50 Sacral Chakra Affirmations For Healing

Do you want to lift your self-confidence? Want to get those creative juices flowing? Sacral chakra affirmations are an underrated way to give you the boost you need throughout your day.

Here’s the list of 50 sacral chakra affirmations that are easy to understand for your daily routine.

These are targetted specifically towards our readers who may struggle with a low sense of self-worth, have issues surrounding negative emotions or need something to encourage themselves.

In case you’re not sure what are affirmations..

What are affirmations?

Affirmations are a statement of intention that is related to self-love and empowerment. These statements are repeated out loud to yourself and operate similarly to a self-fulfilling prophecy or self-evaluation – Only these are completely positive!

As with every affirmation, these statements will work best if you set your mind completely towards them, this means taking the time to focus on what best fits you and your specific situation.

As this is a mindset, there is the prerequisite of you needing to believe in what you repeat to yourself to make them work, while not essential, it is still important to trust what you say to yourself and put in regular work to make the affirmations a reality.

If you want to learn more about positive affirmations, check this amazing guide.

What is Sacral Chakra?

But what is sacral chakra?

The sacral chakra is associated with your feelings of creativity, emotion, and desire. The list below is specific to making positive changes to these emotions and works best if you have negative thoughts arising from the lack of creativity, poor self-image or the feeling of undesirability.

Sacral chakra affirmations are affirmations specifically designed to respond to positive emotions surrounding your inner energy and are specifically worded to start healing issues that may stem from previous negative experiences in life.

Negative experiences such as a rejection of love, body image issues from bullying, or just a general lack of confidence are some of the places where sacral chakra affirmations can help you improve yourself and heal from these terrible experiences.

Since this is a process, don’t expect rapid changes overnight, keep repeating yourself several of the listed affirmations consistently over the period of a week and you should be able to see improvements in mood and image over time.

How exactly can they benefit me?

Confidence: Despite what people may think, confidence can actually be learned. Affirmations can become a platform to slowly build up your confidence, confidence is built from a positive outlook towards yourself and knowing your worth to others.

By convincing yourself of your own worth – you can naturally build your self-confidence.

Self Image: While it may seem hard to change how you view yourself, trust me when I say this is a gradual process. Constantly repeating a positive statement to yourself over and over, places your focus on these positive aspects of yourself.

Subconsciously over time, the positives you see in your self-image will overshadow the negatives.

Peace of mind: Sacral chakra affirmations can become a great way to control your emotions in stressful situations. One of the ways you can do this is by using an affirmation as a mantra, repeating it to yourself over and over in a situation that might stress or cause you anxiety.

This helps you to refocus your mind in such situations, and calm you down.

From this list, we recommend choosing between 5-10 affirmations to work with, this number, of course, will change depending on your own personal situation.

The List Of 50 Powerful Sacral Chakra Affirmations

  1. I am doing an amazing job
  2. I am satisfied with my work today
  3. I am happy with what I created today
  4. I am a unique and individual person
  5. I deserve only the best things in life
  6. I will not let negative thoughts bring me down
  7. I love the person I have become
  8. It is ok for me to express the pain
  9. I am capable of loving others
  10. I will find love one day
  11. I will pursue my dreams
  12. I will accept others into my life
  13. My heart is capable of accepting others
  14. I have no fear of being intimate
  15. I find peace within myself
  16. My boundaries are to be respected
  17. I will respect other people’s boundaries
  18. I am capable of understanding others
  19. I do not depend on others to understand myself
  20. I do not need to rely upon false love
  21. I will care for myself today
  22. I am capable of caring for others
  23. I am will embrace my sexuality
  24. My body perfect the way it is
  25. I am happy with how I look
  26. People are at ease around me
  27. I am healthy, fit and strong
  28. The time I give myself improves me
  29. I am confident in my looks
  30. I love the way I carry myself
  31. I’m confident with my sexuality
  32. The way I’m being looked at makes me feel good
  33. I Love the way people look at me
  34. I Love the way people see my work
  35. I am happy with my life
  36. I love the clothes I wear
  37. Everyone around me can see the good in me
  38. I am desirable to others
  39. My emotions deserve to be seen
  40. My emotions matter to others
  41. I am capable of voicing my thoughts
  42. My sexuality will not be repressed
  43. I will show myself to whom I care about
  44. Creating art brings me great joy
  45. I love showing others my creations
  46. I share deep connections with others
  47. My friends reciprocate my feelings
  48. My past will not harm my future relationships
  49. I am capable of trusting my partner
  50. I will not care for what others think of me

Other ways to heal

There are different ways to improve your self-image and raise your confidence, we recommend doing these in conjunction with your Sacral chakra affirmations for the best possible result.

Keeping healthy

A healthy diet is one of the best ways to keep a healthy state of mind. Foods with lots of nutrients naturally increase your mood levels and leave you feeling better with a regular diet.

We recommend healthy options such as fruit and vegetables along with plenty of exercises to keep your mind and body in perfect balance.  

Get plenty of sleep

One of the most common reasons for a bad mood that many people don’t know about is the lack of sleep.

Poor sleep will cause you to dwell on negative emotions, cause health problems such as high blood pressure and leave you feeling tired and anxious.

Know what you want

While going in without an aim will still produce results, it is even better to know exactly what you want out of these affirmations.

 Do you want to improve your confidence? Do you need something to increase self-worth? It is good to think about these things before committing yourself to these affirmations.

Key takeaways

We hope that these 50 Sacral chakra affirmations can help boost your confidence and aid you in your endeavors

Remember, these will work only when you truly believe in what you say, so be prepared to have an open mind when you repeat them to yourself.

Know what you want before starting a sacral chakra affirmation, knowing what you need will create the best results and will give you the strength needed to overcome the negative emotions you tell yourself every day.

Thanks for reading! For more positive affirmations, Be sure to check out our other articles.

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