is strong
  26.  Our love for each other grows each day
  27.  I am experiencing unconditional love
  28.  I am flexible and supportive
  29.  I focus on the good things in a relationship
  30.  I easily manifest quality relationships
  31.  I am worthy of this love and devotion
  32.  I will make this work
  33.  I understand my partner’s needs
  34.  I am considerate
  35.  I act as a place of comfort for my partner
  36.  I am in a loving, secure relationship
  37.  I appreciate my partner
  38.  I’m grateful for our relationship
  39.  My partner is my best friend
  40.  I respect my partner’s boundaries
  41.  I express my needs and feelings
  42.  My partner makes good choices
  43.  I believe in our relationship
  44.  I take time to understand my partner on a deep level
  45.  Our relationship is unique
  46.  I’m grateful for my quality relationships
  47.  Only love is real
  48.  I radiate love
  49.  My love life is fantastic
  50.  I am surrounded by love

50 Love affirmations: Break-ups & heartbreak

  1. I forgive myself
  2. I forgive my ex
  3. I have power over my own life
  4. I let the past go
  5. My heart is whole, happy, and healed
  6. Everything that happens, happens for a reason
  7. I will attract better people into my life
  8. I am excited to start this new chapter of my life
  9. I am a wonderful person with a lot to offer
  10.  I’m grateful for the lessons I learned from my last relationship
  11.  My heart is hurting, but I am worthy of love
  12.  I choose to rid my mind of negativity
  13.  This break-up is a chance to start fresh
  14.  I find strength through my struggles
  15.  I choose happiness, health and peace
  16.  I choose to live and experience every moment
  17.  I love, forgive, and move on
  18.  My life is perfect as it is
  19.  I am grateful to have experienced love
  20.  I am free to focus on what I really want
  21.  Letting go of pain heals my heart
  22.  My past is a lesson, not a life sentence
  23.  I work on myself, for myself
  24.  What I want is out there
  25.  My wounds are healing
  26.  I deserve better
  27.  I did not fail
  28.  I move on gracefully
  29.  I do not keep bitter feelings towards my ex
  30.  My pain will subside
  31.  I find love easily
  32.  I enjoy being single
  33.  It’s OK to feel upset. It will pass
  34.  I have a support system
  35.  I’m not a burden
  36.  I move on, one day at a time
  37.  This happened for a reason
  38.  I am comfortable being alone
  39.  My heart is open to new avenues
  40.  This is just a part of my story
  41.  I am in control of my emotions
  42.  I love every aspect of my life
  43.  Something better is waiting for me
  44.  I release the past
  45.  I trust myself to get through this
  46.  I remind myself that feelings of pain are not permanent
  47.  There are always new opportunities for love
  48.  I can heal from this heartbreak
  49.  I have lived and loved
  50.  I feel healed

25 Love affirmations: Marriage – affirmations to use together

  1. We are devoted and loyal to one another
  2. Our marriage grows stronger every day
  3. Our communication is open and honest
  4. Together, we are unstoppable
  5. Our marriage is built on trust, love, and respect
  6. We forgive each other daily
  7. We believe in our marriage
  8. We are passionately in love
  9. We enjoy the thought of growing old together
  10.  Our marriage has bad days, but we work through them… together
  11.  We laugh together regularly
  12.  We support each other’s decisions
  13.  Our marriage is a match made in heaven
  14.  We live a life of gratefulness
  15.  Every day, we find new things we love about each other
  16.  Our marriage provides us with joy
  17.  We have deep respect for one another
  18.  We grow together
  19.  We experience pain together
  20.  We overcome obstacles together
  21.  Our marriage is a gift from the universe
  22.  When we look at each other, it still feels like love at first sight
  23.  We complement each other’s strengths
  24.  We help each other reach our goals
  25.  We experience life, through all its glory and hardships, together.

25 Future-tense love affirmations

  1. I will have fun on this date
  2. I will be OK
  3. I will create magical relationships in my life
  4. I will laugh and smile through any pain
  5. This will make me stronger
  6. I will be greater than I’ve ever been before
  7. I will love again
  8. I will treasure my partner
  9. I will experience true love
  10.  I love who I am becoming
  11.  I am beginning to attract love into my life
  12.  Passion, romance, and love are in my future
  13.  I am beginning to manifest a beautiful romantic experience
  14.  I will be open when meeting new people
  15.  I will be myself around others
  16.  I will attract my soul mate
  17.  Every day, I move closer to finding the love I deserve
  18.  I will not judge myself harshly
  19.  I will remain dedicated to my partner
  20.  My relationships are becoming healthier and happier
  21.  The love in my life is growing exponentially
  22.  I will always love and appreciate those who are close to me
  23.  I will aim to express my love daily
  24.  I will focus on the positive aspects of my relationships
  25.  I will be a wonderful, understanding partner

You can use any of these affirmations above to help attract love into your life, but there are other things you should also be doing.

Other ways to attract love into your life

These are some of the things you can do to utilise the law of attraction:

1. Live like you’re already in love and relationship

It will be much easier for you to manifest authentic, lasting love in your life if you begin living as though you already have that love.

When someone is truly in love, you notice a certain shine to them. Their smile is wider. Their eyes are brighter. They are magnetic.

Basically, the first step is to fall in love with yourself.

It’s much easier to attract love into your life when you are content with yourself. People are naturally attracted to those who radiate happiness, energy and motivation.

2. Spread the love

Not only should you love yourself, but you should be a loving person to those around you.

This isn’t just specific to the romantic sense of love. There are little things you can do everyday to spread love.

Do something nice for your family or friends. Be nicer to strangers. Consider volunteering for a good cause if you have some spare time.  

With the thoughtfulness, kindness and compassion you radiate by doing these things, you’ll attract the same kind of energy.

3. Visualise your soulmate

For those looking specifically to find ‘The One’, try visualising your dream partner.

What do they look like? How do they sound? How smart are they? What is it about this person that you love? These questions will give you a better idea of what kind of person it is you really desire.

Don’t be too picky though! Remember, no one is perfect – and your goal is to attract love, not just what looks good on paper.

Key takeaways

The key with any affirmation is to really connect with the words you are saying and repeat them with a high vibration.

So, make sure to pick out the love affirmations from this list you relate with the most and start using them daily.

At the same time – you can use the law of attraction through other methods, such as those mentioned above, to help manifest the love you desire.

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