How To Stop Lucid Dreaming In 4 Easy Steps

Yes, we know what you’re thinking. This is a very uncommon thing when it comes to lucid dreaming.

Most of the people interested in lucid dreaming want to know how to start lucid dreaming and not the opposite.

The reasons why you want to stop lucid dreaming might be:

  • You want to enjoy full sleep night
  • You’re spending too much energy and lucid dreaming techniques
  • You’re feeling that you’re addicted to lucid dreams
  • You want to get rid of sleep paralysis

All of these are really reasonable points and that’s why we prepared this article for you.

So how to stop lucid dreaming?

You can stop lucid dreaming by stopping doing lucid dreaming techniques. This way your brain forgets all reality checks you learned and that way you’ll have normal dreams again. You can stop keeping track of your dreams and just simply forget what you are dreaming of every night.

Now we’re going to show you some things you can do that will help you to get your normal sleep night again!

Step 1: Stop doing reallity checks

Doing reality checks is one of the most popular techniques to start lucid dreaming that brings profound results.

If you were doing reality checks every day, it is a possibility that you built a habit out of that.

And if you want to stop having lucid dreams, just simply stop doing reality checks.

If you never did reality checks, you are maybe doing other techniques that evoked your lucid dreams.

Please, continue to step 2 if you want to learn how to stop lucid dreaming.

Step 2: Stop recording your dreams

Most of the people are having their own journals next to their bed so they can keep the record of their dreams.

That way they train their mind to remember the dreams more often.

So if you’re recording your dreams and keeping the journal, and want to stop lucid dreaming, the logical step is to stop doing that.

Step 3: Stop thinking about lucid dreaming

If you want to learn how to stop lucid dreaming, this is the last guide you should read.

The way it works it that when you stop thinking about the lucid dreams, your mind will slowly stop filtering things that are related to the dreams.

It’s the same thing as with reality checks. When you stop doing them, they’ll just simple fade off your mind over time.

Step 4: Use affirmations for lucid dreaming

One of the way how to stop lucid dreaming is to use affirmations.

Did you know that they can help you to attract and focus on things that you repeat with your conscious mind?

Over time they get imprinted into your subconscious mind and will work as already mentioned “filter”.

The way the brain works it that it doesn’t recognize what is negative. For example, if you want to stop smoking, can’t repeat “I don’t want to smoke” because your brain doesn’t know the difference between want and don’t want.

So it’ll automatically think fo the cigarettes and that way you’ll continue smoking.

Rather than that, you should say “I’m living a healthy lifestyle”. Do you see the difference? Much better.

Also, the affirmations should be in the present tense. You can learn more about affirmations in our comprehensive guide.

So let’s get back to the topic of how to stop lucid dreaming.

Try to use some of this affirmations:

  • I’m having deep dreams
  • I love deep sleep
  • My rest and peace at night is important for me

Why I’m lucid dreaming so much?

So now you’re maybe asking yourself “Why I’m lucid dreaming so much?”.

You’re lucid dreaming because you were doing lucid dreaming techniques. If you didn’t do any techniques, there’s a possibility that you’re talent for lucid dreaming and lucid dreams are for you natural thing. There’s nothing bad about lucid dreaming too much.

But if you feel like it is too much at some point, just follow our 4-step guide on how to stop lucid dreaming above.

We believe that this actionable guide was a great source for your journey to stop lucid dreaming.

At the end of the day, it all comes to what you want out of your life, and if you’re comfortable having vivid and lucid dreams.