Dangers Of The Lucid Dreaming You Should Know About

If you clicked on this article from Google, you’ll probably know something about the lucid dreaming.

The question you’re probably having is “What are the dangers of the lucid dreaming?”.

Dangers of the lucid dreaming are:

  1. Sleep paralysis
  2. Lucid nightmares
  3. Being trapped in the dream
  4. Unable to distinguish dream for the reality

Lucid dreaming is for the most of the people very entertaining thing to do.

But some people get lucid dreams that are little bit, you know, worse?

Is it dangerous to lucid dream?

First of all, let’s clarify if is it dangerous to lucid dream.

Lucid dreaming is a safe state happening while you’re sleeping. Sometimes you can wake up sooner than your body and might get sleep paralysis, but that’s nothing you should be afraid of. We’re talking about hallucinations and not being able to move for a few seconds, but that’s all. Lucid dreaming is not dangerous to practice.

However, there are a couple dangers of the lucid dreaming that we should definetely pay attention to.

Let’s talk about the Sleep paralysis.

Sleep paralysis

This is the most common side-effect happening to people that are experiencing lucid dreams.

To make it clear, we all experience sleep paralysis during sleep. Especially each time we enter REM. Why we’re having sleep paralysis?

sleep paralysis
Image credit: Gillian Levine

To prevent us from acting out of the dreams. Just imagine running in the dream and while dreaming, you stand up and start running. Crazy how our body is protecting us right?

But back to sleep paralysis experience.

During the REM, while your body is in paralysis, there is an option you can become concscious. The result of it is that you’ll be not able to move and will have probably a small hallucinations.

But again, this is not something you should be afraid of. This state doesn’t last more than a few seconds so try to stay calm and know, that everything is natural.

The reason why we added sleep paralysis into our list of dangers of lucid dreaming is that most of the people are having negative experiences with that and they are having a fear.

But to summarize it, sleep paralysis won’t do any harm to you.

Lucid nightmares

This one makes a perfect sense as each dream is different and can evolve differently.

lucid nightmare - danger of the lucid dreaming
Image credit: Paulo Vieira

However, the lucid dreamers are usually calmer as they can remind themselves that they’re just dreaming and that they can wake up anytime.

Also, there are some techniques to overcome real-life fears. We heard about overcoming the fear of snakes and spiders by using RTT therapy and lucid dreaming therapy.

Crazy how you can turn lucid nightmares into your favor right?

Normally, if you’re just experiencing lucid nightmares and you wish them to stop, remind yourself that it is only a dream and that you’re in a control.

Being trapped in the lucid dream

This is a very known phenomenon, especially thanks to popular films such as Inception (yes! Go watch it, it’s amazing).

But there’s no such thing us not being able to wake up and being trapped in the dream forever.

Even though, some people experienced weird situations, where they wanted to wake up but they found themselves still dreaming.

Well, we believe this experience can be frightening. Especially when you’re experiencing lucid nightmare at the same time.

However, there is no possibility to become trapped in a dream.

We can assure you, there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Being trapped in the dream is not a danger of the lucid dreaming, but more a myth.

Unability to distinguish dream from the reality

This is a real danger of the lucid dreaming, as it is one of the ways to escape reality.

If we take for example alcohol, drugs, or gaming, these are ways to escape reality as well and are very addicting because of that.

But on the other hand, lucid dreaming is not a big addiction and can be very easily stopped.

The most of the people are able to distinguish dream from the reality.

If you have a mental illness or suffer from other addictions, you may want to consult a professional psychologist before attempting lucid dreaming.

But if you’re practicing lucid dreaming as a hobby our only out of the interest, don’t even worry.

You’re perfectly safe!

Can you feel pain in dreams?

This is a very popular question, especially when it comes to people that are afraid of lucid dreaming.

Can you feel pain in the dreams?

Studies says that it’s very rare that you can feel pain in the dreams. There are some experiments that confirmed that you can feel the pain in dreams, but it’s nothing similar to pain it the real life, because in dreams you actually not suffering from a physical damage.

So basically studies say that you have nothing to be worried about when dreaming.

Most of the time, when people feel pain in dreams, they’ll immediately wake up.

Can lucid dreaming kill you?

You can get killed in a lucid dream, but can lucid dreaming kill you?

Lucid dreaming can’t kill you in a reality. There’s no evidence or proof that lucid dreaming can kill. There are some side-effects when it comes to lucid dreaming such as sleep paralysis, but when it comes to life and death, lucid dreaming can’t kill you.

How often can you lucid dream?

So now you know that lucid dreaming is most of the times safe, but how often can you lucid dream?

You can lucid dream as much as you want. However, we recommend you to stick dreaming throughout the night. Don’t create a habit of lucid dreaming through the day as a way to escape reality. That can be addicting.

Normally, there are not any limitations.

But you should know that trying to lucid dream is pretty much difficult task.

There are some people for which it’s more natural and easier to get in lucid dreaming, while some people struggle with that.

Final words from Positive Creators

If you read until here, you should know:

  • If it is dangerous to lucid dream
  • What are the 4 dangers of the lucid dreaming
  • If you can feel the pain in the dreams
  • If lucid dreaming can kill you
  • And lastly how often you can lucid dream