What is The Spiritual Meaning of Dreadlocks

What are dreadlocks?

Dreadlocks, also called by many names such as dreads, locks, locs are matted hair coils. People who have dreadlocks are generally people that show the spiritual significance of dreadlocks. To understand this spirituality, one must know how dreads are made and who commonly does it.

People get their hair in dreadlocks by backcombing or palm rolling loose hair until it tangles and forms mats. The person’s natural hair is not cut while making these coils; instead, it grows together to make the dreadlock hairstyle.

Dreadlocks can take a few months to years to form depending on the technique used for making them, individual genes, health conditions, etc.

Where did dreadlocks originate from?

The earliest known records of dreadlocks date back to 3100 B.C.! A pharaoh named Queen Twosret is depicted with very distinct locks in the 19th Dynasty of Egypt (1292-1189 B.C.).

Ancient Egyptians believed that dreads would bestow great power and protection to those who wore them.

Dreadlocks were first worn by Hindu men as a spiritual practice called “jaTA” or “jata.” The first yogis are said to have gone into self-imposed exile into the desert of Rajasthan, where they started wearing jaTA, which means ‘matted’ in Hindi. They believed that these matted locks would protect them from direct sunlight, dust storms, things that would hurt the eyes, insects, etc., thus enabling them to focus on their inner lives more quickly.

Many recognized figures in history that influenced the world we live in today, such as Jesus and Buddha, have been honored with dreadlocks during their time on earth.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Dreadlocks?

The spiritual meaning of dreadlocks is known by those who have their hair in dreadlocks; those who look upon them; those who surround those with locks; and even those who can’t see beyond its physical manifestation (all humans).

The connection within oneself to the powerful energy locked within one’s roots opens doors towards higher consciousness. When cultivated properly, locks are said to attract positive vibrations into one’s life.

1) Locks contain very powerful energy.

Meditation within this sacred space deepens one’s connection to their inner self in a deeper way than words can describe.

An inward journey is embarked upon with each lock cultivated to assist in the connection between one’s outer and inner self.

2) Dreadlocks attract positive vibrations.

Individuals who have dreadlocks attract positive vibrations into their lives by staying connected to themselves and tuning into their spirituality regularly through meditation, reflection, gratitude, etc.

With a deeper connection to self, locks contain the energy to attract positive vibrations into one’s life.

3) Dreadlocks unlock higher consciousness.

Higher Consciousness is achieved once dreadlocks are cultivated to the point of being fully locked. Their physical attributes can recognize a fully locked individual: hair that grows in kinky curly formation with no intention of ever being groomed or shaped into a specific hairstyle; an abundance of locks all over the head; and very few split ends (if any).

Once an individual’s awareness rises above that of an average mindset, they will begin to understand the whole meaning of Spiritual Meaning Of Dreadlocks.

4) Dreadlocks are the bridge.

Opening the mind/body bridge allows for growth in all aspects of life – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Expanding one’s perspective on life gives way to living an authentic existence because truth comes from above rather than being polluted by society or peer pressure!

Meditation deepens the mind/body connection, which aids in manifestation, healing, channeling spirits, astral projection, telepathy, etc. It is said that when one meditates with their dreadlocks loose, they are able to tap into information from other dimensions – essentially opening up your third eye!

Meditation is done while having locks stimulates brain waves allowing for higher states of awareness and mindfulness. When creating this sacred space it’s best to do so without any distractions (TVs, phones, etc.)

5) Dreadlocks connect to Mother Earth and nature.

When you having hair dreadlocks it is understood that your roots are deeply planted into Mother Earth while simultaneously reaching up towards the heavens – becoming aware of your higher power also opens your eyes to the energy around you which enhances mental focus when tapping into this great source of wisdom.

Advanced meditators claim they unlock dormant parts of their brain when in a meditating state.

6) Dreadlocks connect to God.

When hair is dreadlocked, its natural state is to be locked together. Similar to how a tree has roots that grow into the ground, God’s love grows into our hearts and binds us together as ONE.

7) Dreadlocks can assist someone in completing their spiritual mission.

Once an individual unlocks their full potential through meditation while having dreadlocks, they are able to get in touch with all parts of themselves (physical, mental, spiritual); this allows them to see the bigger picture and get out of their own way which assists in achieving their highest purpose on earth – fulfilling one’s spiritual mission!

8) Dreadlocks open doors towards higher consciousness.

Dreadlocked individuals attract positive life experiences and magnetize opportunities for personal growth; instead of looking at life from a scarcity mindset, one begins to look at life’s possibilities through an abundance mindset which aids in the spiritual opening!

9) Dreadlocks are sacred to native tribes.

Some natives dread their hair while others do not; regardless, locks are understood as the glory of God and gift from Mother Earth. This gift is seen as very sacred especially when received by ancestors who may still be attached to the physical realm.

10) Dreadlocks are nature’s way of talking to us.

Our hair gives energy readings off when in its natural state; when one is constantly looking at their appearance through society’s eyes they are slowly losing their connection to the divine within themselves which disconnects them from God/higher power or source energy!

What you should know while having dreadlocks

1) Respect yourself and respect others with dreadlocks.

This is a must! Dreadlocks are powerful and should never be worn by those who don’t have a deep spiritual connection or understanding of how they work. This also means that you must treat your locks as such all the time. Never cut locks for any reason other than health reasons under no circumstances.

Respecting yourself enough to understand why dreads mean so much is part of respecting others who have them too!

2) Acknowledge the influence dreadlocks had on the lives of many today including music artists, entrepreneurs, etc. Dreadlocks opened doors for many people that were previously closed because of the perceptions associated with having them (e.g. stereotypes/bigotry).

3) Don’t knock it ’til you try it! Dreadlocks are for everyone, not just those who practice certain faith-based religions or follow strict spiritual pathways. Anyone can have locks if they put in the time to take care of them and build a connection to their spirituality.

Everyone has different experiences which mean there is no right way to unlearn what you’ve learned about “spirituality”. We all have our own paths that we must travel down in order to find peace within ourselves – dreadlocks are simply one of many tools that act as a physical reminder of where we’re going from here!

4) Practice mindfulness and be the example you wish to see in this world.

Dreadlocks mean many different things depending on who has them, they can also do many different things for those who have them too!

Whether your dreadlocks are a symbol of spiritual awareness, an act of protest against society’s negative perceptions around hair and facial features, or simply a fashion statement.

You must remember that the responsibility falls upon you to ensure we never forget why we chose to have deadlocks in the first place – what is our intention? How will it affect those around us? Those are some questions you should always ask yourself before taking part in any new adventure.

In spiritual practices locks have been used as a tool to spiritually connect with those around you and the earth.

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